The Magus Era

The Magus Era – Chapter 1896 – WN

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Chapter 1896: The Request of the Mysterious Man

In the Chaos, inside Yu Yu’s sword formation, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu roared in one voice.

The inflexible sword formation was filled with sword power, but suddenly, it turned exceptionally lively, like a stone suddenly turned into a blooming flower. Measureless life-force surged out of the sword formation, making the four sword gates quake slightly. Gradually, sword lights wove into a colorful sea and drowned the three ‘Pengs’.

The three ‘Pengs’ were surprised a little. As they prepared to figure out the reason of this sudden change of the sword formation, the tremendous sword intent erupted from the formation and left deep wounds on their bodies.

The three ‘Pengs’ growled with rage. Peng Ju threw a bright sky-measuring ruler forward and struck at the sea of sword light. Along with a clear crack, the sky-measuring ruler was shattered into thousands of pieces. Tens of beams of sword light rolled up along his arm and shredded his upper body.

With one strike, Peng Ju was injured severely. Not only his physical body was hurt, his cultivation was also downgraded. He almost fell from this mysterious level of saints.

“No time, go!” The three ‘Pengs’ each gave a resonant growl and suddenly transformed into three streaks of light, penetrating millions of layers of sword lights within a twinkling of an eye as they attempted to flee back to Pan Gu Motherland.

But, before they flew far enough, a sparkling jade disc emerged above their heads. The three streaks of light bumped into the dis and generated a thunderous noise. The light fell apart, then the three ‘Pengs’ showed their faces again, staring at the colorless, small, and simple jade disc, with blood spurting out of their noses, mouths, eyes, and ears. They were dumbstruck.

“It…It shouldn’t be here!” Peng Zhi screamed in a dry voice, “Pan Gu died. This jade disc… had collapsed along with him long ago!”

“Indeed. Pan Gu had two supreme treasures, an axe tgat destroyed everything, and a jade disc that created everything.” Peng Ju yelled also with a dry voice, “The jade disc was powerful. Without it, Pan Gu would have been torn into pieces by those chaos monsters, no matter how strong he was. Sadly, Pan Gu died in the end. His physical body fell apart, and the jade disc shattered along with him…”

Along with the glistering purple mist, Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu descended. Their clones laughed, cupped their hands, and bowed to each other, then merged into the clouds above the heads of their true bodies while laughing.

Yu Yu pointed at the sword formation and slowly deactivated it, then smiled at the three ‘Pengs’ and said, “An ordinary man can patch a broken clay jar back together. With the right technique, he can fix it, or fire it into a new jar. The same thing can be done to the jade disc. The pieces were found, so we had a chance to reforge it.

Yu Yu raised his head and gave a long sigh, as if it pained him to look back into the past. “Now, it’s finally reforged. Our so many years of efforts weren’t wasted…It is to be regretted that this jade disc eventually lost its spirit. We don’t know how many years it will take to grow a new spirit!”

In shock, the three ‘Pengs’ glanced at the jade disc, then they again transformed into three streaks of light suddenly and fled in three directions.

But they didn’t make far either this time either. Along with a deep growl of Priest Dachi, a thunderbolt landed on the jade disc from his palm. As the blurry jade disc quaked slightly, three-thousand, extremely thin strands of mist erupted from it and wove into a giant web. It then dropped and easily captured the three ‘Pengs’. Before they could fight back, Priest Dachi wielded his hand, after which, the three ‘Pengs’ were swirled into the jade disc.

Clouds of mist rose from the jade disc as the defenseless three ‘Pengs’ were sealed deep in it. On the surface of the jade disc, the hazy figures of three priests emerged, being wrapped tightly in thunderbolts.

Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu burst into bright laughter. They pointed their fingers at one same direction and generated a stream of light, then held the jade disc and flew swiftly to Pan Gu Motherland. The jade disc emitted a beam of light to clear the way, allowing them to move at an exceptionally high speed. Within a second, they arrived at the sky above Pan Gu Motherland from the Chaos.

Ji Hao had spread his sword formation and tied Pan Yu up. Po and the others had combined their powers to attack Pan Yu as well.

Pan Yu was like a bloodthirsty beast who just woke up from a dream and cast all strange kinds of magic. Within a second, at least a thousand strange magic were cast by him. Energy waves flooded out like a tide and forced back Ji Hao and the others, making them vomit blood.

In this chaotic situation, the two masters were pretending to fight Pan Yu. Intentionally or unintentionally, their golden clones composed a great formation that trapped Ji Hao in it. Fifty to sixty percent of their attacks landed in Ji Hao’s sword formation, raising a dazzling glow and clouds of mist, pushing him into a difficult position.

Priest Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu glanced at each other, then slightly shook their heads as they cast a meaningful glimpse at the two masters. Without saying a word, they turned the jade disc over and released a beam of Chaos light to strike at Pan Yu’s head. Along with a thunderous sound, the entire Pan Gu world quaked intensely while a formidable power burst from the space, merged into the Chaos light, and struck on Pan Yu’s body.

Pan Yu let out a shrill howl as his lower body was devastated by the Chaos light. Countless wounds appeared on his smooth, glass-like skin, with clouds of dark mist and streams of black blood spurting out of them.

In shock, he raised his head, stared at the jade disc. “How can such a powerful treasure exist in this world? It shouldn’t be here!” He couldn’t help but scream in a hoarse voice.

Before Pan Yu fought back, Priest Dachi and his brothers launched another strike. A wave of Chaos light descended and squeezed torrents of blood out of Pan Yu’s body. After shedding of each stream of blood, his power would weaken by a little, and his confidence would dip much lower!

Ji Hao let out a long sigh of relief. He stood in his sword formation and watched Priest Dachi and his brothers while maintaining vigilance towards the two masters.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man showed up quietly. Through Ji Hao’s eyes, he silently gazed at the jade disc for a while, then abruptly began talking. It had been so many years, and the mysterious man hardly took the initiative to talk with Ji Hao.

“Little guy, I have a favor to ask you. It might take you a very long time. Are you willing to help?”

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Eh? What is it? Just tell me. I will certainly help as long as I can.”

The mysterious man remained silent for a short while, then slowly nodded and said, “It’s not difficult, but time-consuming. And… Just see if other people around you are willing to do it too. If you promise to help, you can’t eat your words afterward. Don’t be like Priest Hua and Priest Mu…If I knew they’d be so shameless, I would have taught them a good lesson in the old days…”

Ji Hao grinned. He raised his head and relaxedly watched Priest Dachi and his brothers beating Pan Yu!

The jade disc released waves of tremendous power and nearly suffocated Pan Yu. They were about to win. The greatest crisis of Pan Gu world was going to be solved for good!


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