Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 303

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 303

Volume 5: To Whom Does the Country Belong
Chapter 303: Gu Miao Ling!

Gu Yun Lan pondered in silence, casting mournful glances at Gu Du Xing for an excruciating long while.

Finally, he heaved a despondent sigh.

“Let this matter stop at here. I only hope you, Gu Du Xing, and your brother can give me an explanation in the future.” Gu Yun Lan looked away vacantly, “How incapable your brothers were, how wouldn’t I know……the Gu Clan would’ve been ruined in years if it was to fall into their hands……but even if that is so, it doesn’t warrant death, ah…….”

Gu Du Xing submerged in silence.

“Gu Clan…….Gu Clan…..ha..ha, without the ancestral foundations of our Gu Clan, then multitudes wouldn’t be just gloating at us……..Gu Du Xing, today I would’ve finished you with one palm!”

“Godfather, refrain from anger.”

Gu Yun Lan snorted and exhaled deeply; the wrinkles on his face seemingly multiplying deeply.

“Regarding this matter, I still need time to think.” Gu Yun Lan breathed heavily, as he strolled forward silently. After walking 7 zhang away, he suddenly halted. Without glancing back, he gently muttered, “This episode……do not allow anyone to know.”

“Understood, Godfather.” Gu Du Xing observed his foster father’s silhouette fading away into the distance as his heart experienced pandemonium.

These matters, was I mistaken? I have sinned!

From Gu Yun Lan’s perspective, the degree of affection he showered upon Gu Du Xing was no less than the affection he showered on his brothers. Gu Du Xing felt gravely unfilial.

The grace of a parent bringing up a child, is as high as the heavens and thick as the earth. Yet my brother had robbed the lives of foster father’s legitimate sons.

Yet though Gu Du Xing acknowledged his error, he held no regrets.

Inner guilt is inevitable. Nonetheless…..Chu Yang had done what he did for my sake.

Reality eventually played accordingly to Gu Du Xing’s current judgement; Once foster father passes away, sooner or later, blood will be shed between Gu Yan Yang, Gu Yan Yue and I! If I don’t die in their hands, then they shall be the one to fall by mine.

Life and death are inevitable truths.

Besides, those are issues of the future.

No matter which outcome, foster father would be spared from witnessing it.

However, the situation now is really exceedingly heart wrenching for the Old Man to shudder.

Looking from a different perspective; by killing Gu Yan Yang, Brother Chu Yang did rescue the Gu Clan from future decline……yet this is only speaking from hindsight…..

It isn’t grounds for vindication.

Gu Du Xing’s heart filled with turmoil and contradiction.

Yet not once, did he blame Chu Yang.

Brother Chu Yang didn’t merely risk his life, he killed them for me even though he knew his actions may completely fracture our brotherly relationship!

Even if you’d blame me for helping, I would still do it…Because you are my brother!

Sooner or later, war will wage between both sides. When that time comes for you to kill them, your guilty conscience will become the inner demon that hinders your future progress! Let me kill them for you. Let your brother ease your heart’s burden for you.

This is my resolve, even in reproach, I will still execute my resolve! Even if our ties are severed, I will still do it! Even if we turn from friend to foe……this is my resolve!

Moreover, the earlier this deed is accomplished the better!

The only desire for my brother, is to be safe!

Hence, I will not hesitate to shoulder this yoke of sin! Infamy through all eternity! But so what?!

Chu Yang had never spoken these words! Not a single one.

Still, they were words perceived by Gu Du Xing’s heart. Therefore today, he assumed the identity as transgressor for his brother!

What my brother has done, though I may not comprehend it, I will still shoulder!

Shouldering till the very end!

Gu Yun Lan disappeared for three whole days; within these three days, a deathly stillness pervaded the Gu Clan. The Gu army had been fully rallied and were prepared to set off for Cang Lan Battlefront. Now, they were only awaiting their Clan Lord’s command.

The third day, Gu Yun Lan finally showed himself. His body posture was firmly upright, but his hair was now fully dyed white.

“Gu Du Xing, follow me.” Gu Yun Lan ordered.

Gu Du Xing followed over.

“You will lead the men to Cang Lan Battlefront!” Gu Yun Lan’s tone was profound and deep, before he abruptly lifted his head and decreed, “You! Shall henceforth, be responsible to lead the Gu Clan to glory! Show the world the awe-inspiring might of the Gu Clan! Muster the Gu clan and storm towards the Upper Three Heavens! You……are you worthy of this?!

“Yes!” Gu Du Xing quivered and roared thunderously.

“Then go!”

“Godfather, I wish to see sister Xiao Miao.” Gu Du Xing understood making such a request now was indeed ill-timed, yet he couldn’t resist the urge to do so.

All these days of longing, had tortured him to the brink of collapse!

Ever since he left, his yearning for Gu Miao Ling had been amassing greatly! He had long past the point of deep worrying, and now that he was back in his clan, this was Gu Du Xing’s cherished desire!

To see Gu Miao Ling!

His only heart’s desire!

Perusing him sternly for a while, Gu Yun Lan finally announced, “Head off! Once you’re done, return immediately.”

“Thank you, Godfather.”

Gu Du Xing rejoiced internally.

Gu Du Xing then took off.

Observing his leaving figure for a good long while, Gu Yun Lan sighed and muttered to himself, “Seems like it really wasn’t done by Du Xing. But…….Du Xing……if only you kept silent…..wouldn’t that’ve been much better? You should understand….Godfather would rather have clashed with the Xie Clan……”

Gu Yun Lan then strove forward with large steps as he stood before the clan army, the clan’s insignia fluttering ambitiously above him. Gu Yun Lan ascended up the towering platform as he raised both arms to the skies!

Instantaneously, the masses clamoured in rolling thunder beneath!

“Clan Lord! Clan Lord!”

“Everyone silence!” Gu Yun Lan shifted his hands behind him, assuming an upright posture of utmost supremacy. Beneath the insignia flag, he swept his disdainful gaze throughout the multitudes like a sharp sword that was indestructible before roaring deafeningly, “All the Gu Clan shall bear witness. Today, I hereby proclaim!”

An absolute silence plagued the entire crowd!

“From henceforth, Gu Du Xing will be the sole successor of our Gu Clan! For this skirmish to Cang Lan Battlefront, Gu Du Xing will reign with absolute dominion!!”

“Understood!” The masses orderly responded.

“Any dissatisfaction, ill-intents or even…..private slander against our young Clan Lord is forbidden! If any is discovered, not a single family member will be spared, all will be beheaded! Gu Clan, do you understand?” Gu Yun Lan’s voice was immensely severe.

“We understand!”

“From henceforth, we pledge full allegiance to young Clan Lord!”

“Long live the Clan Lord!”

As compared to the brothers Gu Yan Yue and Gu Yan Yang, Gu Du Xing’s reputation within the Gu Clan was vastly distinguished. Moreover, he was able to inspire confidence in them. Gu Du Xing was already the widely accepted exceptional talent of the Gu Clan!

Everyone present had unwavering faith that with Gu Du Xing’s abilities, he could absolutely lead the clan to glory!

Besides, weighing between following a genius young Clan Lord or a mediocre young Clan Lord; who exuberated a brighter future, that was something everyone understood by heart.

When Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue were in power, though the clan members remained silent, everyone was brimming with pessimism over the clan’s future.

Therefore, when the brothers Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue died, apart from a handful, most of the clan members did not even felt a tinge of grief. In actuality, some even felt extreme relief from a massive burden. Those two inadequate and disgraceful rascals are finally dead!

It was the deaths of the brothers Yang and Yue, that had restored the clan’s hopes. Hence, for this time’s campaign, the Gu Clan was thriving with fighting spirit!

Gu Yun Lan waited for the crowd to settle down slightly before announcing, “Everyone remain here until the young Clan Lord delivers his speech, then we’ll move off immediately!”


This resounding answer boomed with unified thunder!

A bitter anguish emerged in Gu Yun Lan’s heart.

Such a situation had never happened under the command of my own son, Gu Yan Yang, not even once!

Gu Du Xing swiftly trudged through a few garden paths and several bends before reaching the rear of the Gu Clan. This was where the prisoner cave was located.

Yet as he gradually approached, Gu Du Xing’s footsteps became increasingly slower.

Until finally, the flustered Gu Du Xing actually hesitated and almost turned to leave.

He was frightened.

Gu Du Xing had never feared anything; even facing a thousand enemies alone, he would welcome them with an emotionless countenance.

Gu Du Xing’s balls could be said to be made of steel!

Yet right now, right at the moment he could finally meet his beloved, Gu Miao Ling, fear and exasperation gripped him…….

What if Sister Xiao Miao ignores me?

If Sister Xiao Miao…..

Will Sister Xiao Miao….

What should I say when I see her?

Finally, Gu Du Xing halted in an area less than a hundred zhang from the prisoner cave. Right ahead of him was a frozen puddle. The snow from several days back had accumulated here and finally solidified.

When Gu Du Xing reached the frozen puddle bank, he faced the glossy and smooth ice surface and carefully tidied his clothes. After combing his hair neatly, he observed his face before swiping off an ice chunk and rubbing it against his face.

The bone piercing chill jolted his mind into full somberness.

I’m already here, why would I not dare?

Gu Du Xing braced himself and advanced forward in large strides.

“Hold your steps!”

The guard shouted loudly.

“It’s me.” Gu Du Xing replied, “I wish to see the young mistress.”

“So it’s young master Du Xing. Pardon this one for asking young master Du Xing if he has Clan Lord’s written order?” The guard’s attitude transformed respectfully. Everyone was fully aware with the passing of Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, the future Gu Clan Lord was him, Gu Du Xing!

How would he dare to be impudent in front of the future Clan Lord?

“I do.” Gu Du Xing retrieved a command medal from his bosom.

“Young Master Du Xing, please wait for a moment.” After the guard examined it, he instantly turned and headed in to report.

After a short while, a fragmenting sound drifted in from inside, before the glossy cave entrance flashed with a fit of brilliance. Suddenly, the atmosphere dipped into frosted extremity. A current of icy bone chilling air surged out from the cave entrance.

A layer of thick snowflakes instantly enveloped Gu Du Xing’s advancing path.

This was the formidability of the prisoner cave! The temperature inside was definitely not what ordinary people could withstand. The deeper one ventured in, the colder it became. Until its very depths, even the rocks would turn into glacier chunks!

Normally, with a formation array concealing it, the cold air couldn’t escape. Yet once it was opened, the winter breeze could freeze even heaven and earth.

Sporadic footsteps echoed towards the cave entrance, and finally halted; as though the individuals within were up to something……

After a long time, a young female covered in frost emerged from within. She was breathing heavily as she turned to Gu Du Xing, and smiled slightly, “Little brother, why have you come?”

Her smile exuberated bright allurance.

The snowflakes trapped within her hair had already solidified, making it frizzy and white as though she was in her seventies. Her complexion had turned bluish black from the cold, while her limbs became noticeably rigid. Yet though her hair was stiff, it could nevertheless be considered pretty neat and tidy.

From head to toe, she was dressed in a neat and immaculate garment.

One could notice that before she had emerged, she had faced the glacic walls and tidied herself for a long while; thus barely managing to adorn herself to this state.

This young lady had already strived with utmost sincerity.

Gu Du Xing gazed at her in a daze, his eyes seemed to have been captivated by her; enchanted for a long while, without making a sound.

“Little brother, what is wrong? Hehe……” The young lady exasperatedly lowered her head to examine her own body before squeezing out a faint smile, “Sister Xiao Miao looks awfully unsightly now, is that it?”

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