Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 270

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 270

Ao Xie Yun just finished speaking, and the entire room became suspicious. Ji Zhu rolled his eyes once, but Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue’s gazes flashed sharply. The young masters who were on good terms with Ao Xie Yun also showed a look of caution.

Ao Xie Yun’s words were very strong. Moreover, since they came down to Lower Three Heavens, Mo Tian Yun was always trying to find a chance to gain equal grounds with Ao Xie Yun. Right now, the one thing that everyone could easily see was that, of course, Ao Xie Yun was overpowering Mo Tian Yun.

Furthermore, he made use of Mo Tian Yun’s weakness!

Everyone was slightly anxious. If these two young masters were really going to turn against each other, all the great clans present here had to choose a side.

With the exception of some inconsequential people, everyone else had to make their choice.

This was too sudden!

Ao Xie Yun had the upper hand in terms of morals. The words that he spoke placed Mo Tian Yun at an absolute low point.

Mo Tian Yun stared at Ao Xie Yun without speaking for a long time. The atmosphere became stifling. After a while, Mo Tian Yun suddenly smiled and said, “Brother Ao, these words should not come out of your mouth.”

“Why not?” Ao Xie Yun was not even looking at him. He was looking down as he turned a finely made ceramic cup of tea in his hand. The tea cup was filled, but no matter how he turned it or even flipped it over, not a drop fell out.

“You and I are both descendants of great clans.” Mo Tian Yun sighed. His soft gaze became cruel and sharp; there was even a sense of oppression, “Brother Ao, you should understand what tactics great clans like ours use to keep a foothold in Middle Three Heavens.”

“Haha, is it using fratricidal tactics? Or is it using immoral means?” Ao Xie Yun’s eyes flashed brightly as he mocked.

“That’s right! But not completely.” Contrary to what everyone expected, Mo Tian Yun nodded in agreement. The moment he admitted this, even Ao Xie Yun who was playing with the tea cup in his hand, slowly looked up at him.

“For each clan to rise, it has to go through tragedy.” Mo Tian Yun slowly sat down opposite of Ao Xie Yun. Looking at him, Mo Tian Yun said, “If it is not your own tragedy, it is your enemies’ tragedy.”

“Yes.” Ao Xie Yun said in a low voice.

“All of us here are talents of the great clans in Middle Three Heavens; we are also the future leaders of Middle Three Heavens. For our respective clans, each person here is extremely important. Even you, Ao Xie Yun, cannot deny this.” Mo Tian Yun said slowly.

“Continue.” Ao Xie Yun said gloomily.

“But, on a slightly harsher note, how did we get these positions? Mo Tian Yun said in a low voice, “Don’t talk about some heavenly talent, and don’t talk about some efforts we made. These are all false. In the end, we have our current positions because we have our powerful clans behind us!”

“Among us, the highest cultivation level is only ninth grade Revered Martial Master.” Mo Tian Yun sneered, “Such cultivation level, in Middle Three Heavens, can easily be wiped out by one King level master! But how much of the clans’ resources were used to build such cultivation level? What is there to be proud of?”

“If we were born into ordinary families, what would we be even with heavenly talents? We will just be ordinary people.” Mo Tian Yun said, “Don’t look harshly upon me for being impolite. In my eyes, all of us, including Brother Ao and Brother Dong, are all the same. If we lose our clans, we would be nothing! Not even dogs!”

Everyone was silent!

Ao Xie Yun’s eyes flashed, but he did not respond. That was the truth; if he argued, it would seem petty.

“It is because of massive entities like the Ao clan that Evil Young Master exists! It is because of the Mo clan’s super strength that I, Mo Tian Yun, exist.” Mo Tian Yun resounded, “Our first and foremost duty is to preserve the clans’ interest and protect the clan. After that, it is protecting ourselves.”

“These are Middle Three Heavens clans!” Mo Tian Yun looked up and said gravely, “In a clan, the reason for its fall is not external enemies but infighting! Brothers fighting brothers to seize power is the most fearful reason for disaster.”

When he said this, everyone finally understood why he went roundabout in a circle. They could not help but feel a bit of admiration.

He took a big circle to counter Ao Xie Yun. First, he was able to make everyone think and sympathize. Second, he used these words to overpower Ao Xie Yun’s current moral high ground.

Most importantly, his reasoning was sound. Even if Ao Xie Yun wanted to argue back, he could not.

“Ao clan’s Ao Xie Yun has a firm position. Ji clan’s two brothers Ji Zhu and Ji Mo both do not have any desire for power so everything is peaceful. While the Luo clan is an opponent of the Mo clan, the two brothers have a very strong relationship. Don’t even mention the Dong clan. As long as nothing unexpected happens, there will be many years of peace.”

Mo tian Yun shifted his topic to the great clans of Middle Three Heavens, and all the young masters listened attentively.

When speaking about the descendants of the great clans, Mo Tian Yun only referred to two brothers because everyone knew that, for each clan, only the eldest and the second young masters have the greatest power. All others were essentially negligible.

Only the second young master could replace the eldest young master. This was an indisputable law.

“While other clans have the same internal problems, my Mo clan’s problems are most urgent!” Mo Tian Yun smiled bitterly and said, “Everyone knows that I have a talented younger brother! His talent is in no way below mine, and it is not below anyone else’s. I am not boasting about my own brother; you all know this.”

Speaking of Mo Tian Ji’s ability, even young masters of opposing clans like Luo Ke Wu had to nod in agreement. He had suffered losses by the hands of Mo Tian Ji, how could he not know that Mo Tian Ji was powerful?

“If my younger brother can be comfortable with his current situation and his positions of second young master, he could work with me… Ao Xie Yun, even you would not be a match for us two brothers…” These words of Mo Tian Yun was a little awe-inspiring and cold.

Ao Xie Yun carefully thought over and weighed Mo Tian Ji and Mo Tian Yun. A while after, he sighed and said in a low voice, “Yes, if you two work as one, even I cannot hold against you. I would not be your rival. But you two are not in agreement; you are even enemies. It’s lucky that you are not united…”

“Yes, I, Mo Tian Yun, will not bow to anyone. Moreover, these past years, the entire clan has already recognized my status.” Mo Tian Yun laughed loudly, “But no one ever thought that there would be a genius younger brother with ambitions reaching the heavens. He is calculating with great desire.”

“Ao Xie Yun, if it were you, would you simply hand over your current position?” Mo Tian Yun coldly asked.

Ao Xie Yun remained silent for a long time before slowly saying, “I would not!”

“Yes, you would not! I especially could not! It is because my desire for power is much stronger than yours! This is my greatest weakness.” Mo Tian Yun laughed at himself.

“If the Mo clan only has me, then I could exist peacefully and not fear any of your clans.” Mo Tian Yun said sadly, “If there is only my younger brother, Mo Tian Ji, he would not be any less than you guys! Both of us brothers have the strength to make the clan more powerful. I am very confident that none of you would disagree with this point…”

Everyone solemnly nodded.

The two brothers, Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji, were both powerful. It could be said that they were talents of the generation.

“If Tian Ji and I belonged to two different clans, even if we were mortal enemies, we would not stop developing and growing in battle against each other. Or we could insightfully join forces and become friends. However, the tragedy is my talented brother and I exist in the same clan! And even worse is the fact that each clan can only have one leader.” Mo Tian Yun sneered, “Both my brother and I have the potential to become master the clan.”

“A few years ago, I realized that Tian Ji’s ability was not inferior to my own. And his ambition was also no less.” Mo Tian Yun quietly said, “When that happens… what would you do if it was you, Ao Xie Yun?”

Ao Xie Yun sighed! He slowly closed his eyes and thought. Then he said, “If I was in this situation, I would use earth-shattering means to nip that talent in the bud.”

“But that talent could not be suppressed. The more you try to, the more powerful he grows!” Mo Tian Yun smiled, “At the time, I was like you. I suppressed him and suppressed him! It was because I recognized the danger to the clan. If I allowed him to grow, the Mo clan would eventually suffer from internal strife between two powerful people!”

“As soon as Mo Tian Ji is fully developed, us two brothers would fight without anyone conceding. The Mo clan would be finished! Everything will end in the fight between us. Even if there is to be a winner in the end, it would definitely be a tragic victory. The strength of the clan would suffer greatly. There would be no love left in it!”

“However, I failed in my attempt to suppress him!” Mo Tian Yun helplessly smiled, “Each time I repressed him he fought back. It has all led to this current situation.”

“When I wanted to use gentle tactics… another talent appeared in our clan! My younger sister, Mo Qing Wu.” Mo Tian Yun smiled sadly, “And those two talents have a very good relationship with each other. It is as if they are one person.”

“The appearance of my little sister cause the clan to split into three factions. If my little sister grows up, she would definitely join forces with her second brother.”

“In that case, the Mo clan would be done for. How could I allow our clan to fall like that?” Mo Tian Yun said, “And I cannot let go. So… I have to fight.”

Mo Tian Yun finally finished this big circle as he said softly, “Ao Xie Yun, you are scolding me for even wanting to kill my own little brother and harm my own little sister. Am I still a gentleman?”

“I am not a gentleman.” Mo Tian Yun said quietly, “But if I wanted to kill them, I could have quietly killed them over ten thousand times these past years!”

Mo Tian Yun finally formed a most aggressive counterattack! (Walk the Jiang Hu)


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