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Chapter 1895: Reforge the Jade Disc

Ji Hao’s whole body was refreshed, and his heart was never so etherealized.

Strange energy waves flooded out of the Pan Gu sword and flew into Ji Hao’s body like glowing jade beads and pearls, inlaid in his body in accordance with a magical pattern.

He felt he was getting stronger and stronger, tougher and tougher. Along with every move he made, his strength grew greater and greater. However, as he became more and more powerful, the influence he made on the surrounding environment by wielding his sword turned minor and minor.

It seemed that his every movement fit the world perfectly. His sword was the world, and the world was his sword. Therefore, when he wielded his sword, the world followed it. When his sword landed on Pan Yu’s body, the world smashed on Pan Yu’s body as well. Naturally, Ji Hao’s sword would no longer cause any harm and disturbance to the world.

This was a magical feeling, and Ji Hao had never felt better. For every move he made, he tried his best; every move he made was almost perfect.

Ji Hao didn’t know where this feeling came from, but he felt it had something to do with the ‘natural fortune’ which had been flowing into his body.

Shaosi had such a dreadful power. With a secret magic, she created a tiny hole on Pan Yu’s body and drew out thin strands of Pan Yu’s natural fortune, then connected it with Ji Hao.

Pan Yu’s natural fortune was vast. He was like a balloon which had a hole on it. The endless natural fortune flew into Ji Hao’s body, making every move of his fit the great Dao of nature.

The two masters had transformed into two streaks of golden light. While madly attacking Pan Yu, they each released three-thousand clones. Six-thousand golden, shining clones composed a tremendous great formation that trapped Pan Yu. Meanwhile, they tried everything they could to reach the eighteen beams of sword lights which had been cutting at Pan Yu.

The pair of pre-world supreme treasures had merged with the original Dao of the eighteen hells. The powers of these swords had broken a bottleneck and achieved a new high. This pair of pure killing treasures now had the qualification to serve as the greatest treasure of a sect. Of course, the two masters would claim that these treasures were ‘destined’ to belong to them!

Ji Hao gave a resonant roar. Along with a beam of sword light, he rushed up to Pan Yu and fully activated the pre-world magnetic life and death formation. The sword formation shrank, as its immense power was concentrated in the space tens of thousands of meters in radius. The sword formation squeezed Pan Yu and restrained him, tying him up, then launching a storm of attacks on him!

The Pan Gu sword vibrated, and the sonorous sword buzzes cracked the space.

Suddenly, a bottomless hole seemed to be added to the Pan Gu sword, which rapidly absorbed Pan Yu’s natural fortune that had flown into Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao felt cold, as the measureless natural fortune was swallowed by the Pan Gu sword in a moment.

In the following moment, the devouring power of the Pan Gu sword directly drilled into Pan Yu’s body through Shaosi’s magic, and began extracting Pan Yu’s natural fortune. Pan Yu immediately sensed something. He burst into raging roars and wielded both arms hurriedly, sending a wave of black thunderbolts towards Ji Hao.

A raging fire was raised from the Pan Gu bell, along with clouds of smoke. Destructive thunderbolts blasted in all directions and rang the bell thunderously. A green light flashed across the bell. But, even under the protection of the Chaos power released from it, Ji Hao was still injured by the explosions. While shaking, he vomited blood.

Seeing Pan Yu lose his temper, Po and the other priests rushed up and combined their powers, casting all kinds of magics and activating all their treasures to create slight wounds on Pan Yu’s skin.

Right at this moment, following the deafening clanks, the eighteen beams of sword lights suddenly flew towards Ji Hao. Corresponding with the Pan Gu sword, the eighteen dazzling sword lights suddenly transformed into eighteen enormous swords and hovered in the air, then towered over Ji Hao’s sword formation.

Along with a thunderous sound, Ji Hao’s pre-world magnetic life and force sword formation merged perfectly with the eighteen giant swords. The giant swords collapsed, then eighteen mysterious sword gates emerged from the sword formation.

The two masters paused briefly, then burst into furious roars. “Ji Hao kid, how dare you take the great treasures of our sect?”

Ji Hao paused in surprise as well. Suddenly, eighteen mysterious, connected sword gates were added to his sword formation. He clearly sensed that the power of the sword formation had risen by at least one hundred percent!

But, these eighteen sword gates were transformed from Netherworld Priest’s spirit treasures…Whey would they choose Ji Hao?

Pan Yu’s giant palms descended. The two masters were yelling at Ji Hao without noticing Pan Yu’s moves. Along with a ferocious roar from Pan Yu, the two masters were sent flying away and vomited blood. Ninety percent of their six-thousand multi-headed and armed golden clones were crushed by Pan Yu, along with rumbling noises.

Ji Hao growled out loud. Seeing Pan Yu’s indiscriminate attacks, he spread the sword formation and blocked his way.

Strands of sword power erupted from the eighteen sword gates. Being supported by the sword gates, the sword power from the Pan Gu sword was added with a vast killing power. The sword power strands struck on Pan Yu’s body one after another, covering his body with wounds!

Pan Yu roared with a greater and greater rage. He suddenly raised a finger and shattered all the treasures which belonged to Po and the other priests. Except Ji Hao, all the others were sent flying away by him. They fell to the ground while vomiting blood, without being able to move anymore.

“Whatever… This will cause some damage to the origin of this world, but you little bugs are so annoying!” Pan Yu slowly stretched his body and murmured maliciously, “Let me unlock some of my power to clean you off!”

A dim black light shone out of Pan Yu’s erect eye and momentarily swept across the entire world.

The space quaked immediately while the starlight poured down like a rain, being absorbed by Pan Yu’s body. He actually started to devour the powers of the natural stars in Pan Gu world.

Deep in the starry void, under a small thatched cottage inside a sphere of purple mist, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu sat facing each other. A, three-meters wide, blurry jade disc floated between them. Spirit fires had been spurting out from their eyes, nose, ears, and mouths to forge and carve the jade disc exquisitely.

Spirit Wa, Evil Yu Yu, the white-robed Yu Yu, and the few clones of Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei broke the space and arrived almost simultaneously, each holding a jade bottle. Without saying a word, they poured the contents of the jade bottles over the jade disc.

Strands of natural fortune, natural reward power, powers of Dao, marks of Dao…

Visible or invisible, measureless amounts of the most magical and indescribable things were poured out of the bottles, merging into this bright glowing jade disc, which seemed to lack a spirit.

When all the bottles were emptied, the jade disc suddenly let out a thunderous sound.

Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Yu Yu leaped up together, then burst into laughter, “With billions of years of efforts, we finally reforged it!”

They turned around and gazed at Pan Gu Motherland


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