Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 164

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“A fiancée is…” Chu Yang said half a sentence and became muted. What is a fiancée? A fiancée… what can she be? How do I best answer this question?

“Hey Du Xing, what is a fiancée?” Chu Yang turned and asked.

“This…” Gu Du Xing scratched his head and answered with embarrassment, “This is really hard to say! Hey, Dong Wu Shang, what’s a fiancée?”

Dong Wu Shang was caught by surprise and countered, “What do you think a fiancée is?”

“What is a fiancée, Brother Chu Yang?” Mo Qing Wu asked anxiously.

“A fiancée is…” Seeing how none of the other guys could answer, Chu Yang had to use his own brain and replied, “A fiancée is a future wife! Yes, that’s it!”

“Future wife?” Mo Qing Wu blinked with confusion.

“This is like…” Chu Yang’s forehead was sweating beads. His arms started flailing everywhere and he suddenly became very animated. He got an idea, “Like your father and mother. Ah, when your mother was young, she was your father’s fiancée. Understood?”

“So it is like that…” Mo Qing Wu was suddenly clearheaded, “Does having a fiancée means being together always?”

“Yes, yes. In the future, they would be together always!” Chu Yang wiped off his sweat and replied, “Plus, a fiancée should be taken care of, and not made angry or sad. In short, your fiancé is the person who loves you most and treats you best.”

“That good? Brother Chu Yang, can I be your fiancée?” Mo Qing Wu asked shyly. He two rows of lashes fluttered as she looked at Chu Yang dreamily.

“Ack, ack!!!” Gu Du Xing was overhearing and snickering on the side when he suddenly choked and started coughing. Rui Bu Tong and Dong Wu Shang broke out into loud laughter.

“Okay! Good, good!” Chu Yang was elated as he replied, “From now on Xiao Wu is my fiancée… Hahaha, I am here fiancé… Hahaha!!!”

Mo Qing Wu laughed with satisfaction, “You are not allow to make me angry. You are not allow to make me sad. If you have yummy food, you have to feed me. If there is any fun things, I have to be the first to play. If there is a good story, you have to tell it to me first.

Cold sweat poured out of Chu Yang’s head. So this was why the little Loli chose him…

After the laughter, Dong Wu Shang suddenly asked, “Little sister, can I look at your saber?” Dong Wu Shang was from a clan that used sabers after all. So he was especially passionate about sabers.

Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo, and Luo Ke Di refrained from asking when they saw the saber, because they did want to be rude and ask about its origin.

While Luo Ke Di’s clan was an enemy of the Mo clan, he could have pretended to not have seen Mo Qing Wu’s saber… But Ji Mo understood his thoughts and intentionally led him away.

Otherwise, with such a precious saber in front of his eyes, how could the two second young masters have controlled their curiosity?

In their minds, they were currently starting to view Chu Yang as their boss!

“This saber is Brother Chu Yang’s gift to me!”

This statement from Mo Qing Wu made Luo Ke Di abandon any trace of the thoughts that he originally had in his head.

If this was a gift from the boss, and he sold out this secret, would he not be betraying the boss? That was an absolute offense in Jiang Hu!

However, Dong Wu Shang had long been under the influence of his clan and loved sabers to the point of obsession. With such an exceptional saber in front of his face and not being able to hold it for even a little was truly excruciating!

He had been restraining himself for a while and could no longer hang on; he started begging.

Mo Qing Wu turned to Chu Yang and asked, “Brother Chu Yang, should I let him see it?”

“Let him!” Chu Yang smiled internally. Dong Wu Shang only needs to see this saber; then he could never leave in this lifetime! He is just like Gu Du Xing; they are obsessed with these things.

Mo Qing Wu handed the saber over to Dong Wu Shang. He became so excited, his face reddened. He wiped the blade with his sleeves. Seeing that there was still some dust, he immediately rushed over to the lakeside and washed it clean. Then he hastily rushed back.

Seeing that he took a long time, Mo Qing Wu became angry and almost took the saber back from him.

With Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber in his hand, Dong Wu Shang carefully held it with a possessed look in his eyes. He gently caressed the saber; then he swung it a few times. He looked at the saber as if looking at a lover that he had longed for days and night.

A little later, Dong Wu Shang softly sighed. He turned the blade and made a light cut on his arm. Blood immediately spilled out. Mo Qing Wu screamed in terror.

Dong Wu Shang’s countenance was in reverence as he let one drop of blood fall on the blade. He raised the saber up and the drop of blood easily slid down; when it got near the hilt a red light flashed. The saber was turned downward and the drop of blood slid down to the tip of the saber.

The blood gently dropped down to the ground. The saber blade glistened without any residual blood on it.

Dong Wu Shang looked up and let out a long sigh, “Truly a masterpiece of a saber; incomparable!”

This ritual of watering a saber with fresh blood was the ultimate show of respect a saber master has for a saber! It was also the most ancient ritual in saber arts.

“Wu Shang, you like?” Chu Yang smiled and asked.

“I love it as much as my own life!” Dong Wu Shang answered with an annoyed sigh. Then he reluctantly handed the Saber back to Mo Qing Wu. Seeing Mo Qing Wu carelessly put the saber back into the tattered scabbard, Dong Wu Shang’s face twitched in agony.

“If you can stay here, I will find you a saber no less than this!” Chu Yang said casually.

“Really?” Dong Wu Shang stood up and stared at Chu Yang, “You mean this?”

“I, Chu Yang, keep my words above all else!” Chu Yang replied seriously.

“Boss!” Dong Wu Shang face flushed with excitement. He knelt down and cried, “Boss… please, you must find me another one! After seeing this saber… I will not be able to sleep at night!!!”

Chu Yang was scared! He never thought Dong Wu Shang would react so fiercely like this!

“You don’t use sabers so you don’t know how important they are to a saber master!” Dong Wu Shang proudly looked up, “Sabers are the king of all weapons! The first metal weapon in history was the saber! Sabers are the ancestors of all weapons!”

“Sabers rank supreme! In term of weapons, the saber is always number one!” Dong Wu Shang gaze became heated, “A saber master is most distinguished! In all of history, no one has ever been able to reach the peak of saber arts! Sabers remain without a peak! You will never understand the allure of a precious saber to a saber master. To a saber master, the saber is his entire world! The saber is his father, mother, wife, lover, and child; it is his blood, his soul!!!”

“I, Dong Wu Shang, since I was young, has vowed that I would be the first person to bring saber arts to its peak!” Dong Wu Shang continued fanatically, “But to find a saber that could join with my life, my soul, is as difficult as climbing to heaven!”

Dong Wu Shang said, “If you can find me a saber like this, my life is yours!”

“Don’t talk so seriously; your life?” Chu Yang replied solemnly, “What I lack are martial brothers, not subordinates. I need martial brothers to reach the top with me. Then we can control the rain and wind and write our names in history! I hope that I will always have good martial brothers in my life, never parting, working together, and sharing a destiny!”

Chu Yang said dreamily, “I hope to have the kind of martial brothers that would be willing to sacrifice without any regret! This is true brotherhood!”

“I also hope that when I stand at the top, my martial brother would be there so I would not be alone. And even more, I hope that when any of my martial brothers stand at the top, I would be keep him from being lonely as well!”

“I hope that when I am down, helpless, and destitute, there will always be martial brothers by my side!”

Chu Yang was speaking really sincerely. There was determination and yearning in his voice. In his previous life, what Chu Yang lacked most was affection! This was also what he wanted most in this life!

“I hope to build a glorious life with all of you and leave an eternal legend! I hope that a hundred thousand years later, our legend would still be told. You will be in my legend, and I will be in yours! And we will never let down the word brother!”

When Chu Yang was speaking these words, Gu Du Xing and Rui Bu Tong was standing still next to him; their eyes shined!

If I become a legend later, I hope you be in it!

If you become a legend later, I hope I will be in it!

Never let down the word brother!

Never shall we let down the word brother!

Chu Yang sighed. With eyes full of burden, he looked toward the faint horizon. After a long time, he let out an breath.

“Martial brothers are built from hard work. Together through thick and thin, with hard work, we will head forward together! That way, we will be tough as steel with a love as strong as stone!”

“I did not understand your intention in creating Heavenly Armament Pavilion, but I am starting to.” Gu Du Xing said slowly.

“Haha, people of all kinds flocking together, living together.” Chu Yang quietly replied, “People often say, when I am successful, and you are a beggar, you are still my brother.”

Chu Yang shook his head and smiled, “But this is only a saying. You should know, when you are successful and your martial brother is still a poor and struggling, you are no martial brother of his. In other words, you might still think of him as a martial brother, but in reality, you are not worthy of being a martial brother to this poor person! Not the other way around!”

“When you are working hard, your martial brother is working hard as well. When you become successful, he stays poor as before. Why didn’t you help him a little before then? You would be just lending him a hand without using too much effort; but you did not bother. So, what is the point of you thinking of him as a martial brother? On the contrary, your martial brother becomes a tool for you to show off your wealth and success. Can such a person be called a martial brother?”

Chu Yang answered himself, “Being martial brothers is sharing hardship; being martial is sharing success! You must go through hardship and success together to be real martial brothers!”

“This is how I think!” Chu Yang continued, “Currently, I am still not worthy of being your martial brother, and you are still not worthy of being my martial brothers. Therefore, I hope that we will work together from now on, and build this brotherhood together!” (


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