Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 198

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“So this is the Fire Saber Great Master!” The person in black snorted. The momentum of his saber remained unchanged. With a swoosh, it directly greeted the fire which it divided in two! Then, that very saber slash went right to the ground!

Using the rebound from the tip, that person in black did a somersault and shot into the sky.

At this time, the first batch of arrows rushed forth like a cascade of water.

The person in black did not let out a single sound as his saber danced in the air. His body quickly changed direction and paused at the edge of the wall to avoid the arrows that filled the sky. Without turning back, his body suddenly flashed and he was gone without a trace!

Gao Wei Cheng maintained his vigilant position with saber in hand. His fierce, forward gaze slowly dissipated, but he remained deaf to questions from those running toward him; he was nonreactive.

Right away, a trail of blood ran down from his forehead. The blood slowly diffused then it splattered out as Gao Wei Cheng’s body unexpectedly and slowly split into two halves. It was like a watermelon that had been chopped in two as it plopped to the ground.

His entire body was extremely evenly split; from head to toe, two parts of the same body formed the word one! (TLN: ?)

Organs were splayed out on the ground.

In all four directions, terrified voices were heard. Numerous soldiers were scared to the point that their blades fell to the ground. After that, groups of people turned away and retched…

All of Du Shi Qing’s bodyguards were dead; Fire Saber Great Master Gao Wei Cheng died in battle and saintly doctor Du Shi Qing had disappeared!

In addition, the most infuriating thing was that this happened right in front of Iron Cloud royal palace’s door. In fact, the distance was less than a thousand feet!

Such an incident truly caused a disturbance in all of Iron Cloud Citadel.

It was a total explosion of chaos!

Tie Bu Tian lost his composure and flew into a rage as he gave orders for the entire citadel to investigate!

King of Hell Chu lost his peace and flew into a rage as he commanded that even if they had to search a mouse’s hole, they had to find saintly doctor Du!

All of the officials in Iron Cloud Citadel flew into a rage, and spontaneously organized for their guards to search!

Tie Long Cheng, who was at the battlefront, also flew into a rage; he commanded the military to put every effort into the investigation!

For the moment, Iron Cloud Citadel was in shock, as if the sky had fallen and the ground had split open.

They were just done surrounding King level masters with great casualties. Iron Cloud Citadels was currently in chaos of indescribable proportions…

Among all the people, the most frantic person was none other than King of Hell Chu, Minister Chu.

During the mobilization of Bu Tian Pavilion, King of Hell Chu’s eyes were red under his mask as he fiercely glared at more than two hundred subordinates below. He grinded his teeth as he spoke each word, “Senior Du, Du Shi Qing, is a saintly doctor and he had done many good deeds by me.”

“This time, I don’t care who took Senior Du, I must make him pay an astronomical price! I want these gutsy brigands to know that there are some things you cannot do! And there are people that you cannot mess with!”

“Right now, the most suspicious suspects are the remnants of Golden Horse Riders Department in the citadel! These bastards are probably doing outrageous things because they are cornered.”

“Right now, my commands!”

“Cheng Zi Ang!” Minister Chu let out a roar that shocked the entire Bu Tian Pavilion; dust rained down from the ceiling.

“I am here!” Still not healed from his injuries, Hall Leader Cheng took a step forward.

“I order!” King of Hell Chu’s eyes flashed with hysteria and rage that could not be hidden. Everyone who saw this could not help but shudder a few times. “Fierce Blood Hall will cease all activities, and everyone will be mobilized! If you cannot find Senior Du… Cheng Zi Ang! Think about the consequences on your own!”

“Yes!” Cheng Zi Ang’s haggard face secreted cold sweat the size of beans.

“Chen Yu Tong!” Minister Chu once again let out another roar, and the great hall once again shook three times.

“I command! Heavenly Secrets Hall will temporarily halt everything and mobilize all forces. All of the spy network will be mobilized as well! All of the connections, all of the exploitations, all of the f*ing what… all of that… all of everything…” King of Hell Chu emotionally slammed on the table, “Do you understand?”

“I…” Chen Yu Tong was on the verge on becoming unconscious. The great hall leader really wanted to ask: Minister, all of what… what is it?

However, Hall Leader Chen was not that gutsy. With his legs in attention and his body erect, he replied with an imposing air, “Minister! I completely understand!”

“Good! If you can’t get it done, you will have to think about the consequences yourself.” Minister Chu pointed with his right hand, “Act now!”

“Understood!” Chen Yu Tong’s countenance was firm, and his steps were also strong as he walked out the door. He thought to himself: When the Minister has cooled down later, I will have to go in one more time to ask his what is what…

Otherwise, he already clearly said that… if I am not successful, then I would be…

“Send out my orders!” From the great hall, King of Hell Chu’s voice rang out like thunder, “All the imperial guards in the citadel, all the garrisons in the citadel, all the public security offices in the citadel, all the offices in the citadel, all of the justice department in the citadel, all of the citadel… mobilize! Even if these bastards have turned into bedbugs, they must be dug out and chopped into pieces!”

This murderous aura… this air…

Chen Yu Tong wiped the sweat off his face and quickly stepped out: Better to avoid him for now…

Tie Bu Tian was on his way to Bu Tian Pavilion.

Tie Bu Tian’s intuition told him that Chu Yang was involved in this. But he could not sense anything else…

The moment he arrived at Bu Tian Pavilion’s door, he was just in time to see a bunch of fearful people wiping their sweat. They filed out from inside with pale and sweaty faces.

“What happened?” The prince asked.

Before he was done speaking, he heard a roaring voice from within. With a swoosh, a broken table flew out and shattered into pieces in the yard.

There was immediately an angry voice yelling, “Jerks! Bastards! This is really a joke for the world. The saintly doctor was kidnapped right in front of the royal palace! What did you all eat? This country feeds you into fat pigs. Motherf*, you can only take money and ignore everything else?! This Iron Cloud needs to be cleaned up! It must be repaired!”

Everyone was standing neatly in shock!

He still wants to do more cleansing? Do you want to kill everyone…

“It seems that Bu Tian Pavilion needs to be cleansed and straightened out. Not one by one! Crush it all!” King of Hell Chu’s angry voice did not cease to ring out; it was accompanied by the thunderous sounds of things being smashed.

Everyone trembled and hastily ran out…

Cleansing the royal court, if it was not too serious, then it was only imprisonment. But cleansing Bu Tian Pavilion… the only path was death! They had to quickly get to work…

“What! Motherf*!” King of Hell Chu continued to scold loudly.

Tie Bu Tian calmly listened for a while and finally walked in.

“Minister, please calm down for a moment!”

“Bullsh*t! Given this infuriation, how can I calm down?! I am so angry I could die… Ah, Your Majesty?” Minister Chu was yelling angrily before discovering that the person he was yelling at was the prince. He was temporarily at a loss of words from embarrassment.

Tie Bu Tian quietly stood and looked at Chu Yang for a long time. Then he said slowly, “Minister, what do you think about the disappearance of saintly doctor Du?”

“I am furious!” Chu Yang said, “For such a thing to happen at the most important place in Iron Cloud Citadel is truly alarming.” Chu Yang’s tone was grave.

“Ah, unless Senior Du is found, I am afraid there is no hope for Father’s condition.” Tie Bu Tian’s voice was controlled with the greatest of efforts, but grief and helplessness could still clearly be heard.

Chu Yang sighed and immediately looked up. He looked straight at Tie Bu Tian and said, “I am very angry with Senior Du’s disappearance. But concerning the emperor’s condition, I ask for your forgiveness because I have a different view.”

Tie Bu Tian remained quiet as he looked into Chu Yang’s eyes without even blinking; then he asked, “What kind of view?”

“These past few days, Senior Du has come here, and I have talked to him about the emperor’s condition.” Chu Yang sighed, “Senior Du has said that the emperor is currently near the end of his life. Each one of his breaths is torture! And Senior Du essentially has no way to treat the emperor any more. He could only try his best to stimulate pain in the emperor, and use this pain to keep him breathing and conscious…”

Chu Yang said casually, “Senior Du has once said that there were many times during the emperor’s lucid state when he would plead with Senior Du to stop treating him and let him die quickly instead! At this stage, living on is the greatest torture in the world! If you are keeping the emperor alive at this point, you are not being filial. You are keeping him in a most torturous state!”

“Don’t say anymore!” Tie Bu Tian suddenly closed his eyes and let out a sharp scream.

His chest palpitated, and, after a long time, two streams of tears ran down from the corners of his eyes. They rolled down his cheeks and dripped to the ground, but he never bothered to wipe them away.

“What you are saying, how could I not know? Each time I witnessed Father struggling in pain, how could I feel comfortable?” Tie Bu Tian muttered, “How could I not know that my father would rather die than live? How could I not know that Father wants his life to end right away?”

“Father was a great hero! But, right now, he does not even have the strength to end his own life! For a hero, how tragic is this?” Tie Bu Tian brutally wiped the tears on his face; he suddenly said loudly, “But have you people ever thought about me?!”

“What should I do? I might be a prince, but I have no friends! My first duty is as my father’s son; being a prince comes second. As long as Father still has breath, I still have a father! I would not be an orphan!” Tie Bu Tian choked, “How could I not know that each day Father lives is another day of torture? But I continue to dream and hope that there would be a chance… or… a miracle would appear… or Senior Du would figure out some way… or someone would suddenly appear with some heavenly treasure capable of helping Father recover overnight…” (

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