Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 299

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 299

Chapter 299 – Xiao Wu, you must stay happy!

Being a disciple of a major clan himself, Ji Mo was obviously aware of the consequences if one were to lose their future potential, and he couldn’t help sighing with great melancholy. Yet this was in fact the matters of the Mo clan, and though he was related maternally, it was not his place to step in.

He could only make a resolution silently in his heart.

If this is true…..then I must exhaust all my strength to find a proper home for little cousin! She mustn’t suffer agony her whole life.

“Head over first. I’ll accompany Xiao Wu a little before heading back.” Ji Mo replied.

Mo Qing Wu was currently observing from the side, her tears welling up profusely as she repeatedly entangled her tiny hands; brimming with insecurity.

“Xiao Wu, come. Take a look at what Brother Chu Yang has gifted you.” Ji Mo forcefully suppressed the discomfort in his heart as he feigned a joyful smile. Tugging along Mo Qing Wu’s little hand, he led her into her own room.

“Come, just look at what this is.” The first thing Ji Mo retrieved was an averaged sized jade pitcher; store within was the Vitality Spring Water that Chu Yang asked him to bring. An entire pitcher of it!

“What’s this? Water? Wine?” Mo Qing Wu inspected the jade pitcher with great curiosity, before gently caressing it a little. Then she lifted her face in hopeful desire and asked, “This jade pitcher, it’s Brother Chu Yang’s isn’t it?”

“Yes, ah.” Ji Mo scratched his head as though he was slightly confused.

Chu Yang’s jade pitcher? What is precious is the water inside, no?

“Brother Chu Yang…..” Mo Qing Wu hugged the jade pitcher tightly in her embrace, huge pearls of tears dripped down. Right now to Mo Qing Wu, just observing this Jade Pitcher was akin to looking at Chu Yang in person. The many months of suppressed anguish suddenly came surging up like a flooding river.

This teary outburst poured forth for a long time.

Ji Mo was completely at a loss; it had never crossed his mind, that just a mere jade pitcher could send pulses of emotions erupting in Mo Qing Wu……..

After a good long while, Mo Qing Wu’s sobbing whimpers finally ceased.

“Hurry up and drink it. The Vitality Spring Water is indeed an unmatched, priceless treasure.” Ji Mo lowered his tone, and urged, “Your brother Chu Yang had particular emphasised that I must personally witness you drinking it down.”

“But I……but I can’t bear to drink it……” Mo Qing Wu blinked her huge eyes, gazing at Ji Mo with subtle unwillingness, “Once I drink……it’ll be empty……”

“You silly girl, what’s there to be reluctant about?” Ji Mo hastily advised. “Just drink it, your body will improve tremendously and even the injuries you sustained will not leave a scar y’know….”

“But I still can’t bear to drink it…..” Mo Qing Wu was about to cry again, “Can’t I just keep it as it is?”

“If you don’t drink……brother Ji Mo will be very angry.” Ji Mo attempted to use the stick instead of the carrot. Yet after realizing no results, he could only say, “If your brother Chu Yang knew you didn’t drink the Vitality Spring Water he painstakingly obtained, he’d be devastated oh…..”

“Then I’ll drink it!” Mo Qing Wu anxiously and vigorously nodded her head, “I’ll drink it right now!”

Observing Mo Qing Wu tilting her head backwards and started gulping down the Vitality Spring Water, Ji Mo thought to himself in amazement…Wow, Chu Yang’s influence on her is this potent?

After consuming the Vitality Spring Water, Mo Qing Wu continued cuddling the jade pitcher in her bosom; infinitely cherishing it.

“What else did brother Chu Yang get for me?” Mo Qing Wu inquired with expectation.

“Mn, there’s this, and that……” Ji Mo bluntly untied the bundle, producing a myriad of bizarre and lovely toys.

“This is pretty!” Mo Qing Wu rummaged through a little, pulling out a bowknot hairpin from the pile. The bowknot hairpin was crafted with Red Cloud Steel and Star Iron, emanating a brilliant red coupled with a starlight shine; it was simply enchanting beyond fantasy.

Ji Mo’s lips twitched a little.

Everytime he saw that bowknot hairpin, he would suffer a mental backlash.

Using essences of Red Cloud Steel and Star Iron to craft out a bowknot hairpin to pamper this little girl……under the mortal skies, who else but Chu Yang would resort to such extravagance?

“This, is definitely brother Chu Yang’s gift for me. As for the rest, they are bought by Brother Ji Mo himself right?” Mo Qing Wu slanted her head adorably as she inspected the bowknot hairpin while casually asking.

“Ee… did you know?” Ji Mo became stupefied. A casual phrase from Mo Qing Wu had instantly struck the truth.

“Hmph, because this is the only thing I like!” Mo Qing Wu flared her nostrils, her smile revealing a bright elation that had been missing for a long time, “Only brother Chu Yang would understand what I like.” As she spoke, she glared at Mo JI with a slight disdain and pursed her lips. “You know nothing!”

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Ji Mo almost fainted from this absurdity.

“But Brother Ji Mo, I’m still very grateful for you!” Mo Qing Wu continued treasuring the Jade Pitcher and bowknot hairpin in her embrace, her face finally exhibiting a satisfied twinkle, “Thank you, for sending these over.”

“You…’re welcome.” Ji Mo was abruptly overwhelmed with heartfelt sentiments.

Mo Qing Wu, the beloved princess of the Mo clan, how…..pitiful she is now.

“I have some affairs to discuss with Uncle, mn…..” The words Ji Mo desired to say lingered briefly before he swallowed them back. His heart screamed out; If Uncle doesn’t agree to my request, I will stay behind to accompany her…….no wait, I can’t remain here when there’s still a war brewing at Cang Lan Battlefront…..haai! Besides even If i received her to my clan, without me and big brother, who’s going to entertain with her?

Shaking his head while sighing dejectedly, he returned to the clan hall.

After Mo Ji raised the topic of inviting little Mo Qing Wu back to his residence for a vacation of several days, as expected, Mo Xing Chen muttered gloomily for a while before rejecting. Then he added, “If times were still usual, then staying for a few days would be fine. Yet currently, every major clan has their hands tied by the Three Stars Holy Clan inside Cang Lan Battlefront…….who has the time to take care of a child? Let’s postpone this talk until crucial matters dies down.”

Then, the two brothers Ji Zu and Ji Mo left. Mo Xing Chen was just about to take a short rest before a servant reported in, “Reporting to Clan Lord. Luo clan’s second young master has arrived to visit young mistress Xiao Wu.”

“Luo clan? Second young master Luo? Visiting Xiao Wu?” Mo Xing Chen was even more startled this time.

Ji Zhu and Ji Mo visiting Mo Qing Wu is still in the realms of reasonableness, besides they are her cousins. But why would second young master Luo visit? Doesn’t he know of the grave enmity between the Mo clan and the Luo clan?

Our two families have been at each other’s head for over a century now! It can be described as a deep irreconcilable hatred between both houses! This second young master Luo still dares to visit our Xiao Wu at this time?

Perhaps he has an ulterior motive? Catching wind that our clan’s talent had turned crippled, he is here to ridicule on our honour?

But if that’s the case, then he is really too daring, ah……He should be aware once the situation goes wayward, this second young master Luo may very well lose his own life here!

“Please enter!” Mo Xing Chen indifferently announced as he stood up, “I really wish to see, what second young master Luo is here for!”

Luo Ke Di was presently dressed in snowy white clothings, as brazenly strolled into the glares of the hostile Mo clan.

He was perfectly composed, his gaze disciplined from mindless straying.

Although Luo Ke Di had always been easy-going and didn’t concern himself to blend in with others; he was still someone that emphasised greatly on friendships!

Chu Yang is my big brother!

Big brother had previously mentioned before, if i have the opportunity, I must visit Xiao Wu!

Then consider it done the moment I agreed!  

Hatred runs deep between the Luo and Mo clan, but so what?! When I agreed to big brother, the animosity was already prevalent! If i didn’t wish to come, I would’ve naturally said no previously.

Since I’ve agreed, even if the destination is the enemy’s lair, I’ll still go!

Even if the destination is death, I’ll still go!

Thus, Luo Ke Di showed up!

Amidst the astonished and wary glares of Mo Xing Chen and the rest of the Mo clan, Luo Ke Di strolled nonchalantly into the Mo residence. As per his request, he managed to meet with Mo Qing Wu.

As for the events following that, it unleashed ripples of shock to the knowledgeable and experienced Mo Clan Lord, Mo Xing Chen.

“Xiao Wu!” Luo Ke Di’s expression of hostile austerity instantaneously morphed into a cheery and amiable grin, as though he was reunited with his eternally separated little sister.

“Woah, brother Luo!” Mo Qing Wu was utterly amazed. The grudges between her clan and the Luo clan was a fact she understood. She could never have expected that Luo Ke Di would actually dare to risk universal condemnation to visit her.

In a split second, Mo Xing Chen’s eyes widened as round as could be.

He spied on the two, one big, one tiny, as they played and tussled joyously outside Mo Qing Wu’s room. Afterward, Luo Ke Di even patiently listened to Mo Qing Wu’s long-winded grumbles, before……playing games again?

Followed by…….telling stories?

Mo Xing Chen released a long sigh, and stealthily retreated.

How long have Xiao Wu been stripped of happiness? Today, after witnessing our Xiao Wu mingling more affectionately with the rival’s kid, Luo Ke Di, than this old dad of hers…….

Perhaps, I have been mistaken all this time?

Nevertheless…..for the Clan, even if I was wrong…….what could I have done? I have obligations as the Clan Lord.

Mo Xing Chen then silently left.

Thus, the fearless Luo Ke Di entertained Mo Qing Wu for the entire day.

“Xiao Wu. This time, it was your brother Chu Yang that ordered me to visit and play with you…..I can only remain for a day.” Luo Ke Di lowered himself to Mo Qing Wu’s front and gently whispered, “Tomorrow, I will have to leave for Cang Lan Battlefront.”

“Why does everyone have to head for Cang Lan Battlefront?” Mo Qing Wu implored with weeping melancholy, “I feel so lonely here. Nobody plays with me and nobody even chats with me……”

Luo Ke Di paused for a moment before replying, “I don’t wish to leave, yet my desire to leave is stronger. That place is treacherous, yet it contains great happiness. My foes will be there, but so will my friends. Moreover…….as a disciple of a Middle Three Heavens clan, it is my duty!”

“Ultimately, this is a man’s dignity!” Luo Ke Di gently declared.

Towards Mo Qing Wu who was clearly still a little girl, Luo Ke Di possessed no false pretence. His gentle words were outrightly spoken from the bottom of his heart.


Resisting the Three Stars Holy Clan and safeguarding Middle Three Heavens, this was the duty of its inhabitants!

It was unavoidable.

“I packed lots of tiny gifts for you before I came, not sure if you will like them.” Luo Ke Di placed down a large bundle from his hand.

“Oh right, previously your brother Chu Yang requested me to convey a message when i visit you.” Luo Ke Di reminded.

“What message?” Mo Qing Wu anxiously lifted her head and raised her ears.

“He said……Xiao Wu, you must stay happy!” Luo Ke Di continued, “Brother Chu Yang will be back for you, I will receive you unto myself!”

Mo Qing Wu fell into a daze, her tears brushing down along her delicate cheeks.

For too long now, she had been craving for those words; wishing for the day someone would bring her away. And today, the words finally arrived and it was from her Brother Chu Yang. In that instance, her tiny soul felt a certain warmly sourness, ushering in her blissful whimpers…….

Luo Ke Di eventually left. Besides he was still a rival of the Mo clan and could not remain here for too long. Being allowed to stay here for such an excessive duration, it was credited to Mo Tian Yun having transferred to Cang Lan Battlefront. If Mo Tian Yun was still here……then the situation would be tricky indeed.

Mo Qing Wu’s mind was now perfectly tranquil.

She could feel herself maturing; moreover, her spirit was now entrusted with hope.

“Xiao Wu, you must stay happy! Brother Chu Yang will be back for you, I will receive you unto myself…” Mo Qing Wu slanted her head as she embraced that shabby scabbard and Jade Pitcher; a rainbow-colored starlight sparkled from the bowknot hairpin atop her head. She replicated Chu Yang’s voice in her mind as she gently and blissfully murmured to herself.

Her voice was light, as light as a mesmerizing reverie; for the fear of rousing herself from this fantasy……

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