Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 158

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“This is not done by the Mo clan?” The Saber King pondered and frowned. Then he murmured, “If that is the case, then who is it? Did we offend someone else? We didn’t make our move against the other clans yet.”

“That is true. But then which clan in Middle Three Heavens does such a powerful King level master come from?” Chu Yang sighed. His eyes looked as if he was racking his brain thinking about this.

“Huh? What if he is not from Middle Three Heavens?!” The Saber King could not help but follow Chu Yang’s lead. After a long time, he suddenly smacked his thigh and shouted out, “Could he be…”

“Who?” Chu Yang was startled and asked hastily.

“Could it be Golden Horse Riders Department?” The Saber King’s eyes flashed with wisdom as he put out his deduction.

“Could… could…” Chu Yang hesitated a little then he replied, “Sir, I would like to say that person was sent by Golden Horse Riders Department because that would lead to you fighting with them and Iron Cloud would benefit. But Golden Horse Riders Department doesn’t seem to have any issues with you; your deduction is a bit… forced!”

“This is not it; that is not it. Are King level masters in Lower Three Heavens as numerous as dogs?” The Saber King was very satisfied with Chu Yang’s frankness, but he still snapped back, “Even if it is in Middle Three Heavens, how many King Level masters could there be?”

“If it is Golden Horse Riders Department, then what is their reason?” Chu Yang frowned, trying to find a solution, “Golden Horse Riders Department is not even done dealing with Iron Cloud; why would they want to add a powerful enemy?”

“Dealing with Iron Cloud…” The Saber King pondered once more.

“Your grudge with the Mo clan is not a secret, correct?” Chu Yang said hesitantly.

“What are you thinking?” The Saber King asked and then replied, “It was a secret before, but now it is no longer one.”

“Then that makes sense. In other words, with his spy network, Diwu Qing Rou would have already know about your grudge with the Mo clan…” Chu Yang said mused, “Perhaps… I think…”

“Speak already!” The Saber King became annoyed. He felt as if he grasped something, but still did not figure it out. When he saw Chu Yang hesitating and wanted to force it out and yelled, “Golden Horse Riders Department is your enemy, why do you try to explain on their behalf?”

“I was thinking… that if it is Golden Horse Riders Department then… then there must be some ugly reasons…” Chu Yang pretended to frown then spoke decidedly, “You are all currently in Iron Cloud Citadel, correct?”

“Besides Iron Cloud Citadel, you have not gone anywhere else, right?”

“If I was Diwu Qing Rou, I would wonder why Hei Mo appeared in Iron Cloud and not Great Zhao!” Chu Yang acted as if he had found the reason, and his words gradually grew more coherent.

As for the Saber King, he listened tentatively and nodded repeatedly like a pecking chicken.

“Then, I would check to see if Hei Mo has some contract with Iron Cloud. With the resources of a country, hiring a powerful clan is not impossible…” Chu Yang idly tapped his fingers on the table as he contemplated.

“That’s right!” The Saber King’s countenance grew solemn; he even sat up straight to listen.

“If Hei Mo is truly helping Iron Cloud, it would be big trouble…” Chu Yang continued to reason, “With Diwu Qing Rou’s character, he would always nip danger in the bud…”

“In this period, the heavens have given him a great opportunity!” Chu Yang yelled out and clapped his hands as if he had figured out the problem.

“What heaven-sent opportunity?” The Saber King started breathing heavily as everything was becoming clear. He understood all of a sudden and smacked his thigh, “Our grudge with the Mo?”

“Exactly! Please continue.” Chu Yang praised.

“If Diwu Qing Rou thinks that way, he would sent people to pretend to be the Mo clan and attack. Whether they are successful or not, our biggest suspect would still be the Mo Clan!” The Saber King’s eyes shined with brilliance and wisdom as he spoke.

“Yes!” Chu Yang looked at him with the admiration of someone looking at his idol; he praised, “Senior… You are a master of cunnings in the political arena. Your analysis so thorough not one little thing could escape your sight. You are the light that shines through endless layers of fog… truly…”

The Saber King stroked his beard and showed a look of humility, “It was nothing. From the outside looking in, everything is much clearer!”

“Yes… yes! You are right!” Chu Yang continued to flatter him. Then he suddenly smacked his forehead and said sadly, “This is embarrassing! I am the one on the outside, you are the one on the inside! I am so ashamed, I could die!”

“Haha.” The Saber King laughed loudly and replied, “Truly brilliant! I cannot believe a prime minister of Lower Three Heavens dares to take advantage of the grudge between us the Mo clan. Not bad! Not bad!”

“Huh?” King of Hell Chu looked confused and anxiously asked, “Senior, you mean…”

“You see…” The Saber King did not mind explaining to him. In his entire life, the Saber King had never been as patient as he was right now, “Diwu Qing Rou attacks us, and we suspect the Mo clan. Between the Mo clan and us, we would rather die than retreat!”

“That’s right!” Chu Yang replied innocently.

“Therefore, whether we find the culprit or not, we would still attack the Mo clan.” The Saber King continued to explain, “And that way, Diwu Qing Rou will never have to worry about getting exposed. Moreover, at that time, we will place more importance on dealing with the Mo clan and not helping Iron Cloud becomes a low priority.”

The Saber King wisely said, “He is truly worthy of being called a top intellect. When he suspected that we were helping you, he immediately came up with a strategy. Plus, no matter what happens, he would benefit. This type of mind, this type of strategy… is not bad!”

“Yes. Senior, I still have one question.” Chu Yang acted like a little student, and humbly spoke.

“Speak!” The Saber King was in a very good mood.

“While this strategy is perfect, it’s a little risky. If that martial master got caught, killed during battle, or exposed, then would we not know the truth? In that case, Diwu Qing Rou would have an additional powerful enemy instead!” Chu Yang continued to question, “With my limited understanding of Diwu Qing Rou, he is a composed and cautious person. He would normally not take such risks.”

“That’s right! This is something I am thinking about as well!” The Saber King frowned and replied.

Idiot, just a little thing like this and you still can’t figure it out! Chu Yang mentally cursed as he still looked up pretending to be thinking. He muttered, “Could it be that he has some exit strategy? But what method would he use? While he is currently not exposed, but after a few days, when the three sides face each other and talk, how could he cover this up?”

You are really an idiot! You still can’t figure out such a simple thing. Chu Yang mentally cursed once again.

The speaker might have been unintentional, but the listener was full of thoughts. The Saber King was inspired by Chu Yang’s muttering and immediately shouted, “This issue is really simple!?”

“Please enlighten me!!” Chu Yang gave the Saber King a clueless look.

The Saber King was filled with a sense of accomplishment and explained right away, “If I am not mistaken, once exposed, they would come to find me and explain that it was a misunderstanding. After that they would give a little compensation!”

As he said the word misunderstanding, the Saber King gritted his teeth making creaking sounds that made people’s hair stand on ends.

Chu Yang looked at the Saber King completely dumbfounded. Then he argued, “How is this? How could such a grievous incident be erased with the word misunderstanding? Unless Diwu Qing Rou has medicines that could bring people back from the dead! But while such mysterious medicines are rare even in Middle Three Heavens, Diwu Qing Rou might have them!”

“Even if he has such medicines, I would not be surprised!” The Saber King looked condescendingly at Chu Yang. His eyes showed a look that said ‘little boy, you are still too naïve’. Then he said, “He is the prime minister of Great Zhao, how could he not have at least a few lifesaving medicines? You’re joking me!”

“If this is the case, then Diwu Qing Rou’s mentality is too terrifying!” Chu Yang took a deep breath shook his head in despair, “I really can’t compare… can’t compare to him!”

“But… senior, if he explain… would you accept his medicine… Plus, that guy is currently not exposed! How would he explain?” Chu Yang took another deep breath and continued to raise more questions.

“What did you eat that made you so stupid?!” The Saber King scolded, “Did you ever think that because that person is not exposed that he would have people bring the medicine to heal the Sword King? He wants me to see his sincerity and accept his friendship. At that time, wouldn’t people ridicule us if we go against him?”

Chu Yang gritted his teeth, “That’s how it is! Diwu Qing Rou! Good, very good! I worked so hard to find a friend, and you, you…”

Chu Yang’s voice grew louder and louder. Finally he yelled in anger, “Diwu Qing Rou! I, King of Hell Chu, will not share the same sky with you! There can only be one of us!”

His voice came out like angry waves. Everyone who heard it felt his anger and hatred in it. This kind of hatred was for either someone who killed his father or stole his wife. It was a hatred so great that it terrified the heavens, shook the earth, made demons cry and made saints sad.

“Senior…” He said with a trembling voice, “You must not be fooled by him!”

“Rubbish, how can I be fooled by him? Punk, do you think I am just an ordinary person?” The Saber King angrily replied.

“No, no. How could this lowly official would ever dare to think that way? Senior, you are wiser than others, a dragon among men; how could you be so easily fooled? I am just too happy that you have helped me lift this burden!” Chu Yang quickly corrected himself.

Chu Yang felt totally elated.

Motherf*! Leading this idiot here killed so many brain cells! I am exhausted! (


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