Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 300

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 300

Chapter 300 – Blast! Full on blast!

The next one to arrive was none other than Dong Wu Shang; the arrival of Dong Clan’s second young master was more shocking than the previous two arrivals!

He had brought along a large brigade of soldiers; the Dong Clan had mobilized 2400 soldiers to the Cang Lan Battlefront in order to participate in the war, not to mention that each and every one of these soldiers was an expert in his own merit!

Dong Wu Shang was mounted on a huge ‘Qian Li’ ox, which swayed from side to side as it strolled forward.

(TLN: Qian Li means ‘a thousand Li’ or ‘a thousand miles’ or ‘500 Km’)

He had actually wanted to ride a horse; after all, he felt more at ease while riding a horse in comparison to a huge ox. Even though this ox was a spirit beast….an ox would be still an ox! Riding an ox could never be as smooth and easy as riding a horse, not to mention the embarrassment that came along with it.

However, Dong Wu Shang was helpless because his saber was simply too heavy. In addition to it, he was also carrying a lot of other miscellaneous items, including a flexible armor which was specifically tailored for his tall and burly physique; raising the total weight to 1000 Jin!

(TLN: 1 Jin = 0.5 Kg)

A horse or a camel couldn’t possibly carry so much weight.

Hence, while the other 2400 people of the Dong Clan rode tall horses, the second young master Dong was atop a tall ox in the forefront.

The Dong Clan’s territory was located to the east of the Mo Clan’s; the two were separated by a distance of more than 1000 Li, whereas the Cang Lan Battlefront happened to be located somewhere along the way. Naturally, it was not as if the Dong Clan’s parade had coincidentally arrived in front of the Mo Clan’s entrance; it had happened very precisely, based on the second young master Dong’s strong demands. Thus, this large brigade of soldiers had ended up majestically marching all the way to the Mo Clan’s territory.

(TLN: 1 Li = 1 mile (approx))

As the brigade leader, Dong Wu Lei actually did not wish to change routes, because this change would unnecessarily add an extra time of two-and-a-half days to their previous schedule! This would needlessly tire the soldiers, and squander resources as well. However, the most disgraceful thing for the eldest young master of Dong Clan was: inability to beat his younger brother, Dong Wu Shang…

Dong Wu Shang had issued a blatant threat to his elder brother: change the course unless you wish to get beaten up to shame in front of 2400 people.

The enraged eldest young master had ceaselessly fired curses for almost half-a-day, but was ultimately forced to change the course, lacking a better option.

Amidst the rattling noise of the war chariots, and whining of the horses, the view of Dong Clan’s 2400 soldiers marching into the territory of Mo Clan, and that too under the leadership of second young master Dong, gave off a feeling as if they’d come to carry out a vendetta; the troops gave off a majestic yet murderous aura as they ostentatiously marched towards the Mo Clan’s residence!

The second young master Dong lifted his saber with one hand, and then jumped down from that huge ox upon arriving at the front entrance of Mo Clan. He turned towards a guard standing at the entrance, and proclaimed in a loud voice: “Go! Inform everyone in your clan that the second young master of Dong Clan, Dong Wu Shang has come to pay a visit to Miss Mo Qing Wu!”

That guard had long been paralyzed with fear; his knees were shaking while his legs already seemed numb: Crap! What’s up with all these staring eyes, are they from an enemy clan? Since the proclamation had actually sounded very similar to an amnesty, an imminent sense of danger compelled him to quickly turn around, and rush inside in order to report this incident, as fast as possible.

Mo Xing Chen was utterly distressed.

This time, he really was depressed.

Is there really no end to this farce? Why are all these young masters coming to meet our clan’s crippled daughter?

Both Dong Clan and Mo Clan had always been like water bodies in two different wells, each minding its own business without interfering with the other. However, Dong Clan clearly had an upper hand when it came to a comparison between their respective strengths, especially due to the harmonious relationship of two brothers of Dong Clan. On the contrary, the two brothers of Mo Clan were like two different swords which simply couldn’t fit into the same scabbard. It was quite obvious the future prospects of the Dong Clan would transcend that of the Mo Clan.

Therefore, left with no option, Mo Xing Chen came out in person to welcome these unexpected guests. As soon as he came out, the scene that unfolded in front of his eyes instantly startled him. Crap! So many people have come to meet our Xiao Wu?

This motherf*er is blatantly showing his power off, isn’t he?!

“You’re the Mo Clan’s Lord, aren’t you?” Dong Wu Shang cupped his hands in salute as he continued quite respectfully: “I, Dong Wu Shang, have come here to see Xiao Wu. Actually, I was on my way to the Cang Lan Battlefront, but decided on a whim to come here first. I just hope I haven’t offended the Clan Lord in doing so.”

“Not at all, Nephew Dong. Please come in… this old man is extremely pleased to receive you in my clan’s humble abode.” Even though Mo Xing Chen didn’t know the real reason behind Dong Wu Shang’s proclamation to meet Xiao Wu, he still maintained a composed expression on his face.

“How is Xiao Wu doing these days?” Dong Wu Shang smiled as he entered through the front door. He had asked this question fully knowing that her Three Yin Meridians had been destroyed, depriving her of the merit to obtain the clan’s training and resources; this was equivalent to falling straight from the heaven, and into the hell….then how could she possibly be doing well?

Besides, this matter was no longer a secret for the Middle Three Heavens…

Mo Xing Chen’s heart thumped erratically as he rolled his eyes and replied with a sigh: “She is fine, thanks to your lucky influence.”

“I must say that you have spoken incorrectly; it can never be because of my luck!” Dong Wu Shang stared intently as he continued: “I, Dong Wu Shang, can’t possibly have so much luck, can I?”

Mo Xing Chen suddenly got furious, just like a foolish Buddha who was about to explode with anger, and die as a result. Damn you! The way you speak is really unpleasant to hear. I respect you because you’re the second young master of the Dong Clan. This old man personally came out to welcome you, just to give you a gargantuan face, and yet you talk in such an eccentric manner?

The second young master of the Dong Clan is supposed to be an earnest person as per my knowledge; what is wrong with him today?

He actually didn’t know that Dong Wu Shang had already met Mo Qing Wu in the Heavenly Armament Pavilion. And although he used to be rather uncommunicative and aloof in his conduct, he still enjoyed Mo Qing Wu’s company; she used to have long conversations with him, as a result of which, even an inarticulate and slurred individual like him had been able to share numerous moments of joy and sadness with her. In short, he actually really adored this cute little girl.

He was unable to contain his anger when he came to know that Mo Qing Wu was being wronged by her own clan just because her ‘Three Yin Meridians’ had been destroyed. In fact, his visit to the Mo Clan’s residence for meeting Mo Qian Wu wasn’t a false presence; he wanted to use this opportunity to vent out his anger in person, not to mention that his real objective was to liberate Mo Qing Wu from her miseries.

Therefore, he had deliberately assumed the role of a rowdy and uncouthly person.

Moreover, assuming such a role was like a piece of cake for him since he had spent so much time with Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo; who were no different from an ‘uncanny hybrid of ruffians and bandits’.

“I didn’t know the second young master Dong knows my little daughter.” Mo Xing Chen swallowed his anger and didn’t press the matter any further. In case he somehow ended up offending his guest, then the Mo Clan’s current strength would be insufficient to face those-then 2400 enemy soldiers!

Mo Tian Yun had led the majority of Mo Clan’s forces to the Cang Lan Battlefront a few days back, decreasing the clan’s combat strength by a large extent…

As a result, if this uncouthly young master was to lose his temper for some reason and order an attack on the Mo Clan, then… …the Mo Clan would certainly lose its face in a rather elaborate way.

“Our meeting was just a pleasant coincidence, that’s all. I and Xiao Wu hit it off very nicely! I am very fond of her!” Dong Wu Shang smiled: “And, my big brother is also very much fond of her! So much so that he is scared to say her name, or to hold her in his arms, thinking, what if she melts if he does?”

“Your big brother?” Mo Xing Chen was somewhat startled. Big Brother… I presume those two words weren’t meant as a joke. And judging by the way he said it, it definitely isn’t his own elder brother. Then, who exactly is this so-called “big brother” the second young master Dong is referring to?

Big brother huh…I wonder if he is some kind of an earthshaking personage.

“Yes! Big brother!” Dong Wu Shang confirmed as he grinned from ear to ear: “By the way, he is also a big brother to Ji Mo, Gu Duxing, Luo Ke Di and several others! He is very fond of Xiao Wu! So much so that he gifted his most treasured saber to her. He had been keeping it safe for so many years since it is a part of his family’s heirlooms. There have been several Saber Monarchs in his family in the past, and all of them are said to have wielded that saber while galloping across the nine heavens…”

Mo Xing Chen heard a loud bang in his head while a bunch of golden stars started to revolve before his eyes.

Saber Monarchs?

Family heirloom?

Big brother to Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang?

I feel dizzy! My God! Who is this person….

If this mysterious ‘big brother’ finds out that the saber he gifted to Mo Qing Wu has been snatched from her… …I don’t know how he’ll react! What if he gets furious and rushes over to the Mo Clan in a wild rage?

Dong Wu Shang’s eyelids hung low as he quietly observed the Mo Clan Lord’s changing complexion; he couldn’t help but feel proud and complacent within his heart.

This was exactly what Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di and he had planned all along; to achieve a means to support Mo Qing Wu!

And that means was precisely…to incite an explosion! A ruthless explosion! A fearless explosion! Continual explosions, as much as they liked, but without the fear of getting blown away!

Moreover, if these words had been said by Ji Mo or Luo Ke Di, then the reaction wouldn’t have been so drastic. This “saber plan” worked well only because Dong Wu Shang and his clan had the required competence, as well as the universally recognized taciturn…

People like Dong Wu Shang never told lies! However, if they ever told a lie to deceive someone, then the success rate associated with it would be close to 90 percent!

“Nephew Dong, who is this big brother you talk about?” Mo Xing Cheng asked in a cautious and solemn tone. When he had first met Dong Wu Shang a while ago, he had initially referred to him as ‘Nephew Dong’ but had gotten angry at Dong Wu Shang’s rude way of talking, and had started referring to him as ‘Second young master Dong’. Now that Mo Xing Chen was startled by these unexpected turn of events, he had suddenly switched back to calling him ‘Nephew Dong’ once again.

“I really cannot tell you since my big brother is a great personage. I might have to do deal with his wrath, if he found out that I leaked information about him.” Dong Wu Shang replied with smile: “But I must say that your Mo Clan is really fortunate to have Xiao Wu. I am certain that your clan will continue to flourish endlessly for a very long time. Recently, I have started to believe that ‘fate’ indeed brings people together; our big brother has been travelling around the nine heavens for quite some time now, but he inadvertently saved Xiao Wu one day……cough cough; I guess this really is the work of fate.”

Second young master Dong kept on beating around the bush, looking for words to express his thoughts while constantly sighing over this predicament. After all, he had never been good at talking someone around, unlike Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo.

However on the contrary, his style of explanation usually sounded a bit more convincing to most people.

He has been travelling around the nine heavens… this sentence induced an endless reverie in Mo Xing Chen’s heart, and he was instantly thrust into a daydream-like state: Could it be that this person belongs to one of the super clans of the Upper Three Heavens? Indeed, no wonder he has convinced the geniuses from the four influential clans into calling him their ‘big brother’. He conveniently sent that precious saber as a gift as well; a treasure so precious that it can literally be called the crown of the world….such a personage can only be from the Upper Three Heavens, right?

Moreover, I am certain that he is from some super aristocratic clan!

“Oh, how forgetful of me… please come in, Nephew Dong.” Mo Xing Chen quickly made a welcoming gesture with his hands as soon as he noticed that his guest had been standing right at the entrance for quite some time now; this was truly very disrespectful towards a guest.

“Well, I will certainly come in, but just to have a look at Xiao Wu, then I will immediately leave for the Cang Lan Battlefront.” Dong Wu Shang narrowed his eyes: “Uncle Mo, you must take good care of Xiao Wu since my big brother is planning to come here with a special drug which can fix her condition; it shouldn’t take him very long to come here, and when he does, he will surely treat her illness… ”

With a meaningful smile spread across his face, he said: “My big brother is extremely talented; he knows all under the heaven…”

“Eh?” Mo Xing Chen was delighted to hear that. However, he inquired in a skeptical manner: “But I am not aware of this matter….say, can you give any assurance?”

“I really can’t do that at the moment.” Dong Wu Shang frowned.

“Your big brother… does he really have the means to accomplish what you’ve claimed just now?” Mo Xing Chen asked.

“Uncle Mo…” Dong Wu Shang stood there firmly as he looked at Mo Xing Chen, and then suddenly took out the saber from behind his shoulder, before asking: “What do you think about this saber?”

“Saber?” Mo Xing Chen was somewhat startled as he thought to himself: this second young master Dong’s train of thoughts can take a really sharp leap… when I ask him about his big brother; he out rightly changes the topic by drawing my attention to his saber?


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