Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 194

Night Mode

Right after that, King level master Kong Shang Xin’s golden radiance exploded in the air!

Kong Shang Xin suddenly jumped up and spun. Body and saber joined as one becoming a brilliant ball of light. Then he shot through the air!

A strange whooshing sound rang out. The saber flashed a dream-like luster as it flew toward the crowd!

Chu Yang hastily screamed, “Disperse! This is the life saber technique!” The life saber technique, it was when a King level master used his own life to begin fighting and killing!

This was different from person and saber becoming one, but the strength was the same.

With person and saber becoming one, there was a chance of recovery, but with life saber technique, the person burned their own life and had no chance of recovery!

That was why the life saber technique was also called “Life Countdown.” Because once initiated, it was the countdown toward the end of the person’s life!

Sad Saber King Kong Shang Xin had thrown his life on the line!

Once this move is made, even if no one attacked Kong Shang Xin, he would, without a doubt, die!

Chu Yang had waited for this moment for a long time! How could he let his subordinates die together with Sad Saber King like that?

Hearing this, Cheng Zi Ang immediately yelled, “Disperse!” And he hastily turned and rolled outward. But his back was still slightly licked by the saber’s tip. A chunk of meat and skin flew out, and Hall Leader Cheng convulsed with pain all over his body…

With Kong Shang Xin’s life-risking move, the three were finally together!

“Second brother!” Yin Wu Fa screamed out; tears poured down from his face!

“Yin Wu Fa!” Kong Shang Xin looked up at the heavens and shrieked as his long hair flew up, “Don’t let me die with regret!”

“Second brother…!” Yin Wu Fa yelled loudly as his whole body suddenly trembled.

“Go!” Kong Shang Xin shouted, then his whole body emitted a golden radiance. Grabbing Yin Wu Fa tightly in his hand, he yelled, “Old Sa! This path to the underworld, do you agree to help me go there this one time?!”

Old Sa laughed, and shouted, “I currently want to go with you to learn what is this underworld!”

“Good! Today, I, Kong Shang Xin, will have to do you wrong! On the path to the underworld, I will apologize to you then!” Kong Shang Xin screamed out loud and suddenly took in a deep breath. His whole body emitted a blinding light all of a sudden!

Then he jumped up by only ten feet, and his legs suddenly lowered!

Old Sa roared, and his body flashed. He jumped to under Kong Shang Xin’s feet and gathered all of his body’s martial energy to his two palms. Suddenly, he aimed straight up and pushed!

Boom! (

Kong Shang Xin’s feet suddenly landed on Old Sa’s hands. With the powerful reaction of one King level master and one ninth grade Revered Martial Artist pushing at the same time, Kong Shang Xin became a startling rainbow while clutching Yin Wu Fa.

They flew up into the air for about three hundred feet and went forward for more than a hundred feet directly in Chu Yang’s direction!

Behind him, the air popped loudly with a sonic boom! A wisp of white smoke sudden spread outward!

“Protect the Minister!” Cheng Zi Ang yelled. He jumped forward ignoring his blood-soaked back. While shouting, he desperately rushed toward Chu Yang!


Kong Shang Xin had reached his maximum height in the air; if he went any further, his altitude would only decrease!

At this very moment, Kong Shang Xin warmly glanced at Yin Wu Fa in his clutch; a deep emotion emitted from his gaze…

Yin Wu Fa yelled out, “Second brother! Don’t!”

Kong Shang Xin turned a deaf ear and let out a loud roar toward the heavens!

In the air, the ghostly golden radiance around the King level master spun and formed a sun. There was a loud boom as that golden radiance immediately exploded all over the sky and dissipated into the night.

Kong Shang Xin’s body suddenly stopped in the midair. Then he continued to rise by about seventy or eighty feet and let out a roar, “Brother!”

His arms spun around like a windmill as he tossed Yin Wu Fa’s body out. The moment Yin Wu Fa left his hands, Kong Shang Xin’s body flashed once again. At the same time, blood fiercely shot out of his mouth, and his two arms and legs quickly chased Yin Wu Fa’s figure which was flying like a shooting star. He madly moved with an unimaginable speed as he followed a quickly moving Yin Wu Fa. He let out hundreds of continuous palms. After that, he roared loudly, “Don’t let me die with regrets!”

Suddenly, he fiercely kicked against Yin Wu Fa’s soles!

“Swoosh…” The air popped behind Yin Wu Fa. And like that he flew out at high speed like a flashing meteor in the night sky. He was already over a thousand feet away… finally, his figure could no longer be seen…

“This is a King level master’s last resort! Golden Mirage, ‘at this moment I am King’! The person shatters his own soul. No matter how severely injured a King level master is, in a blink of an eye, his strength can explode by borrowing from his soul, and he could double his peak strength!” Ji Mo said with a serious countenance, “Once this move is made, it is invincible! And this King level master used this move to help his martial brother escape!”

Chu Yang let out a sigh and said, “Even though they are our enemies, their brotherly love is truly touching and admirable!”

Ji Mo let out an hmm in agreement.

It was also at this moment, the golden radiance in the air suddenly flashed, and there was a scream, “King of Hell Chu! I will take your life!”

With the remaining power, Kong Shang Xin dropped from four hundred feet in the air and rushed toward Chu Yang!

“King of Hell Chu! I will take your life!” Old Sa, who was on the ground, also excitedly followed toward Chu Yang’s direction without a care for his life!

Yin Wu Fa was not yet out of danger, so they had to cause chaos to give him a chance at escaping and keeping his life.

Therefore, old Sa and Kong Shang Xin were currently giving a desperate fight!

Countless figure rushed forward. Dark arrows and spears exploded liked meteors bursting in the air!

Kong Shang Xin laughed and did not avoid them. His eyes flashed a ferocious looked as he headed toward Chu Yang’s position without any delay!

He was currently using all of his life energy to make one palm. His soul was already shattered, and his King level golden radiance had also disappeared, but he continued to rushed forward just as before!

Arrows filled the air like a hundred rivers pouring into the sea; they were gathering at Kong Shang Xin’s body!

At first, he was able to beat them off, but as time passed, they pierced his body!

A spear from Ji Mo’s hand flew and pierced right through Kong Shang Xin’s stomach. However, Kong Shang Xin’s speed still did not decrease even a little, and he continued to rush up.

The distance to Chu Yang was reduced to less than thirty feet.

At this moment, in his eyes, there was no heaven, no earth, no enemies, and no great army.

There was only one person, King of Hell Chu!

This person was the real King of Hell Chu!

With all the other people continuing to cause injuries to his body, Kong Shang Xin did not care. He seemed to have lost all feelings; his target was only one King of Hell Chu!

I am close!

Kong Shang Xin carried a thick layer of arrows as he finally arrived in front of Chu Yang.

Ji Mo let out a roar and fiercely rushed up with his sword.

Blood poured out of all of Kong Shang Xin’s orifices. The saber in his hand suddenly swung with a swoosh; sword and saber slammed into each other in the air. Ji Mo let out cry, spat out blood, and spun backward.

Shadowless Saber and sword, two saintly weapons simultaneously burst in midair!

Kong Shang Xin’s speed never slowed down as he aimed straight for Chu Yang! Chu Yang eyes remained as calm as ice! He was keeping his poise as he waited! Hiding was not possible; once he tried to hide, he would lose his position. Under the given momentum, Kong Shang Xin would have been able to kill Chu Yang even if he was dying!

Chu Yang could only be ready to receive his attack!

Kong Shang Xin has reached the last of his strength; I only need to be able to meet this one attack and his life would immediately be over!

But at this time, Ji Mo suddenly yelled out and rushed up. With legs planted, he wanted to cover for Chu Yang. Twin palms shot moved and shot out!

He knew that Chu Yang had only Martial Artist cultivation. Even though Kong Shang Xin’s strength was already extremely weak, Chu Yang still would not be capable of blocking his attack. In this moment, he also did not know what made him anxious and rushed up!

Kong Shang Xin ferociously rushed up, and four hands face each other. With a bam, cracking sounds rang out, Ji Mo’s wrists broke. Immediately after, Kong Shang Xin moved to palm Ji Mo’s chest as quick as lightning!

“Damn!” Kong Shang Xin’s two eyes were filled with rage. As he was about to see great success, a Martial Great Master youth appeared! At this moment, Kong Shang Xin’s hatred toward Ji Mo surpassed all else!

Ji Mo screamed and kicked out fiercely. His chest became cold; he was not able to avoid this palm from Kong Shang Xin! If Kong Shang Xin hit him with this palm, Ji Mo was sure to die!

A figure flashed, Chu Yang appeared in front of Ji Mo. With a bam, Kong Shang Xin’s palm, which was meant for Ji Mo’s chest, had ferociously hit Chu Yang’s chest!

At that same time, Chu Yang’s left palm hit Kong Shang Xin’s chest; his right hand gathered Nine Tribulations Sword and suddenly stabbed straight into Kong Shan Xin’s heart! He gave it a twist!

A few cracking sounds rang out. Kong Shang Xin’s strength was already spent. Together with Chu Yang, his rib bones broke. The two looked up and spat out blood without even a  bit of strength left to fly backward.

“Boss!” Ji Mo screamed and his eyes became red! He desperately rushed up and he used his body to catch Chu Yang.

Chu Yang spat out a clump of blood and held down his pain as he casually said, “You could sacrifice your life for me, I… how could I let you die?”

Ji Mo was stunned!

Chu Yang’s words were very faint, but he was able to hear the deep meaning in them.

You see me as a brother, and you sacrifice your life for me, then I can also ignore death for you.

Kong Shang Xin rolled away. Blood gushed out from his wound, dripping to the ground; he was motionless!

He stood arrogantly; his eyes were like swords as he looked in Chu Yang’s direction! Chu Yang struggled as he grabbed Ji Mo’s shoulder and stood up. From a distance his gaze met with Kong Shang Xin’s.

There was a trace of loss in Kong Shang Xin’s eyes. He remained standing like that as if he was using all of his strength in an effort to so. His gaze slowly moved, and he looked at the night sky.

It was the direction Yin Wu Fa had left in.

Kong Shang Xin’s gaze was filled with nostalgia. He breathed out gently, and his whole body suddenly became still and motionless!

“Don’t touch him!” Chu Yang stopped the soldiers from rushing in. He softly sighed, “He is dead!”

Yes, this lifetime King level leader, who once traversed all over the Middle Three Heavens and was an ultimate master striking terror in the Lower Three Heavens, was no longer breathing. His eyes were still wide open, and his body was still standing straight!

But, in this majestic figure, life no longer existed!


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