Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 220

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Mo Tian Yun took a deep breath and did not say anything.

Mo Xing Chen stood for there for a while, then he looked at Mo Tian Yun with a conflicting gaze and said, “In a few days, I will send Tian Ji to Cang Lan battlefront. As for you, continue to go and gain more experience in Lower Three Heavens. Use all of your efforts to find the whereabouts of Nine Tribulations Sword’s master. You two will go separate ways. Understood?”

“I understand.” Mo Tian Yun nodded.

“As long as you understand.” Mo Xing Chen turned and walked away with saber in hand.

Mo Tian Yun respectfully bowed, and watched as his father departed. He was now the only one left in the great hall. At this time, he slowly looked up and revealed a soft smile. He muttered, “Father, what I understand is… my position is a dangerous one. The one to make their move first remains powerful. The one to make their move last… is finished…”

“Cang Lan battlefront might be far, but… it’s still in this world.” Mo Tian Yun smiled and shook his head, “Blood relations. Haha… In this world, who is not blood relations? Isn’t everyone children of this world? In that case, isn’t there fratricide in the world every day?”

“Fratricide [TLN: Original words mean murdering one’s limbs]… If it is your own limbs, then it is considered fratricide. But in reality, with your own limbs, how could it be murder?” Mo Tian Yun laughed softly, “It is only murder when it is not your own limbs…”

He smiled brightly, clasped his hands behind his back and waltzed out. Before stepping out the door, he turned around, looked at the chair his father was sitting on… and faintly smiled.

All of Mo Qing Wu’s privileges were taken away; she was only left with the privilege to remain in the inner court. In the inner court, she could remain by her mother’s side.

This was the only privilege that was given for the exchange of Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber.

After learning of this, Mo Tian Ji looked up at the heavens and laughed mournfully and bitterly!

At this time, he suddenly remembered.

In Lower Three Heavens, the night before they parted with Chu Yang…

“Don’t force me to declare war against your Mo clan!” Chu Yang said lightly, “If I find out that Xiao Wu suffered any grievances, I will make your Mo clan pay!”


“Brother Mo is too polite! This saber is, in part, my sincerity; but it also has a deeper meaning. Not anyone is worthy of such a gift from me…” Chu Yang replied frankly, “As long as Brother Mo understands that, I am happy.”

Remembering these words from Chu Yang, Mo Tian Ji smiled sadly.

He had a feeling that in taking Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber and treating Mo Qing Wu this way, the Mo clan was inviting great trouble!

Thinking of Chu Yang’s words, he was oddly concerned. Mo Tian Ji could feel some faint danger still lurking in the darkness slowly creeping toward the Mo clan…

Thinking of Chu Yang’s martial brothers, Gu Du Xing, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo, Dong Wu Shang… Mo Tian Ji sighed. During the conference, he did not mention the names of these people. Even if he told them, the Mo Tian Yun would just laugh and ridicule.

These people were only second young masters! They were not valued successors!

But Mo Tian Ji could immediately see the potentials of these people! If Chu Yang could unify them, they would definitely become a terrifying force!

However, this force needed time to grow.

If Mo Tian Yun knew about them, he would use tactics to divide and conquer these people!

Therefore, Mo Tian Ji did not speak of them. He must give them time. Because what Chu Yang’s group was aiming for was also something he should do!

In the past few days, Mistress Mo did not part from her daughter. While her daughter’s heavenly gift was destroyed, the child was still a treasure in her heart. With the clan’s decision, Mistress Mo was unable to fight back. Plus, the Mo clan had always been cruel like that. Everyone had grown used to this. But this also could not affect the love Mistress Mo had for her daughter.

She was only worried how her young daughter could cope with such a big blow.

But she discovered that her daughter had changed.

The lively and lovable Xiao Wu who liked to talk and laugh and disappeared. In her place was a quiet little lady of few words…

All day long she would hold that tattered scabbard and remained silent.

While her age was still young, a quiet sorrow grew more and more on her face.

Furthermore, there were times when she would unexpectedly stare into the distance with a pensive gaze. But after each time, her state of mind became a little more sorrowful.

Mo Qing Wu was currently still young; she was, of course, not capable of being lovesick. In fact, the majority of her thoughts did not have anything to do with Chu Yang.

But it was because of this pensiveness that her heart became closed.

“Why is it like this? A Hua might be a servant, but I have always called her Sister A Hua. When her mother got sick, it was me who stole medicine from the clan and gave it to her. That day, she said that she would treat me well for the rest of her life. But after what happened, A Hua does not pay any attention to me. I even heard her telling Xiao Yue that I am a disabled person…”

“Why? Every time father came back, he always gave me a hug. But after that day, it’s no longer like that anymore. Plus, he immediately turned away each time he sees me. If he did not turn away then there would be a scowl on his face. Did I make father hate me?”

“The other day, I went to the clan’s herbal storage to get some medicine, but they did not give it to me. I still remember whenever I wanted anything before, they would give it to me. Why? Is it because I turned into a disabled person?”

“That day, in the great hall… second brother did not even dare to look at me…”

“The saber Brother Chu yang gave me… hoo hoo…”

Mo Qing Wu had thought like that. At such a young age, her heart had unexpectedly become so burdened… As for her body, it had grown more haggard by each day that passed…

It pained Mistress Mo to see her daughter so.

Then one day, Mo Tian Ji received notice from the clan that he would have to go to Cang Lan battlefront. Before leaving, he went to say goodbye to his little sister.

At that time, he saw for himself how Mo Qing Wu sat at the door with her chin resting on her arm as she stared blankly into the distance without any spirit.

With a pained heart, Mo Tian Ji gently walked in front of his little sister and sat down.

“Xiao Wu, your second brother is here.”


“Xiao Wu… what’s wrong?”


“Xiao Wu, I have to go to Cang Lan battlefront.”


“Before I leave, I am a little worried about you. What do you want? Second brother will bring it back for you.”


“Xiao Wu!” Mo Tian Ji agonizingly held Mo Qing Wu’s frail shoulder and shook it gently, “Say something.” He was suddenly shocked, “How are you so frail?”

A sign of life finally appeared in Mo Qing Wu’s empty gaze, “Second brother.”

“Uh, I am here!”

“Second brother… did I turn into a disabled person?”

“Gibberish!” Mo Tian Ji became angry, “Who told you that?”

“They all say that. Is it true?”

Mo Tian Ji silently hugged his little sister, “Little sister, you will definitely be fine! You will not become a disabled person!”

“None of you need me!” Mo Qing Wu sobbed.

Mo Tian Ji was stunned.

“I have nothing left. Uncle Cheng Yu left, and you are also leaving.”


“Second brother, can I still get my saber back?” Speaking of the saber, a look of longing flashed in Mo Qing Wu’s eyes.


“Second brother, why did you not get my saber back that day?” Mo Qing Wu looked up. She was young, her eyes were supposed to be naïve and lively; but there was now an unexpected trace of caution…

Mo Tian Ji was at a loss for words. What could he say? How could he explain?

“You took my saber out, and it was immediately taken away.” Mo Qing Wu’s voice was so soft, it was almost faint.

Mo Tian Ji sighed deeply.

At did moment, he knew what he did wrong.

If he did not take out the saber, Mo Qing Wu’s situation would definitely not be any better than it is now. With that saber, she would at least get a more peaceful environment. In the worst case scenario, this was still the inner court. With the strict rules here, the servants dared not say anything. Mo Qing Wu would also be very safe. Plus, she also had her mother by her side.

With her mother’s care, Mo Qing Wu would not be mistreated.

This was the greatest gain.

But Mo Tian Ji had overlooked one thing. After all of her privileges were taken away, in Mo Qing Wu’s mind, there was only one person she could trust; that was Chu Yang.

Because it was that Mo clan who decided her fate. They had placed her into a helpless and pitiful state.

But it was Chu Yang had once saved her life from the brink of death. Plus, he played with her and gave her that saber…

When she was dealt this major blow, in this little girl’s heart, the time she lived with Chu Yang seemed even more cheerful.

Comparing between the two, Chu Yang was, of course, the better one.

Given such a big blow, Mo Qing Wu valued those memories and that saber. It was also that saber alone that could give her warmth.

But Mo Tian Ji had used it in exchange for this living condition.

The moment that saber was taken away, it was as if the last refuge of her little mind was taken away from Mo Qing Wu! This caused her to be both physically and psychologically injured; something she could not handle.

This was Mo Tian Ji’s biggest mistake!

Because Mo Qing Wu was still very young, she still did not understand the value of the exchange. Such an exchange, to her, had no meaning. Because she had been living here and was still living here…

She could only feel that she had lost her most beloved saber!

And that saber was lost because of Mo Tian Ji.

Perhaps she would understand Mo Tian Ji’s pain someday, but right now, she definitely did not…

Mo Tian Ji stood there in shock. At this moment, even with his heavenly intelligence, he was helpless…

He could only grit his teeth and say, “Xiao Wu, rest assured! One day, second brother will take back that saber for you! And hand it to you myself!”

“You will?” Mo Qing Wu looked up; her eyes shined as she looked at Mo Tian Ji. After a while, those eyes grew dim again, and she said sadly, “Second brother, I am tired.”

Then she dropped her head and did not pay any mind to her second brother anymore. She dreamily looked at her feet with an unfocused gaze and murmured, “I miss… really miss… Brother Chu Yang…”

When Mo Tian Ji left the little court, even he did not know how to describe his feelings.

He only knew that he wanted to kill someone!

And the most ideal target was none other than Mo Tian Yun!


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