The Magus Era

The Magus Era – Chapter 1897 – WN

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Chapter 1897: Unexpected Twist

Earth core, in the vast expanse of ancient poisonous earth fire…

The battle between Priest Yun and Priest Jun was carrying on, seeming nowhere near ending ever.

Bright lights shone from their heads while the lotuses which contained measureless power bumped into each other one after another, vanishing quietly. Each time two lotuses collided with each other, the life-force of Pan Gu world would weaken by a little. Fortunately, Pan Yu started a massacre in Pan Gu world and killed numberless Yu Clan saints to devour the original power of countless worlds. Pan Gu world absorbed a tremendous amount of original world power. Therefore, it could afford this battle between Priest Yun and Priest Jun.

However, they were both tightly connected with Pan Gu world after all. Each time Pan Gu world took a loss, they would suffer a counterforce and be harmed as well. With the passage of time, their powers withered, and their faces were filled with tiredness.

Slowly, countless wrinkles emerged on the smooth and glowing faces of Priest Yun and Priest Jun. They became hunchbacked, their eyes turned sunken, and they looked like two exhausted old men.

But, the lights above their heads remained strong and bright. More lotuses had been drifting out of the lights, clashing against each other, and vanishing.

The earth fire bubbles in the surroundings exploded one after another, generating waves of energy which were strong enough to destroy natural stars. The energy waves spread in all directions and shook their bodies slightly, but failed to cause them any harm.

While fighting each other, they had been paying close attention to Pan Yu. When they saw Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu activate the jade disc and suppress Pan Yu, Priest Jun laughed relaxedly, “What else can you say now?”

Priest Yun looked at Pan Yu with a frown. Pan Yu was already covered in wounds. Gradually, he had no power to fight back anymore, and could barely defend himself. Priest Yun chuckled and said, “You and your three disciples did make the long-term efforts, didn’t you? You truly managed to reforge this jade disc… With this jade disc, your power can be nearly ninety percent as great as Pan Gu’s. Sure, you can easily defeat Pan Yu.”

Looking at Priest Yun, Priest Jun responded with a deep voice, “Not only for suppressing Pan Yu, the disc is also meant for you, the three ‘Pengs’, and…”

“For that idiot, Original Devil, right?” Priest Yun interrupted him. “Hmm, if you really wipe us all out for good, Pan Gu world will be under your sole control, and your spirit will be the world’s spirit.” Priest Yun clicked his tongue and continued, “So free and unfettered!”

Priest Yun shook his head and sighed sarcastically, “If you uncover all the secrets of this jade disc, you might be able to do what Pan Gu failed to do. Ahyaya… attaining the great Dao through pure strength, breaking all magic with pure strength… reaching straight to the world of eternity through all the barriers!”

Stomping a foot, Priest Yun said coldly, “You have merged with the great Dao of Pan Gu world. As long as Pan Gu world remains existing, you will never die…This world is powerful indeed, but it still has a chance to be destroyed. Therefore, this is not the true eternity…”

Clenching his teeth, Priest Yun carried on with his cold voice, “We can only learn from Pan Gu, to break all the chains with a true, supreme strength. Then we can truly be free, truly be…”

“Are you finished?” Priest Jun interrupted him,” You don’t need to say this, because I have already known it!”

Priest Yun remained silent for a while, then laughed out loud. While shaking his head, he said, “Alright, we know each other well, so why waste our time talking? But, you still underestimated me…Do you really think that you have guessed every plan of mine?”

Priest Yun burst into wild laughter. Suddenly, he leaped up and transformed into a cold light, then rushed up to Priest Jun and held him tight with both arms. “Now, let’s see how your three disciples will die! Pan! Pan Gu’s descendants, big deal? They will die when they should, won’t they?” Priest Yun snarled.

A strange ripple spread out of Priest Yun’s body as he shouted, “The contract has been signed. You shall take action now! Be careful about that jade disc, and remember this, we will evenly split everything!”

Priest Jun stared at Priest Yun with shock. He put forth his strength to struggle, then a thunderous noise could be heard. A terrifyingly strong shockwave burst from between them and spread in every direction, blasting countless earth fire bubbles, nearly crushing the earth core. However, Priest Jun failed to free himself from Priest Yun’s arms.

“It’s too late!” Priest Yun said blandly, “You spent billions of years to collect the pieces of the jade, then reforged it… But, I also made efforts. Even if I need to give away a share, I will replace you!”

“You want eternity, and I do too. We share the same origin, but we have different souls. We are different. Why do you have to be stronger than me? Why can’t I be the stronger one?”

“Evil can never prevail over good!” Priest Jun coldly looked at Priest Yun.

Priest Yun laughed. He squinted at Priest Jun and said, “When I become the ancestor of Dao, I will be the ‘good’…In years, you will become the representatives of evil. I will certainly make you go down in history as a symbol of infamy. You will be cursed and spat on by every generation!”

The ripple released from Priest Yun’s body spread swiftly and swept across the entire Pan Gu world within a twinkling of an eye, reaching to the far away Chaos.

A quarter of an hour later, three faintly perceptible powers suddenly emerged, easily penetrating the natural screen of Pan Gu world as they quietly approached Pan Gu Motherland.

Three figures floated above Pan Gu Motherland. The three figures were less than ten miles away from Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu, yet they failed to notice them.

But, Ji Hao was observing the jade disc and immediately saw the three figures. He raised his head, pointed at the three figures, and burst into screams, “Shifu, uncles…”

Before he could even say the words ‘be careful’, the three figures raised their hands simultaneously. Three differently colored Chaos thunderbolts silently transformed into torrents of lightning bolts and struck at Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu.

Dense clouds rolled above their heads. Actually, they made their reaction once they saw the shock on Ji Hao’s face.

A Taiji pattern and an exquisite pagoda rose from Priest Dachi’s head while a colorless long streamer and a dragon-tiger ruyi glowed above Priest Qingwei’s head. Both of them shielded themselves with top-grade supreme treasures. Yu Yu raised his head in surprise and hurriedly swung a longsword at the sky. The sword was glowing with a misty green light.

Yu Yu didn’t have powerful defensive treasures. All his treasures were sharp killing weapons. Facing the sudden attack, he had no choice but to fight back and launch a sword move with full power.

With a tremendous sound, Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei fell to the ground and vomited blood. Yu Yu’s face turned ghastly pale as well. In the clouds above his head, the red-robed Yu Yu and Evil Yu Yu were crushed.


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