Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 295

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Destroying the base!

“What fart are you trying to pull?” The utterly discomfited Dong Wu Lei cursed out with a low voice whilst bawling furiously. He continued sending out punches and kicks.

“I can’t explain it properly now.” The grim faced Dong Wu Shang retaliated violently with muffled harrumphs.

Dong Wu Lei clenched his teeth. “Then when can you explain it?”

Dong Wu Shang murmured. “Let’s talk when we’re back!”

“Make it simple.” Dong Wu Lei winked.

“A feign.” Dong Wu Shang rolled his eyes.

“…….” Dong Wu Lei couldn’t help scolding loudly.

“Young master, let us deal with him!” The two King level masters closed in.

“Scram to the side!” Dong Wu Lei yelled out madly. “I’ll settle him myself!”

The faces of the two King level masters twitched. “Then we’ll head inside to snatch the sword?”

“Rape? Rape your……ah!” Dong Wu Lei fumed out indignantly. “Stay here and guard!”

(TN: 抢剑 (Qiang Jian) means Snatch the sword, similarly 强奸 (Qiang Jian) means rape)

Hence, while they roared vehemently at each other, the two brothers fought further and further away; when one sprang away amidst the fighting, the other pursued closely……

Not long later, they had pullen themselves a vast distance away from the starting point of their quarrel.

Finally, after making several bends and corners, Dong Wu Lei no longer dodged around but huffed and pounced forward. Similarly, that masked individual in black actually opted not to dodge and allowed him to grab his collar.

Such a strange unfolding of events caused the two King level masters to widen their eyes fully; totally unclear of the ins and outs of the current situation.
“What’s going on?” The eldest Dong brother gnashed his teeth.

“This is merely a game.” The masked man’s voice had changed, transforming into a tone recognizable by all.

“Second young master?” The two King level master’s’ eyes popped widely. Never in their dreams would they expect such an outcome.

“A game?” Eldest Dong brother clutched Dong Wu Shang’s neck while fuming indignantly, “Do you know for the sake of your game, I nearly died to Ao Xie Yun! You, you, you……why didn’t you say earlier?!”

Dong Wu Shang snorted as he replied with suave, “If I had said earlier……would you still have endured these beatings?”

“You’re good….good good good!!” Dong Wu Lei was enraged to the point of speechlessness. His fingers trembled as he swallowed his saliva and pointed towards his own brother. He scolded as though he was about to vomit blood. “You have guts! Have guts indeed!” As he lowered his head fiercely.

“If not for me, would you even be here fighting for the sword?” Dong Wu Shang scoffed with an expressionless face. Then he pointed towards the two King level masters of his clan, “Lead the way, I’ll return for a nap first.”

“I guarantee that you will fall asleep when you return, and get a nightmare!”

“Big brother, just be contented with what you have man. Even Luo Ke Di comprehends his situation. See? Isn’t that Luo Ke Wu still demanding noisily to charge in even till now?” Dong Wu Shang then issued his heartfelt words. “Let’s go, let’s return.”

“……” Dong Wu Lei was utterly speechless……

Over that side, following that King level master’s loud shout, everyone had already realized the situation. Several impulsive individuals summoned their strength, kicking and punching their way in, only to realize the ground beneath their feet was empty, their body tilting downwards vertically; very straightforwardly falling downwards.

“I……this place is too spacious…..”

“What kind of place is this?”

“Who cares what place it is, find the Moonlight sword first!”

“Perhaps it has already been hidden by the people here?”

“Perhaps……that despicable scumbag, one hurl and he tossed it into another’s old nest…..this is really fucked to the max…..”

“How do we locate it?”

Instantaneously, the headquarters of the Golden Horse Rider Department was in a huge upheaval!

Sounds of crashing to the floor repeatedly echoed along with puffs of dust and dirt. Afterwards, with a thunderous boom, a chunk of the mountain body collapsed like a landslide.

This entire area was already hollow, how could it endure such torment from these king level experts?

In a split second, blood-curdling screams rose and fell in quick succession…….

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing held their breaths, stealthily advancing as they seized the chaos to infiltrate into the Golden Horse Rider Department.

This was truly a golden opportunity bestowed by heaven!

If not for today’s Moonlight sword affairs, and not for Diwu Qing Rou already dispatching his underlings, if not for…….

With many variables coinciding within a breath; the greatest nemesis of the Golden Horse Rider Department, King of Hell Chu, could actually wander in leisurely into their own headquarters……if this was said previously, wouldn’t this be an embarrassing joke?!

Today, their main mission was to free those Jiang Hu people that had been captured by the Golden Horse Rider Department! Through Chu Yang’s research, those people were basically imprisoned here.

Of course, their second auxiliary mission was for the utter demolition of the place!

Yet things just had to be so fortunate. After Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing had entered, they directly raced underground and after passing through 3 floors, they discovered the area here had devolved into a complete mess. Yet what sparked Chu Yang’s delight was an individual hugging a sword and excitedly speeding to exit the underground area.

Isn’t that the main culprit that had triggered this riot? The ‘Moonlight sword’ no?

Chu Yang’s eyes popped widely!

With one hurl, Dong Wu Shang was actually able to send the sword cutting 30 plus deep underground? Isn’t that strength too huge?

Of course, this wasn’t the time to admire the strength exhibited by Dong Wu Shang. Chu Yang flashed ahead of that individual. Pfff! One move and disappointment penetrated that fellow’s heart, with Chu Yang snatching the sword away; and was immediately followed by Gu Du Xing’s slaughtering in!

“The enemy has blended in!”

“Things aren’t good ah!”

Slaying through wherever Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing passed, they massacred through half the mountain belly, but discovered they hadn’t encountered a single Martial Great Master. The majority were all Martial Artists and Martial Masters.

Thinking that those experts had all been transported by Diwu Qing Rou, Chu Yang felt rather irksome and sour in his heart. Those bastards, it appears that they had already anticipated our arrival to commit wanton destruction here and made preparations beforehand. This is really not cool, not cool at all…….

In a flurry, the Moonlight sword had arrived inside the Nine Tribulations space and stored.

“Why did you keep it?” Gu Du Xing was a little confused.

“Idiot, ah. They can’t find it once it’s kept no?” Chu Yang replied. “They obviously saw it landing here; if it disappeared, wouldn’t they strive to find it as though their lives were at stake? A day of fruitless searching would lead to a second……a second would lead to a third…..after a futile digging for 3 feet, won’t they continue digging for a hundred zhang, ah?”

Gu Du Xing broke out in cold sweat.

He could now see what Chu Yang was scheming, he was completely seeking the utter destruction of this place! While without making a single move…….

The thunderous booms gradually grew nearer.

Everyone started hating that their parents had birthed them with only two legs. Hurry up and run, there’s a bunch of lunatics here, this mountain is on the brink of collapse……..

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing were similarly sprinting hastily.
“It should be this way.” Chu Yang announced.

Gu Du Xing rolled his eyes in disdain. Upon reaching here, the ear-splitting cries suddenly enveloped him.

“Let us out!”

“We want to get out!”

If one still couldn’t understand, how slow and stupid one was.

Without uttering a single word, Chu Yang vaulted forward. Shua! Shua! Shua! He directly chopped off the large iron locks holding the 3 cells; before people started streaming out like a flood.

Shua! Chu Yang continued working. Not long later, every single cell was broken free!

These prisoners obviously had their martial powers shackled, and were forced to stay inside the cell, unable to break out. But that didn’t matter, once they were freed, everyone had various methods to expel their martial shackles.

Mo Tian Yun and group carefully searched layer by layer down, but to no avail. During the searching process, a sudden stampede of humans rushed out from the pressing darkness; catching them off guard and thoroughly trampled over these noble brothers like they were meat patty…….

Meanwhile, Chu Yang headed off in search of something else.

“What are you searching for?”

“I’m finding……where is the treasury deposits of the Golden Horse Rider Department?” Chu Yang replied with a slight headache. This cheap money plundering addict was brazenly attempting to reap some accidental fortunes……

“Since Diwu Qing Rou had already anticipated us, do you still believe he would leave tips for you?” Gu Du Xing smirked.

“There’s no choice then. Head off!” Chu Yang raised his head in disappointment as he followed behind the human crowd. Along with Gu Du Xing, they mimicked a cumbersome posture of having their martial powers being suppressed, running out while shaking their butts.

Rubbing shoulders and passing through the likes of Mo Tian Yun and Xie Dan Qiong……

Following that, the pampered sons of wealthy clans continued proceeding underground……

After a good long time-


A deafening explosion, as the entire mountain crumbled in, inciting a ruinous dust soaring to heights of 10 zhang……

“Truly spectacular.” Chu Yang was currently standing over elevated ground, and spoke with admiration. “It finally collapsed…..”

Amidst the pervading rise of smoke and dust, one could scarcely see several dozens of figures still working arduously in search of something……

Mo Tian Yun and others had already determined that this was the territory of Diwu Qing Rou, of the Golden Horse Riders Department! That sword had obviously landed here; if they really couldn’t find it, they wouldn’t mind seeking out Diwu Qing Rou to discuss terms and conditions……

Moreover, it it couldn’t be found in one or two days, would the third day still yield futile results? Borne in their minds; as long as one had the resolution and was willing to put in effort, then heaven would certainly not disappoint those who tried ah………

Naturally, what these noble brethrens didn’t know was that the Moonlight sword had already returned to its rightful owner, not just in name but in reality!

This was something that one who truly comprehended the truth could not deny; because this so called ‘Moonlight sword’, was indeed forged out by Chu Yang.

As for how things developed here, Chu Yang no longer bothered. He just needed to know one thing – these noble brethrens here would definitely cause Diwu Qing Rou to become hard pressed over the course of this duration.

Irritating and annoying him to death!

As for Diwu Qing Rou trying to produce excuses about conflicting with……the King of Hell Chu; they would definitely not buy it. What kind of quality treasure were the Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword? Even if it was really the King of Hell Chu, would he be willing to produce them to arrange such a snare? Which ghost was he trying to deceive?

If it was you, Diwu Qing Rou, would you be willing?

One phrase was all it needed to render him dumbstruck and unable to reply!

“For now, there is nothing concerning us here.” Go Du Xing muttered out. “What should we do from here on?”

“We shall find a place to stay hidden, and I can convenient supply some materials to your Black Dragon.” Chu Yang had recovered his decency and solemnly spoke. “It is no farce that your Black Dragon is a heavenly weapon, yet it is still too weak. I will temper and refine it a little for you.”


“Also, the two brothers Gu and Jia are dead. I’m afraid in the near future, your Gu family clan will come knocking for your return.” Chu Yang continued indifferently. “I reckon that when it is summer, we should have already part ways. During this period, I need to make some preparations.”


“Yes. I have certain items that I require you to deliver to Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong.” Chu Yang gently continued. “And I have certain items that needs to be handed to Xiao Wu……apart from that, I have various other affairs in Middle Three Heavens that require your assistance.”

Chu Yang gazed anxiously into the distant, as though it had penetrated through the gulf of the skies towards Mo Qing Wu’s side.

Qing Wu, how are you right now?

TN: Hello everyone, I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be able to translate this awesome novel. Do bear with my translations for now. Considering I’m working without the previous translator’s glossary, I may get certain terms wrong or what not. I will try my best to get accustomed to this novel as soon as possible. Do provide me with useful feedback!

One more thing, i was wondering if you guys would be open to slight changes in certain terms. This is just a personal opinion that it will sound better, but if you guys don’t like it I will carry on with the previous terms.

King level masters – Martial Kings (Like – ‘the two Martial kings of Dong clan blah blah’)

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