Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 264

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 264

The swordsmen’s appearance left everyone speechless. The ownership of the saber was no longer in question. But… this saber was flying through the air, and these two swordsmen did surprisingly did not dare to jump and catch it. They stood in a struggle.

There was a great sense of guardedness as they stood like that. This kind of stance, this kind of mortal enemy’s gaze… Sword auras gushed from the bodies of these two people and struggled all around. They made this wintry weather even more icy and cold…

These two are struggling against each other? They are guarding against one another?

So they are not on the same side.

At this moment, the four Revered level masters were filled with regrets. If we had known that these two were not on the same side, we… we could have joined together and attack one then attack the other… The precious saber was already in our possession, be we tossed it…

The saber continued to fly through the air. How lucky was it that it fell right over Ji Mo’s head…

The injured “original” owner of Underworld Saber screamed with glee. He jumped up and grabbed the Underworld Saber. Laughing loudly, he said, “You two fools, thank you. Hahaha…”

Turning his body in the air as quick as a swallow, he flew into the darkness of the night. Everyone spat and ridiculed, “You deserve it! He was not wrong! You two are fools. Hmm, calling you fools is an insult to fools…”

It is clearly a fight for a saber; what are you two swordsmen doing here?

Now it’s over, and no one could get it. You two got it flying, but turned against one another…

However, no one dared to provoke these two. Afterward, these two people actually followed behind everyone else in their chase.

Everyone wanted to cry. You are still coming with us. We’re so f*ed…

Ji Mo ran. He was so annoyed and envious he wanted to die. With the fires of jealousy burning in his heart, tears ran down his cheeks!

Swordsman! F*! Gu Du Xing is now a swordsman!

Gu Du Xing was at the same level as me, but now he is a swordsman! A Revered level swordsman!

Chu Yang is now also a swordsman!

Ji Mo wanted to find some deserted place and cry his heart out. What kind of difference is this? It is that of rivers and seas… Heaven is too unfair…

Taking a few turns to shake off his pursuers, Ji Mo joined up with Rui Bu Tong only to discover that Rui Bu Tong was looking exhausted. After seeing Ji Mo’s face, Rui Bu Tong showed a look of comfort from seeing someone else faring worse.

Hmm, I was not equal to Gu Du Xing to start with. So what’s it to me if he is better than me now? This punk, Ji Mo. He is the pitiful one. Haha. Poor kid. He was at the same level as with Gu Du Xing; now, he is left in the dust.

Thinking about this, not only was Rui Bu Tong rid of all his discomforts, he was even feeling elated. Ji Mo’s face looked like it was kicked by an ass eighty-eight times. Rui Bu Tong laughed out loud; his first words were surprisingly, “Hey, third elder brother, second elder brother is a swordsman already, wow… He even broke through Revered Sword Artist. Haha… This is such good fortune; the two of us must celebrate when we get back…”

Ji Mo ground his teeth. His face was twitching as he said, “Shut up!”

“I really envy…” Rui Bu Tong folded his arms in front of his chest as he looked up. It was as if he was being extremely wishful. Then he suddenly had a look of realization, “Third elder brother Ji Mo, I just remember that you were as famous as second elder brother in Middle Three Heavens. You two were equally matched…”

Ji Mo panted as his eyes emitted cannibalistic desire.

Rui Bu Tong was extremely happy as he continued to fuel the fire recklessly, “Hey hey, aren’t you an eighth grade Martial Great Master right now? Oh oh, you have advanced really quickly. I am so jealous of you… Hahaha…”

Rui Bu Tong’s level of schadenfreude had reached its pinnacle. He laughed shamelessly.

Ji Mo ground his teeth and suddenly smiled, “Sixth brother!”

“…” Rui Bu Tong hastily backed up and said, “Huh?… I didn’t say anything.”

“How is it not anything?” Ji Mo affectionately wrapped his arm around Rui Bu Tong’s neck as the two walked side by side, “You are right. Us two brother must drink tonight. To celebrate… Hahaha… It’s strange, what’s worth celebrating is not second elder brother’s breakthrough, but… your cultivation level is still two grades less than mine. This really makes a person feel happy!”

Ji Mo smiled happily, “Sixth brother, sixth, don’t you agree?”

Rui Bu Tong let out an empty laugh as he forcefully said, “Third elder brother is magnanimous…”

“Hah… Let’s go. We must celebrate big tonight. Really big…” Ji Mo tightened his grip.

Rui Bu Tong suddenly felt that even his shoulders could not move. Half of his body instantly became numb. His smiling face looked like that of someone’s whose father just died. He thought bitterly: I am going to suffer either way; I might as well enjoy myself for a while.

“Third elder brother, haha, if that is the case, this little brother will not turn this down even if it means a million deaths. Let’s go out and enjoy ourselves. Second elder broke through after all. Don’t you agree? I know you must not be feeling too good right now, right? I also know that you are disappointed, sad and dejected. You cannot catch up such a great distance even on horseback. Ahh, I really am sorry… Third elder brother… just let it out; I can handle it!” Rui Bu Tong said pitifully. But before he was done speaking, his voice had turned into a moan.

Gritting his teeth, Ji Mo spoke word by word, “Good! Good! Since you have such a mindset. I would wrong you if I don’t enjoy myself…”

They went away at the speed of flight.

The moment the two of them disappeared, a person in blue appeared from the darkness. Watching the silhouette of the two, this person could not help but sweat. His whole body convulsed…

“Mother!” The person in blue quietly groaned, “These two punks… they are not gay are they… Their conversation gave me goosebumps…”

Then he lifted his sleeves and scratched, “This is too creepy.”

Being able to make an emperor level master get goosebumps, if Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong knew this, they would definitely feel great pride.

But other people could not be blamed for misunderstanding them. These two spoke too as they please… what enjoyment, entertainment, letting it out…

“I have to find that other punk. If there is a chance that those two punks are gay… Huh!” The person in blue muttered, “In any case, it’s rather strange. Wasn’t that little bastard a Master level? How could he break through Great level so quickly like that? And even a swordsman? I have never seen such fast speed. Even if he had pure purple jade essence since he was a child, it’s still not possible…”

“Did I miss something?” The person in blue thought as he flew through the air, “Continent Center Citadel is thrown into such chaos. Hopefully, the little bastard didn’t get killed…”

After turning a corner, Ji Mo finally released Rui Bu Tong, “My god. Did you feel that?”

“Nonsense! You can’t doubt my sixth sense!” Rui Bu Tong cried out as if he was insulted. Then he cautiously turned and looked back, still feeling fearful.

“It was definitely not an illusion!” Ji Mo wiped his cold sweat, “Motherf*, that was too horrible! I feel as if I just fell into a mass grave. Such pressure, while my Ji clan is big, there is no one with such a powerful aura…”

“I really don’t know if that martial expert needs any sort of heavenly weapons. He followed the two of us all of a sudden… Motherf*, I thought we were exposed…” Rui Bu Tong clicked his tongue.

The two of them were famous for their super sixth sense. The person in blue did not show himself nor did he expose his aura, but the two instinctively sensed him.

It was the kind of feeling an ordinary person would get if he was to walk across a mass grave during a starless and moonless night…

This kind of sense was not one that an ordinary martial artist would have. A person with this ability, if given the chance to develop, would definitely be a powerful figure!

If this kind of sense was possessed by a scholar, he would be an official of great fortune. If it was possessed by a general, he would be able to win wars and turn failure into victory. If it was possessed by a martial artist, he would become an overlord for a generation!

The sixth sense!

“Mm, third elder brother, you know that I said those things because of that mysterious person and not to attack you…” Rui Bu Tong smiled sweetly.

“Hmm, I know you did not mean to attack me. But I still feel uncomfortable after hearing them. And if I am uncomfortable, then you will be especially uncomfortable. Let’s go. I will treat you well.” Ji Mo smiled devilishly, “I really have to commend your smart mouth…”

“Ah? No!” Rui Bu Tong cried out.

This night was definitely a blood-soaked night for Continent Center!

At dawn, all of the jail cells in Continent Center were filled to the brim! And even a temporarily vacated barrack was turned into a holding area with many prisoners in it. But the number of Jiang Hu people in Continent Center Citadel only increased.

The Prime Minister’s manor…

Diwu Qing Rou was wearing a soft fur coat as he was using a small pair of scissors to trim a delicate potted plant on his desk. His movement was gentle and slow. His countenance looked peaceful and easy. His gaze was as calm as water.

The emotional moment of yesterday was already gone.

Han Bu Chu and Jing Meng Hun hastily walked in.

“What is it? What is the rush?” Diwu Qing Rou said casually. He remained engrossed in the potted plant and did not even bother to glance at them. It was as if all of his thoughts were not directed at this plant.

Gao Sheng was going to speak but Han Bu Chu gently tugged his sleeve.

Diwu Qing Rou treated everyone as if they were just thin air and continued to prune the plant. Surprisingly, he even admired it for a while after he was done pruning. At this time, he pick up a white silk cloth and wrapped up all of the cuttings. Then he leisurely washed his hands. Almost an hour had passed.

Finally, he sat down and said, “You are all in a rush. Did something big happen?” (Walk the Jiang Hu)


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