Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 298

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 298

Chapter 298 – Brothers bid farewell

Inside the Imperial palace, Emperor Zhao Zhe was shivering violently almost as if he was feeling frozen. Not even in his wildest dreams had this Imperial Majesty, one that had grew up within a greenhouse, imagined that Diwu Qing Rou would execute his subjects with such viciousness, committing such an atrocious bloodbath!

He had not left even the slightest margin for mercy!

The dignity of the Imperial family was completely disregarded by him! Completely oblivious to ten thousands of lives!

Civil and military officials? Not a fart’s concern! Everyone that landed in his hands could be described with one word – Dead!

Leaning by his side, his Imperial concubines squeezed together; They all had pale faces that made them seem devoid of blood. Their bodies shuddered like the falling leaves in the wind.

“Prime Minister Diwu arrives!” A guard announced, as he raised his blood drenched sword; yet this action to the Emperor, was akin to a death knell being rung.

“Diwu Qing Rou is here!” The Emperor Zhao Zhe’s lips had turned purple, as he trembled, until forcefully calming himself somewhat as he murmured out, “What is he here for?”

Nobody answered, a plain suffocating silence.

The heavy footsteps reverberated in and finally introduced was Diwu Qing Rou, with a face beaming with warmth and goodwill. Calm and unruffled, he strolled in one step at a time. He was dressed in a mediocre cotton gown as he dragged his feet in, his hands clasped behind his back.

His countenance was still as graceful and dull as before, as though all living things had been segregated from his heart.

Yet all Zhao Zhe could see was a blood soaked demon from hell. His eyes rolled back as though he was about to faint.

“Blessings, your Majesty.” Diwu Qing Rou greeted.

“Ble….ssin….blessings! Blessings to you Prime Minister……” Zhao Zhe strived hard to contain his facial muscles, trying to reveal a smile to maintain what was left of his royal bearing; but alas, to no avail.

Diwu Qing Rou folded his arms behind and stood still. His eyes fluttered faintly as an Imperial guard promptly shifted a chair over and placed it behind him. Diwu Qing Rou released a slight smirk as he gracefully sat.

“Your Majesty.”


“To be a subject under your Grace, it is considered fate.” Diwu Qing Rou smiled slightly before sighing, “I originally believed that us, Minister and Ruler, could work together and unify the lands. We could stand atop the summit together, whilst sharing the worship of the world!”

“I have the capability to unify the country. The boldness to unify the lands! A pity, ultimately your Majesty failed to trust me.” Diwu Qing Rou released a long sigh. He casted a sympathetic gaze at Zhao Zhe, “Why go through this bitterness?”

“This…….this is Our mistake…….” Zhao Zhe trembled as he responded, not daring to make eye contact.

“Mn, it is truly a mistake……” Diwu Qing Rou gently chortled.

(TN: 朕 (Zhen) means our (I, the majesty) which has the same pronunciation as 真 (Zhen) truly.)

“That year, your mistrust towards me compelled me to seek my own chances on the battlefield, allowing me to grasp my own authority! Never would I have expected…….that path was much more domineering than you simply bestowing me with military authority……”

Diwu Qing Rou squinted his eyes lightly, seemingly recalling the desperate battles of times past.

“Countless battles and negotiations, countless battles of arduous fighting; I, Diwu Qing Rou painstakingly forged together my irrefutable reputation. Raking in immeasurable achievements until even you, had no choice but to confer rewards and titles unto me……until a certain step, when all military dominion and authority is now in my hands, the outcome had been ascertained!”

“You are already powerless to control me!” Diwu Qing Rou paused and continued, “Following that, I declared war on all sides. Firstly, to abolish the alien outsiders; and secondly, in the eyes of all common folk, I had become the undisputed commander-in-chief. Even in Tie Long Cheng’s perspective, I was always the one controlling the state of war, all for the sake of successive outstanding military service…..”

“But he was wrong! What I desired wasn’t military service, but power.” Diwu Qing Rou’s tone was dull, “During that period, the entire one thousand two hundred troops of the Great Zhao imperial nation was drawn into battle by me at different periods! What I did, was forged camaraderie, crafting my leadership persuasion over the ranks of troops; usurping absolute dominion over every troop.”

“Because for these, I was clear you would never confer unto me! Hence, I snactched them for myself.”

“Countless snares causing Iron Cloud’s casualties to be exceedingly devastating, but our Great Zhao’s casualties were no better. Because many others had similarly fell for my personally arranged trap, where I lead them blindly into Great Zhao’s ambush…….as for these people, they were all loyal subjects to your Majesty, patriots of Great Zhao. Yet because I couldn’t obtain your trust, I had no faith in these people, because what I needed were those loyal to I, Diwu Qing Rou……”

Diwu Qing Rou released a long sigh, “Finally when the war ended with Iron Cloud retreating weakly, I ceased the fighting; with unrivalled meritorious service clasped under my arms, I returned to the imperial court.”

“Everyone believed that my purposeful intent was to allow Iron Cloud a breathing chance, but the fact wasn’t so.” Diwu Qing Rou continued, “Because at that time, I only possessed the military, not the government. Therefore, I had to return and establish a political government I could fully control. During that time, the imperial family still had a powerful grasp of the nation. Even if I had destroyed Iron Cloud, you exterminating me required just a lift of a finger.”

“Therefore, a full-on war was detrimental to me then! Hence, I feigned the misleading situation that I had abandoned the war, and instead returned to operate from the rear.” Diwu Qing Rou sighed deeply, “If only you had believed in me then, then I would’ve already given you the entire unified lands! A pity you didn’t…..”

“Thus, to wait until now before trying to deal with me, it is already too late!” Diwu Qing Rou stood up, “Military might represents the resolute truths! You have no troops on hand, no generals; just relying on a bunch of rotten scholars, you wish to defeat the lord of the military? Your Majesty, don’t you think this is simply too laughable?”

Zhao Zhe’s face was pale, his vision blanking out.

“Many words I wished to say, many of these words I wished to offer you all these years back. But upon arriving here today, I realized that everything is unnecessary.” Diwu Qing Rou insipidly continued, “It is pointless to continue speaking. Or perhaps my heart had experienced some change; but right now, I do feel slightly childish.”

Diwu Qian Rou slowly enunciated, “Sharing a conversation with you was merely a demonstration of force, it is just me being childish all along.”

After finishing, Diwu Qing Rou stood back up; without taking a second glance at the Emperor, he faded away like a light breeze.

Immediately, Diwu Qing Rou’s commanding voice resounded from outside.

“Seal this place! Let our Majesty the Emperor live a good life inside. From henceforth, nobody enters or leaves! Until……this war ends!”


“Once the war concludes; if we are victors, then allow our Majesty the Emperor a tour of our grand achievements, and then behead him! If we lose, then behead him instantly! Terminate his nine generations!”


Zhao Ze heard everything distinctly from inside; his eyes rolled back as he fainted.

Death, be it defeat or victory?

These manner of handling, this entire contradiction of matters. It had always been the Imperial household decreeing to exterminate the nine generations of others. Yet right now, Diwu Qian Rou had directly commanded to terminate the nine generations of the Emperor?

This……truly no words could describe this…….

The purging of the Great Zhao was still ongoing. Moreover, in view of Diwu Qing Rou’s current position, such a situation would repeat repetitively, until the entire nation was cleansed.

Meanwhile, the Gu clan members had finally contacted Gu Du Xing – return to the clan!

That night, the eve before Gu Du Xing’s departure, Chu Yang conversed with him for half the night before finally, handing a huge pack of items over to him, “This is for Ji Mo, this is for Dong Wu Shang, this is for……”

Naturally, the most portion was……for Mo Qing Wu…..

Amidst the winds of dawn, the two brothers bid farewell.

“Take care!”

“Take care!”

The two words seem to echo in unison from their mouths.

At present, Gu Du Xing silently observed Chu Yang for the last time before turning to leave, no longer turning back.

Beloved Brother! Encountering you during a crisis was by chance and yet, you helped me. You gave me hope and assisted my training! You’ve already done everything you could for me!

I won’t let you down!


These words welled up in Gu Du Xing’s heart; yet not a single word he permitted out.

Chu Yang similarly remained silent.

Separation was always dull. However, they both understood the next time they meet, would be in Middle Three Heavens! It wasn’t going to be here.

Presently, the Mo clan of the Middle Three Heavens had suddenly turned lively.

This was obviously not a suitable moment. Every single clan was preparing to wage war at Cang Lan Battlefront, yet the Mo clan was suddenly like a busy marketplace.

Today, Mo Xing Chen was currently discussing matters with the Grand Elder, before an underling made a sudden report, “Reporting to Clan Lord, the two maternal young masters are here.”

“Maternal young masters?” Mo Xing Cheng was slightly confused.

“It is young master Ji Zhu and young master Ji Mo.”

“Oh, receive them to the guest hall temporarily. Inform your eldest young master to welcome our guests.”

“Understood, Young master Ji Zhu is already in the guest hall drinking tea. Whereas the second young master has gone in search for young mistress in the inner residence.”

“Young mistress? Which young mistress?” Mo Xing Chen was confused again.

“Young Mistress Xiao Wu, Clan Lord.” The servant lowered his head, trying to conceal the slight curling of his lips.

“Xiao Wu?” Mo Xing Chen was surprised. “What is Ji Mo finding Xiao Wu for?”

Inside the inner residence

“Brother Ji Mo……” Mo Qing Wu’s squeals of delight resonated throughout the backyard, sprinting towards him as though she was flying, “Brother Ji Mo, why have you come? Where’s Brother Chu Yang? Is he here too?”

“Ehm, your brother Chu Yang isn’t here.” Right after Ji Mo released that phrase, he noticed Mo Qing Wu’s tiny face turning downcast.

Feeling anxious heartache, he immediately hug her and consoled, “Although your brother Chu Yang isn’t here, he pleaded for me to deliver many wonderful objects……”

“Truly?” Mo Qing Wu’s eyes widened largely, turning ecstatic almost instantly, “Where, where?!”

“Of course it’s true…….eh?” Ji Mo suddenly realized something wasn’t right. “Why are you so light all of a sudden? Ah! Why are you so skinny now?”

Second young master Ji fumed furiously, “Who was it that bullied you?”

“No…..nobody bullied me…..” Mo Qing Wu’s eyes sparkled with a glint before darkening again. She raised her face and implored, “Brother Ji Mo, I no longer wish to stay here…..won’t you bring me to your house to stay?”

“This…..” Ji Mo hesitated.

“No!” A voice drifted over, “Xiao Wu, how can you simply speak about leaving your own home?”

The one who spoke was a family elder of the Mo clan. He was on orders of the Clan Lord to invite Ji Mo to the grand hall.

“Xiao Wu, what happened to you?” Ji Mo placed Mo Qing Wu down and gently stood up, before glancing towards that King level master of the Mo clan.

“Second young master Ji, this…..” The King level expert hesitated as he noticed Ji Mo’s expression turning more and more severe. He finally pulled Ji Mo to one side, and whispered briefly into his ears.

“Her Three Yin Meridians are crippled?” Ji Mo was utterly flabbergasted.

Ever since he visited the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, Chu Yang had never told him anything concerning Mo Qing Wu’s crippled Three Yin Meridians. Hence, it was only now that he was enlightened.

Dedition: For those who’ve forgotten, the Ji brothers are related to the Mo Clan through their Mother. That’s why they’re called the,”maternal young masters”. If I remember correctly, the mother’s identity has yet to be disclosed, but she’s (obviously) of some status.


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