Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 302

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 302

Chapter 302 – The deeds of my brother, If I don’t assume it, who will?!

When Rui Bu Tong arrived at the Mo Clan, he wasn’t alone but was accompanied by his two masters.

As compared to the previous few young masters, Rui Bu Tong’s visit was valued much more significantly by the Mo Clan.

The previous young masters all belonged to various family clans, which therefore represented that they couldn’t exploit any advantages from them. Yet Rui Bu Tong’s status indicated no misgivings of such. He and his two masters were all free wanderers!

They didn’t belong to any family clan!

Individuals like them who possessed tremendous prowess, were the perfect targets the major clans of Middle Three Heavens yearned to solicitate even in their dreams. Moreover, experts like Stealing God and Thieving Ghost, even if nothing could be solicited from them, it was still better to foster good relations…… prevent any ineffable or subtle disappearances of items in their own residence…….

Hence when Rui Bu Tong and his masters arrived, the Mo Clan displayed maximum cordiality.

Several Elders along with the Clan Lord came personally to welcome them, preparing to establish favourable relations between host and guest.

Yet after hearing that Rui Bu Tong’s purpose was to visit Mo Qing Wu, the Clan Lord and the assembly of Elders were all stumped.

What the hell is going on? What is with her endless stream of visitors, ah?

Not only were the Mo clan perplexed by this, even his two masters, Stealing God and Thieving Ghost were rather curious.

Since when have we seen our disciple being so meticulous towards a girl?

What was it that was compelling him to visit the little girl of the Mo Clan?

Could it be that our Xiao Rui is interested in their family’s daughter?

Hence, the two old man brought a mentality of meeting their daughter-in-law for this trip, leading to a large group heading over to Mo Qing Wu’s courtyard.

When Mo Qing Wu showed herself, Rui Bu Tong immediately leapt towards her with cheery smiles, chirping away as he chatted with Mo Qing Wu.

The Mo Clan weren’t the most astonished but instead it was Stealing God and Thieving Ghost, two notorious bandits who could inflict a headache unto the entire Middle Three Heavens!

Stealing God and Thieving Ghost glanced at each other, mutually noticing the upset expressions on each others face.

In their minds, she was supposed to be some heavenly fairy of divine fragrance. Yet they would never expect that instead, a young lolita that hadn’t even gone through puberty would show up…….

Looking back, in hindsight, this was definitely not a male-female relationship…….the two old man became slight disappointed, still impatiently awaiting the day they could carry their own little nephew.

Several Mo Clan Elders accompanied Stealing God and Thieving Ghost to relax at a corner, as they observed Rui Bu Tong and Mo Qing Wu chatting with each other. Yet they noticed that Mo Qing Wu was acting strangely, constantly tugging at Rui Bu Tong to enter her room.

Thus when they stood up to survey, a flash of red starlight brilliance emitted from Mo Qing Wu’s tiny head.

Mo Wu Xin immediately quivered in astonishment, as he begun to observe Mo Qing Wu’s bowknot with rapt attention. He was instantly loss for words.

I definitely saw it correctly. That delicately crafted bowknot is indeed forged with Red Cloud Steel and Star Iron, the exact corresponding materials of the Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre!

To even slice of a chunk of Red Cloud Steel, it requires the full exertion of an Emperor level expert. Who could’ve been so extravagant to have moulded Red Cloud Steel into a bowknot hairpin?

See it as thin as a cicada’s wing, as light as emptiness; such fine elaborate details, what divine craftsmanship……

Even for a Monarch level expert, I’m afraid it is impossible to achieve such level right?

After Rui Bu Tong and his masters left, Mo Wu Xin went up personally and called for Mo Qing Wu, “Xiao Wu, who gave you that bowknot hairpin that is clipped to your hair?”

“Brother Ji Mo did.” Mo Qing Wu blinked her eyes, yet her voice remained indifferently cold.

“A pile of rubbish!” Mo Wu Xin fumed angrily.

Ji Mo? From the Ji Clan? Having been in-laws with them for so long now, would I not be clear how wealthy or powerful they are?

Just a Ji clan is capable of forging such a heavenly bowknot hairpin? What kind of banter is this kid trying to pull?

“It really was brother Ji Mo who handed it to me when he visited me recently.” Mo Qing Wu justified herself. She harbored a discreet cleverness; It was brother Ji Mo who handed it to me, but as for who gifted it…..I will never tell you!

“Looks like you don’t want to be honest with this old fellow?” Mo Wu Xin furiously warned.

“It really, it truly was…..”

“Hmph!” Mo Wu Xin brushed his sleeve and left.

To coerce a young girl for information, a person of my authority wouldn’t resort to such lowly conduct. But this bowknot hairpin is absolutely not from Ji Mo!

This factor was a truth that everyone in the Mo Clan could verify!

If the Ji Clan really had such an expert, they would’ve charged into the Upper Three Heavens by now……

“Monitor this courtyard tightly, do not permit your little mistress from randomly heading out! Understood? If anybody enters, you must report to the Clan at first notice!” After leaving a list of commands, Mo Wu Xin stomped off.

Mo Qing Wu bit her lips as she stood in her courtyard forlornly. Her tears welled up incessantly in her eyes, to the brink of an outburst.

Hmph, are you guys even treating me like a convict now?

Brother Chu Yang, hurry up and take me away! Hurry up and receive me……I really don’t wish to stay here for a single second anymore……

Gu Du Xing finally returned to his clan, and was instantly greeted by the lamenting countenance of his foster father, Gu Yun Lan. His foster father originally had luscious black hair, yet today, half of it had turned white….while the other half, was steadily progressing towards it……

Mourning when he was only a middle aged man; what more, it was his two biological sons that had perished! Such an event to the Clan Lord of the Gu Clan, was absolutely one of the most unbearable trauma of the mortal world!

“Godfather! What has happened to you?” Gu Du Xing gasped in astoundment.

(TN: Gu Du Xing is addressing his foster father (义父) which can be translated as godfather as well, I will be using godfather as it is quite weird to address one’s foster father as foster father all the time)

“Hais……Du Xing, you’re back….it’s good you’re back.” Gu Yun Lan released a long melancholic sigh. He drew in Gu Du Xing’s arms and spoke, “That day in the past where you left home without a word. Godfather had been terribly worried and dispatched others to search for you, yet days went by without a single news of you. Where did you go all this time?”

“Those days, I had always been in Iron Cloud…..” Du Gu Xing lowered his head as he hesitated in his speech.

“I know, I understand that… have been harbouring bitterness in your heart, but……” Du Gu Lan swept a spiritless gaze towards the trees on both sides, “That affair about your sister Xiao Miao…….was akin to damaging the Clan’s interest, and the consequences were severe. For such matters, you have to understand…..”

“I understand! Therefore I will definitely charge my way up, and become a Sword Emperor! That is the day, I will rescue Sister Xiao Miao!” Du Gu Xing resolutely proclaimed.

“Sword Emperor!” Gu Yun Lan trembled and finally turned to glance at Gu Du Xing; it was now that he finally carefully examined his own godson

A solitary sharpness emanated from Gu Du Xing’s body; it was like the ringing incisiveness when unsheathing a long sword. It was as if all who stood before him could not resist his piercing threat!

This was indeed the unique distinction of a swordsman.

“Yes Godfather!” Du Gu Xing composedly declared.

“Then right now, what grade Sword Great Master are you?” Du Yun Lan urgently inquired.

“I’m no longer a Sword Great Master, Godfather.” Du Gu Xin steadied his tone, “Your child is now a…… Top-level Fourth Grade Revered Sword Artist! In half a month’s time, I will breakthrough to Fifth Grade Revered Sword Artist!”

“Sssi……” Gu Yun Lan ferociously sucked in a breath of cold air.

It definitely hadn’t been a year since Gu Du Xing left home!

When he left, wasn’t he just a Fifth Grade Sword Grand Master? How could he have raised himself by over ten grades in just a meagre few months?

How……how is this possible?

“You……how did you accomplished that? Or perhaps did you……consume a certain divine talent treasure?” Gu Yun Lan questioned.

That is the only explanation to this, he must’ve encountered a great fortune and consumed some divine spirit medicine……after the medicinal energy diffused, his cultivation soared to the pinnacle……

However, such a destiny encounter only exists in the legends, did it really happen to our  Gu Du Xing?

“I didn’t consume any divine talent treasure. Instead, godson came across an eccentric individual. Under his profound tutelage, godson’s cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds…..” Gu Du Xing gently explained.

“Then it was by your own talent and efforts…..but to advance by ten grades in just a few months, is really is out of everyone’s expectation.” Gu Yun Lan gasped in amazement as he examined Gu Du Xing. Suddenly, his face revealed a bittersweet gratification and pronounced, “The heavens have taken pity on this miser. Ah, the heavens are unwilling to extinguish our Gu Clan after all.”

“Du Xing, the Gu clan…….will count on you to bring us to prominence from now on.” Gu Yun lan sorrowfully lamented, “A few days back, I completed the funeral arrangements for your brothers……”

Gu Du Xing hesitated for what seemed like eternity before finally gathering his resolve. “Godfather……actually……the deaths of Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue…….I am aware of it.”

“The deaths of Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue…’re aware of….” Gu Yun Lan had apparently lost faith in his own ears, murmuring to himself inaudibly and reiterating the same lines over and over again before abruptly spinning round. Then he fixated his hawk like glare at Du Gu Xing, “You’re aware of their deaths?”

“Yes!” Du Gu Xng solemnly answered.

“Why so?” Du Yun Lan’s voice was already brimming with iciness.

“Not long after they were killed, I received the news.” Du Gu Xin spoke with difficulty.

“It wasn’t you who murdered them?” Gu Yun Lan exhaled in relief, “It wasn’t you, that’s enough.”

“Although it wasn’t me who killed them, but I cannot separate myself from their deaths. Their killers…is my brother!” Gu Du Xing blurted the words with one breath, “The reason he slew them was because of me! Although I was unclear of the matters regarding this beforehand, but…….I cannot bear to deceive Godfather.”

“Your brothers…..” Gu Yun Lan’s tone boomed with murderous intensity. “After your brother’s corpses had returned, I had been reflecting. Xie Dan Qiong of the Xie clan has always been a calm person; though he isn’t renowned, he is definitely still a groomable raw talent. How would he dare to rashly act against on your brothers Yue and Yang?  Even if they had a dispute, it shouldn’t have spiralled to that extent. So the truth is as such……”

“Who is your brother?” Gu Yun Lan implored with heaviness.

“I cannot say.” Gu Du Xing’s gaze betrayed his dilemma, but he remained steadfast, “Whatever he has done, no matter what it is, I will shoulder the responsibility. If Godfather is unconvinced, you can kill me now. But even then, I’d rather die than sell out my brother.”

“Fine! What a good spirit of loyalty.” Gu Yun Lan laughed with cold austerity, “Gu Du Xing, do you think that… that’ve you grown up, that you’re ready to spread your wings in independance? That now that Gu Yan Yang…your brothers are dead, and the entire Gu Clan only has you to assume responsibility as Clan Lord, you can be so fearlessly audacious?”

“Perceive me Godfather, godson has never dared to harbour such intent!” Gu Du Xing had initially lowered his head but lifted his gaze at this very instance. He uprightly proclaimed, “Godson has always lived by the value, that a true man must dare to admit what he has done! No matter what lies ahead, since it has been done, godson will never regret! I will assume all responsibilities!”

“A life without wickedness is transparent to all! Forthright and respectable, that is my way of the sword! I’d rather go straight than bend. This has always been your godson’s moral standards! If I had any intentions of concealing, godfather would never find out for eternity; because this outcome is completely barren of evidence! Even Xie Dan Qiong would’ve never found an evidence to free his name!”

“Yet I still choose to come clean, because I did not wish to deceive you, Godfather!” Gu Du Xing beseeched, “The deeds of my brother, if I don’t assume it, who will?!”

“So whichever outcome Godfather wishes to take, it is only your justifiable right! Godson will never protest! But to betray my brother, I’d rather choose death!”

Gu Du Xing’s words rung sonorously, and his gaze flickered with indomitable resolution.

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