Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 301

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 301

Chapter 301 – My heart has been frozen sealed!

Mo Xing Chen casted a helpless bitter smile and fawned, “Noble Nephew Dong’s sabre would naturally be an outstanding heavenly weapon…..” He received the sheathed sabre but instantly felt his wrists viciously sinking down. Immensely startled, Mo Xing Chen hurriedly circulated his energy and finally managed to brace the sabre; saving himself from looking like a clown in the presence of many. Yet he was utterly appalled.

What kind of sabre is this? How is it so heavy?

Shing! He drew out the sabre, as black destitute radiation poured out with imposing murderous intent. It was as though the temperature of the entire Mo clan had plunged several degrees at this instance.

The complete saber, devoid of ornaments! Exceptionally guileless! Yet, the sabre edge emanated an unparalleled incisiveness, its spine as resolute as a mountain. One look was enough to tell this smooth looking saber was an extremely deadly weapon!

Under the ferocity of such a sabre, even a sledgehammer would be sliced into two!

“This sabre; even without employing any strength, it can slash through iron like mud! The incisiveness of it is not one bit inferior to that ‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre’ that big brother gifted lady Xiao Wu…..” Dong Wu Shang slyly connoted his words.

“Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre……” Mo Xing Chen was taken aback. Up till now, he was already eighty percent convinced by Dong Wu Shang’s words. He actually knew the name of that sabre……..

“Ah, what a splendid sabre…..” Mo Xing Chen fondled the sabre with great admiration, while his heart thrived with reluctance to part. However, such a sabre could only be utilized optimally by a Black Sabre clan member, if it was placed in the Mo clan…… even a King Level expert of theirs may not be able to use it!

It was exorbitantly heavy!

Dong Wu Shang received back his sabre, his face beaming with satisfaction. “This sabre was given to me by big brother.”

Mo Xing Chen was shaken again. His unquenchable inner desire to fathom the abilities of that mysterious ‘big brother’ deepened once again. First, that Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre, then now such a superfluous precious saber.

What kind of extraordinary storage would allow him to casually gift out such heavenly weapons that can shake both heaven and earth? Moreover, he even handed out two sabres?

“Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre……it was because lady Xiao Wu’s name contained the characters Qing (轻 Gentle) and Wu (舞 Dance), thus it was bestowed to her.” Dong Wu Shang solemnly elaborated, “Noble Uncle Mo, please do not forsake the two characters, Qing and Wu.”

Mo Xing Chen forcefully laughed a little, yet it was unknown what his heart truly felt.

“I’ll visit Xiao Wu first, I have some things from big brother for her.” Dong Wu Shang mischievously teased, “Just several playtoys to pamper the little ones, junior will take my leave after a short while. Noble Uncle Mo, you should carry on with your busy affairs. Well then, junior will forgo disturbing senior with any farewells.”

Mo Xing Chen nodded sternly, his heart was currently experiencing a chaotic mess.

If, by chance that big brother of Dong Wu Shang knew the fate of Xiao Wu in this clan, would he…….

Dong Wu Shang entered Mo Qing Wu’s little courtyard, and conversed a little with Mo Qing Wu. As Mo Qing Wu gazed at him with an innocence and naivety, Dong Wu Shang leaned and whispered into her adorable little ear, “You must never ever describe the appearance of your Brother Chu Yang. No matter who asks you, you mustn’t say a single thing, got it?”

“Ah, why?” Mo Qing Wu blinked her sparkly eyes.

“Haii, because brother Chu Yang will be in perilous danger once you do…..he may even die!” Dong Wu Shang answered her.

He may even die!

That simple phrase utterly traumatized Mo Qing Wu!

“I won’t say it!” The little lolita frenziedly nodded her head, her emotions fully resolute, as the bowknot hairpin on her head clanked to her nodding……

Then Dong Wu Shang left.

After pondering for a long time, Mo Xing Chen finally decided to seek out the situation from his daughter.

“Xiao Wu. The one that saved you that day, how did he look like?” Mo Xing Wu sat himself beside Mo Qing Wu and warmly inquired, “Since he rescued you, he is our benefactor. It is only right we find a way to repay him.”

“I’ve……..forgotten…..” Mo Qing Wu blinked her eyes.

“Forgotten?” Mo Xing Chen was stumped for words.

“Mn.” Mo Qing Wu exerted her strength to nod, “Absolutely forgotten.”

Mo Xing Chen was intending to further his interrogation, but instead caught a glimpse of an honest dread and hostility in his daughter’s eyes! His body trembled unconsciously, and his body lost both will and strength.

Such a terrified glare of animosity, it was clearly directed towards himself!

This gaze that was directed towards her own birth father, it actually resembled the emotions of a deep-seeded lifelong grudge!

She is just a kid! A young girl! She hasn’t even passed the age of ten yet.

For which reason did she suffer such misery?

Mo Xing Chen’s heart was torn as he reached his hand out, intending to soothe his own daughter. Instead, Mo Qing Wu shuddered violently as she casted a wary gaze at her father, shrinking her body backwards to evade her father’s hand.

Mo Xing Chen’s hand halted in mid air. His gaze flickering with hurt.

Finally, he gently retracted his hand and released a despondent sigh.

How could he not know? The cold treatment of recent times that were poles apart from the past, had already engraved an everlasting wound to Mo Qing Wu’s infant heart!

Mo Qing Chen could overwhelmingly imagine the irrevocable torment he inflicted this period of time; a lifelong scar that had changed her entire disposition, a trauma that would never leave her for life!

Yet he had no other choice. Because he was the Clan Lord of the Mo family!

He was eternally resigned to placing the Mo Clan interest first, eternally forced to uphold the survival existence of the Mo Clan. There was completely no room for fatherly intimacy!

Seated in his current position, he could no longer afford family affection.

Yet what Mo Xing Chen wasn’t aware was that…….Mo Qing Wu was still thirsting internally for her father’s tender care; she had always desired for that warm embrace.

The reason she cowered back was merely past bitter encounters forcing her subconscious mind to evade, a slight fit of pique from a little girl. Instead, if Mo Xing Chen would only attempt to reach out his hand again, Mo Qing Wu would definitely climb into her father’s embrace with tears overflowing.

This teary embrace was something she had longed for far too long; that even in her dreams, she was in her father’s embrace……

However, the moment she witnessed Mo Xing Chen’s hand pausing and retracting back, Mo Qing Wu felt utter despair.

It’s true, is he really unwilling to spare even a hug?

After being visited by Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Dong Wu Shang, these people who could be described as ‘outsiders’, Mo Qing Wu found it ironic, since she could presently sense how alienated she was from her father!

A melancholic despair fused within Mo Qing Wu’s beautiful large eyes, her tender red lips was now a shade of pale white; devoid of life.

At this instance, she finally recalled Dong Wu Shang’s words.

If they found out, then your brother Chu Yang may even die……..!

Sure enough after brother Wu Shang left, Father came to ask of brother Chu Yang’s affairs. He obviously isn’t here to see me, he is just using me to gather information about brother Chu Yang, using me to harm him…..

Mo Qing Wu could suddenly feel her heart freezing up!

She glanced at the person who was supposed to be her closest kin with distastefulness, her heart could only howl persistently – WHY? Why must you treat me with such injustice? Why must you be so cruel to me? There are so few who actually treats me well in this world, so why must you even harm my brother Chu Yang?

Must it be that no one in this world can care for me before you are fully satisfied?

Mo Qing Wu hanged her head down, devoid of the slightest movement.

“Xiao Wu, return to your room. It is cold out here.” Mo Xing Chen sighed dejectedly again, before lowering his head to order, “Don’t run around recklessly…..if you have time to spare, best if you learn needlework from your mother.”

This was the longest sentence he had spoken to his own daughter for a long time.

It wasn’t without a deep concern.

He finally abandoned thoughts of questioning his daughter any longer. Let him stay as a beautiful memory in her heart……as for the future, we’ll deal with it when it comes.

Yet his very last sentence had confounded further hurt onto Mo Qing Wu.

Learn needlework……

“I understand.” Mo Qing Wu replied with disappointed feebleness. Then she slowly turned around and trod back to her room, a step at a time. Her lowered head had ultimately stayed down; a tiny figure strolling into her own room, without turning back for a single glance.

Pa! Beads of weighty tears scattered onto the flight of stone steps leading to her room, before Mo Qing Wu entered and closed the door behind gently.

The two doors folded in while seemingly…….representing the doors of Mo Qing Wu’s heart. In this very moment, it was unconditionally shut.

Confining herself from her own house, from heaven and earth!

From henceforth, my heart has been frozen sealed!

Mo Xing Chen distractedly observed the tightly shut room, a sudden flush of agony swirled within his heart; seemingly faintly whispering to him, that he had just lost his own daughter.

It was like the moment her daughter shut this door, it would cease to be opened through the eternal passages of time.

He shook his head and banished such absurd despondent thoughts from his mind, he smiled bitterly to himself.

How is that even possible? She is just a child after all. A little girl that had now, just turned ten…….

He then turned to leave, walking away speedily.

Mo Qing Wu’s Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre was actually conferred by a major character. This issue must be immediately discussed with the assembly of clan elders, to prevent this matter from creating a powerful enemy……

We must devise a sure-fire plan; if ever that major character finds his way here, not only must we design a method to retain the Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre, but ultimately seize the favourable relations of Mo Qing Wu, to establish a formidable alliance for the clan……

This is perhaps……the greatest usefulness of my daughter right?

Mo Xing Chen arrived at the Elders Pavilion and explained his intentions.

Upon mentioning the words of Dong Wu Shang, the Clan Grand Elder Mo Wu Xin hooted with laughter, and mocked with slanted eyes, “Just based on a one-sided statement of this Second Young Master Dong, how was it sufficient to sway the resolution of the Clan Lord of our Mo Clan?”

“This…..this shouldn’t be false!” Mo Xing Chen replied, “From the start I could tell that Xiao Wu was definitely rescued by an expert. Even that Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre wouldn’t be produced by just any ordinary man.”

“That may not be true.” Mo Wu Xin interrupted, “However, we cannot treat this with carelessness. We can only silently spectate and change accordingly. Until that expert presumably arrives, if we can keep him for our advantages… would be considered as a wonderful outcome.”

“Mn, for now, the first task should be the handling of the Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Sabre……” Mo Xing Chen inquired.

“Just relying on the few words of that Second Young Master Dong and you actually wish to hand over such a peerless treasured sabre into the hands of a cripple? If this is really the plot of the Dong Clan to seize that treasured sabre for themselves, how are you going to answer for that?”

Mo Wu Xin drooped his eyelids down and admonished severely, “If that happens……do you know what the consequences would be? You should know the Dong clan is also hailed as the Black Sabre Clan, they are the true connoisseurs of the sabre!”

“Great Elder’s words are precise.” Mo Xing Chen hesitated slightly, before finally lowering his head.

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