Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 137

Night Mode

Chu Yang continued to challenge and bother other people, putting all of Iron Cloud Citadel in a state of chaos.

If someone had paid careful attention, they would have noticed that Dark Night Challenger’s opponents were slowly rising in rank. He challenged third grade martial artists, fourth grade…

With even closer observation, one would notice that he challenged the best ones in each group… How did this Dark Night Challenger get such accurate information?

At first, he challenged those who had been at third grade for half a year. Then he advanced to those who had been so for two years. After that, those who were stuck there for three years.

Really accurate… any smart person would sigh in submission.

They did not know that Chu Yang was from Bu Tian Pavilion; if he did not know every detail of these people’s background that would be strange.

At this time, Chu Yang was really puzzled. Gu Du Xing said he went out to find people, and he disappeared completely. There were times when Chu Yang thought: What the hell? Do you have to go all the way to Upper Three Heavens? If not, why do I not have even a little news from you?

Of course Chu Yang did not know that young master Gu Du Xing had one strict principle: Better to be short than careless. He wanted to choose only the best subordinates.

******** (

Sunny Mountain.

Sword aura filled the air.

Gu Du Xing slowly pulled out Black Dragon Sword. The blade was smooth like autumn water, and shined brightly. The sword shined against the sunlight as if showing his passion.

Fanatical, but alert! His sword was cold as ice. His eyes radiated with blood-thirsty fanaticism.

The fanaticism was for his sword, not his opponent.

“I’ll ask again; are you going to follow me?” With his head down, Gu Du Xing stared at his sword and asked gently.

His hair flew in the wind; while his words were gentle they were very decisive.

“Will you actually kill me if I don’t follow you?” Facing Gu Du Xing was a young man in blue, looking suspiciously at him, “Gu Du Xing, this is not like you at all! What surprised me most is the fact that you are trying to recruit me to be someone else’s subordinate and not for your own force. Are you okay in the head? Did you toss away our many years of friendship?”

“It’s because we’re friends that I am giving you this opportunity!” Gu Du Xing coldly said, “Ji Mo, you and I are friends but we have never said this outright. Now, I want to show my sincerity with my action. If you refuse, then you intend to be my enemy.”

“Refusal means being enemies…” That young man smiled, “Gu Du Xing, our spars were famous at Cang Lan. Have you forgotten about all of it? And now you turned against me because of someone you just met for a few days? You even try to get me to be his subordinate without any clear reason!”

He shook his head, “I really can’t understand; have you gone crazy?”

“Ji Mo, stop talking nonsense. We were both famous; we both fought without being able to beat each other.” Gu Du Xing said, “I know this still bothers you. At the Ji clan, you don’t have any position. As long as your eldest brother is there, you can never rise. But opportunity is right in front of your face this very moment!”

“You want me to be a subordinate of someone in Lower Three Heavens, to work for another?” Ji Mo sneered at Gu Du Xing, “Gu Du, are you dreaming?”

“Let’s fight to find out if I am dreaming or not!” Gu Du Xing said icily, “I have only met him for a few days, but I have already surpassed you!”

“If you can convince me of that I will go with you.” Ji Mo sneered, “Regardless of whether I win or lose, I will not be anyone’s subordinate; I can provide support.”

“You have become weak!” Gu Du Xing’s aura suddenly rose. His gaze was like a blade piercing straight at Ji Mo, “You are thinking about the possibility of failure! You were not like this before. The fact that you are thinking about it now proves that you are no longer certain you could defeat me! Not being able to convince yourself, you have already lost! You are no longer my opponent! You might as well just go with me!”

“Motherf*!” Ji Mo roared in anger, “You presume to know my thoughts?”

“Bong… bong…”

Gu Du Xing flicked his finger on the sword point. Black Dragon Sword immediately emitted a dark fog as the blade flashed like a flying dragon. After that he did not bother saying anything else and aimed straight in front. His arm followed the sword, and his shot straight forward, forming a black cyclone.

Ji Mo’s pupils shrunk; all of Gu Du Xing’s movements to seemed to be merged with the sword and filled with emotions.

A person watching would clearly see the sword move, the arm move, the shoulder move, the body move, and the legs move! Each action seemed independent of each other but it was clearly one sword move!

Before the sword arrived, its aura overwhelmed the air! Before the person came, ice cold sword aura already shot out.

Ji Mo was shocked. Clang… he pulled his sword from its sheath and ground his teeth, “So what if you had advanced? Try this…”

Before he could finish speaking Gu Du Xing was there.

An icy sword aura enveloped Ji Mo.

Ji Mo could barely breathe under the powerful pressure. He was like a tiny boat in the middle of a storm, capable of capsizing and perishing at any time.

Ji Mo used all of his strength to resist. Block a move, counter move… He currently could not speak, he did not even have time to roar out loud.

Ji Mo and Gu Du Xing were famous in Middle Three Heavens. They were both new emerging talents from two great clans, and both were not in the position of inheritance. Neither would admit defeat and fought to a draw countless times.

But currently, Gu Du Xing had made Ji Mo felt more helpless than he had ever been.

“Do you have an answer?” Gu Du Xing stabbed forward more than hundred times in the blink of an eye. The kind of feeling of dominating your opponent like this was too cool. Gu Du Xing’s icy dead countenance relaxed a bit.


Ji Mo gritted his teeth as he madly swung his sword.

“Do you have an answer?” Gu Du Xing’s sword movements became faster and faster, “Do you have an answer…”


Ji Mo’s whole body was soaked in sweat; he gradually felt that he could no longer hang on. He wanted to open his mouth and speak but the pressure was so great that he did not have the chance. He screamed internally: Motherf*, if you want me to reply, you have to let me open my mouth first. I don’t even have the time; if I open my mouth, my energy would dissipate, and I would receive a few dozen holes. How would I answer?

Actually, he wanted to agree already.

No matter what, he and Gu Du Xing were always equally matched. But after not seeing each other for a short time period Gu Du Xing’s martial arts had moved up another level.

If this advancement speed was helped by this other person, then he was okay with following him! Who did not want to become powerful quickly? The feeling of being unbeatable was fantastic!

Being a subordinate for a few years to be able to reach the pinnacle of martial arts, anyone who did not agree would be the most foolish person in the world. If you become someone’s disciple, would you not work for your master?

Ji Mo did not know what happened; today, Gu Du Xing used some unknown means to find him. Before he got over his surprise of meeting an old friend, Gu Du Xing had already laid out the reason why he came.

“I joined an organization; we currently need more manpower and I want to nominate you.”

This made Ji Mo dumbfounded.

“Do you want to come?”

“If you don’t want to come, I will fight until you want to come.”

Gu Du Xing was fundamentally not a good recruiter; he already turned against people after a few lines. The person being forced was Ji Mo, but he did not have a chance to get angry and Gu Du Xing already started his outburst.

After that, he used punches to talk. No, it was actually his sword! Such a recruiter, Gu Du Xing was absolutely the only one for all the ages.

Gu Du Xing felt very angry: “I want what’s good for you! Motherf*, you actually don’t appreciate it! Most people don’t even have the qualifications for my invitation!”

Ji Mo felt very angry. I still haven’t said anything. I didn’t even have the chance to ask for the organization’s name, what it does, or who its leader is. Nothing was clear yet and you are pressuring me with force!

He was also an arrogant type of person. How could he be convinced in a situation like this? Facing an arrogant Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo’s anger rose by ten thousand feet. Even if you are inviting me to go to heaven, I still want beat that arrogance out of you first.

Furthermore, Gu Du Xing emphasized one thing, “I am inviting you because I think you are worthy!” This made Ji Mo even more agitated.

However, the moment they started fighting, he immediately regretted it. Motherf*, the two of us are not on the same level anymore. How can I fight? Gu Du Xing’s aura was currently overwhelming. Plus, his martial power was slightly stronger, and his sword skill had increased leaps and bounds.

Ji Mo was stupefied. He was able to counter Gu Du Xing’s movements before, but now he was completely ineffective.

Gu Du Xing’s movements had completely overpowered him now.

This made Ji Mo felt as if everything was spinning. Motherf*, did Gu Du Xing meet some unearthly phenomenon? In one short month and he has been completely reborn…

I was equally matched with him, but now I have to painfully resist every move. I feel like a clump of clay that he could bash as he pleases.

“Bam… bam… bam…”

Gu Du Xing was in full momentum when he yelled out; his sword moves completely changed. Ji Mo was caught by surprise and suffered thirty to forty sword smacks; he cried out in pain.

“Stop!” He flew out. Ji Mo was hanging in midair and did not stop yelling. He had no other choice because Gu Du Xing was right behind him like a shadow. He immediately doled out more abuse.

A great man knows when to accept a loss.


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