Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 142

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“Plus, Minister Chu’s face is always icy, like the whole world owes him something!” Chu Yang said, and Yin Wu Fa immediately nodded.

“He seems to be constantly frowning so there are three vertical wrinkles between his brows.” Chu Yang carefully described the appearance of the Hei Mo King level master.

Yin Wu Fa was in full agreement. Leading Bu Tian Pavilion against Golden Horse Riders Department, two uneven powers, it would be strange if he does not frown. I am not under such great pressure, and I still frown very often.

Yin Wu Fa unconsciously reached up and touched his temple.

“He is not too tall. But because he is thin, it gives the impression that he is very tall!” Chu Yang continued.

“Ah. When does he usually come around? When is he at Bu Tian Pavilion?” Yin Wu Fa interrupted him. His description was enough for him to recognize King of Hell Chu if he ever met him. Currently, he needed to know King of Hell Chu’s working and resting habits.

“Minister Chu is very elusive; we don’t know when he would be there or not be there.” Chu Yang answered truthfully. His words were absolutely accurate!

That sounds about right. Yin Wu Fa thought to himself. Without safety, only a fool would come everyday.

“What is King of Hell Chu’s cultivation level?”

“I also do not know this!” Chu Yang thought a little then said, “But Minister Chu’s body emits a cold energy. It seems that Minister Chu knows martial arts, and his level is not low. He must be a high level master!”

Chu Yang suddenly looked angry, “So many people tell me that Minister Chu does not know any martial art, that he is just a frail scholar. Sir, each time I hear this, I just want to smack their mouths!”

I want to smack their mouths as well. Yin Wu Fa thought to himself. How could a frail scholar without any martial arts lead Bu Tian Pavilion against Diwu Qing Rou? A low martial arts level would not do! Motherf*, have they read too many novels? They think that King of Hell Chu is another Diwu Qing Rou? They should know that there is only one of such a person like Diwu Qing Rou on the continent every ten thousand years.

“There is one thing I am certain of; Minister Chu is rarely at Bu Tian Pavilion.” Chu Yang continued making up stuff about himself while telling the sword spirit to control his heart rate and blood flow, so this terrifying guy in front of him would not notice any issues.

This sword spirit is useful in any place at any time. At the same time, he also let the sword spirit to figure out how to recover his martial power while he was buying time. While in front of a master of this caliber, a little martial power could not do anything. But he needed to recover his martial power to help increase the chance of a successful escape…

“Then where is he usually?” Yin Wu Fa scowled. These things had made the difficulty level greatly increase. He did not expect King of Hell Chu to be this mysterious.

“Besides some confidants, few people knows where Minister Chu usually goes.” Chu Yang acted as if he was trying to think really hard.

“Is there anything else you know? Tell me everything!” Yin Wu Fa felt that this punk no longer has any value, and unconsciously emitted a flash of killing aura.

“I seem to recall one time, Hall Leader Cheng Zi Ang said an inn… inn… what is it!?” Chu Yang tried his best to remember, “Please don’t kill me. I will definitely remember!”

“Hurry up!” Yin Wu Fa was happy. An inn? Motherf*! King of Hell Chu really knows how to choose locations. Inns are places where snakes and dragons mix; people come and go all the time. If King of Hell Chu changes his location frequentlly, then his whereabouts would indeed be mysterious.

Yes. I am too clever!

“Remember something gate…” Chu Yang frowned; his forehead was soaked in sweat. The sword spirit had successfully broken through the last hurdle, and Chu Yang’s martial energy had recovered!

“What gate?” Yin Wu Fa said angrily.

“Gate… gate…” Chu Yang took a deep breath, and was apparently thinking very hard.

Under the efforts of the sword spirit, that King level master’s energy blockade had finally been broken through.

“I remember now!” Chu Yang triumphantly yelled out loud.

“What gate? Tell me!” Yin Wu Fa was overjoyed and advanced forward.

“Your mother’s crotch!” Chu Yang yelled loudly and jumped up. He concentrated all of his martial energy on his left hand, and brought Nine Tribulations sword point to his left index finger. He hit with all his might!

This was absolutely unexpected.

Yin Wu Fa never would have thought that a punk who was answering all his questions had now suddenly recovered his martial energy. Everything was in the palm of his hand; this punk should not be able to escape even if he had wings. But it turned into a big disaster all of a sudden!

If his energy was blocked by a King level master, how could this little martial artist break through it? What monstrous thing is this? But Yin Wu Fa did not have time to ponder over these issues!

Chu Yang’s attack was within inches. Even with his first move, he intended to kill!

Yin Wu Fa could only feel a strong wave of energy coming toward him, whistling like the wind! At the same time, a feeling of extreme danger came from Chu Yang’s right arm.

My opponent is clearly unarmed. Even if he uses his martial energy, I would still not be injured just standing here. Why do I sense extreme danger?

While he could not figure it out, Yin Wu Fa still instinctively evaded the attacks. Then he fell backward; his back curved like a bridge with his head almost touching the floor.

Chu Yang’s attack was really too fast, and the distance between the two was too close. On top of that, Yin Wu Fa was caught completely off guard so avoidance was impossible!

Therefore Yin Wu Fa chose to meet the attacks! But still, he had to try hard to distance himself from Chu Yang a little, if only because he was afraid of getting injured by that strange weapon!

This was a killer’s instinct! Yin Wu Fa always trusted his senses!

This sense would save his life at this key moment!

Bam! (

Chu Yang’s left hand hit Yin Wu Fa’s dantian with full force. Nine Tribulations Sword point quickly pierced Yin Wu Fa’s chest!

Fresh blood squirted out!

When Chu Yang’s left hand palmed him, there was a strong reaction from his dantian pushing back. Chu Yang pushed with his two legs and borrowed the momentum of this reaction to jump high. His legs pushed one more time against the wall and his whole body flew far like an arrow.

Chu Yang did not have any hope that his sneak attack could kill a King level master. He only needed it to create a short hindrance!

After his two legs pushed with full force against the wall, the tile roof broke to pieces, debris shot in Yin Wu Fa’s direction. By this time Chu Yang was already on the ground, running like mad.

Yin Wu Fa roared loudly as his whole body stood straight up!

He was about to give chase when he suddenly felt pain coming from his dantian, making him take a step back. While he was foaming with anger, taking a step back was the only thing he could do at the moment!

Chu Yang’s left hand had accurately hit his dantian! With Chu Yang’s martial power, he should not have been able to cause any injuries. But this full effort palm had prevented his activation of internal energy for a brief moment!

Only just a moment!

What Chu Yang needed was this brief moment. That was why he attacked the dantian instead of the head. Because Chu Yang knew attacking the head would have been useless as well!

The discrepancy between the two was too great, some forty to fifty grades. Only in attacking the dantian could he achieve such an effect!

Backing up one step, his dantian immediately recovered. Yin Wu Fa looked up and yelled out in rage. Without bothering to stay hidden, he angrily shot into the air and flew in Chu Yang’s direction like a dark cloud.

I must catch up to that punk.


Faced with pieces of tile and dust, Yin Wu Fa closed his eyes and carelessly passed through them. Tiles fell on him and broke into pieces, shooting outward!

Yin Wu Fa was demented with anger!

A tiny ant dared to injure me! I can be patient, but I cannot take this insult!

A tingling pain came from his chest, where the bleeding still did not stop. But using his internal force, he had managed to slow it down. Yin Wu Fa’s heart was filled with extreme hatred and anger.

At the same time, he also felt exceedingly terrified!

This time, his opponent had almost managed to take his life! The wound was so very deep that he could feel pain from his chest bone! It directly passed through his muscle and injured his ribs!

If I did not react quickly, I would probably be finished already!

If a King level master were to die by the sneak attack of a Martial Artist, that would probably be the biggest joke under the heavens! I would probably end up in recorded history!

In all of history, this has never happened. I am a sixth grade King level master, and I almost became a laughingstock of history!

Thinking of this, Yin Wu Fa felt so shameful, he wanted to die!

At the same time, he also found the whole thing very strange. Even if the strongest person in the military uses all of his might to stab me with a great saber, there would just be a white mark. What did he use to injure me? He clearly did not have any weapons in his hands…

If I don’t kill this guy, I, Yin Wu Fa, am not a human being!

Yin Wu Fa bitterly swore!

With one jump, he had covered more than ten yards. And yet that punk was nowhere to be found. Yin Wu Fa let out a loud roar and jumped into the air.

Passersby suddenly discovered that there was a person hanging in midair, and looked up with gaping mouths.

Yin Wu Fa ignored everyone’s stares and the fresh blood that was dripping down as he swept the surrounding area.

He only saw Chu Yang in a black outfit, staying close to the walls as he ran for his life like a flash! In the worst situations, a human being was capable of showing his greatest potential! Within a short time period, Chu Yang had managed to run a distance of about a hundred yards!

No wonder Yin Wu Fa could not see him, he had kept close the walls as he ran.

“Bastard! Leave your life here!” Yin Wu Fa roared like thunder. His body was like an eagle after its prey; he tilted and shot down from the air like lightning.

Chu Yang did not dare to even look back. Without saying anything, he ran for his life!

Yin Wu Fa took in a deep breath. Without taking the time to even breathe out, he covered a few dozen yards in one shot, reducing the distance between them by a half!


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