The Magus Era – Chapter 1894 – WN

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Chapter 1894: Wildly Beating Gongs and Drums

The Netherworld changed thoroughly. The eighteen hells sparkled dimly while slowly moving in the space.

Netherworld Priest’s soul split up and gradually merged with the origins of the eighteen hells, while the great Dao of Pan Gu world boiled. Because of the strong spacequake, a big half of the dark mist above Pan Gu Motherland, which was released from Pan Yu’s body, was dispelled, and the blue sky became visible again.

“My Dao… has been attained!” The world quaked as all living creatures worshipped the sky, while Netherworld’s laughter echoed through the entire Netherworld.

In the Netherworld, a dazzling golden light descended along with dense purple mist. The white-robed Yu Yu stood on top of the highest mountain in Netherworld, as he sent out a beam of light from a fingertip. A flawless jade bottle floated above the light and swallowed all of the golden light and the purple mist.

Netherworld Priest had merged with the great Dao and attained the immortal, unbreakable result of Dao. Naturally, a measureless natural reward and natural fortune descended on him. But at this moment, the white-robed Yu Yu collected all the natural reward and natural fortune which belonged to Netherworld Priest, without leaving even a slight little bit.

Netherworld Priest made no objection.

On the altar in Pu Ban City, Evil Yu Yu quietly showed up beside Si Wen Ming. He took a jade disc out of his sleeve and said, “Human Emperor, this is an order from Spirit Wa. Please be generous.”

Si Wen Ming was collecting the natural fortune which belonged to the humankind with the nine cauldrons, preparing to turn the nine cauldrons into supreme natural fortune treasures to lay a solid foundation for Great Xia. Seeing Evil Yu Yu, Si Wen Ming frowned, then took over the jade disc from the former’s hands and crumbled it.

A wave of light spots merged into Si Wen Ming’s forehead. He remained silent for a while, then raised his head and looked at Pan Yu, who was wrapped in the vast black mist. “Are we really doing this? Are we, are we really incapable of defeating Pan Yu?”

Evil Yu Yu looked at Si Wen Ming expressionlessly, then sighed coldly and said, “If Priest Yun and the three ‘Pengs’ weren’t involved in this, we could surely suppress him, then kill him slowly. However, however…Pan Yu is a world creator after all. He is at the level of Saint Pan Gu…”

“For the first time, the natural fortune and natural reward power of the humankind are united. In this way…” Si Wen Ming gave a bitter smile, then solemnly cupped his hands to Yu Yu, bowed slightly, and said, “The Great Xia…”

Evil Yu Yu remained silent for a while, then pointed at the sky, and responded, “The Great Xia shall build temples for Spirit Wa and worship her. Of course, I will be protecting you as well. In the future, even if things can’t be entirely satisfactory to you, a branch of Great Xia will live forever.

Together, Si Wen Ming and Evil Yu Yu cast their eyes on Ji Hao, who was fighting against Pan Yu.

The eighteen beams of sword lights had been tearing Pan Yu’s body, along with a strong power of reincarnation. Black blood splashed all over the sky, and even Pan Yu couldn’t help but moan in pain. Netherworld Priest’s pair of swords were pre-world supreme treasures, and were already greatly powerful. At the moment, the two swords had merged with the great Dao of reincarnation, which was generated back when the eighteen hells were created. Within a short span, the power of this pair of swords had risen by a thousand folds.

Netherworld Priests had become the Hell. No one was controlling the pair of swords, but still, they managed to cause serious harm to Pan Yu.

Far away, the two masters who were hovering around with hesitation, pretending to put up a desperate fight against Pan Yu yet taking no step forward, had their eyes shining suddenly. The pair of swords were Netherworld Priest’s spirit treasures! Netherworld priests kept a foothold in the Netherworld and awed the whole world with these swords!

They didn’t think that Netherworld Priest would abandon his physical body to merge with his Dao, and leave his greatest treasure in Pan Yu’s body!

Watching the eighteen dazzling sword lights flash around Pan Yu and leave more and deeper wounds on Pan Yu’s body, the two masters laughed out loud, “These treasures are destined to belong to our sect!”

The two masters burst into sonorous roars. Thick clouds rose from their heads, within which, a golden pagoda was wrapped in a purple mist, glowing with a blinding golden light. A nine-story tower emitted splendid lights. They both transformed into multi-headed and armed shapes and charged at Pan Yu while leaving two streaks of light behind.

A colorful branch and a brightly shining staff smashed on Pan Yu’s head violently. For the pair of swords that Netherworld Priest had ‘abandoned’, the two masters had put forth all their strength this time, even casting their most powerful magic.

The power of quietus was generated. From the vast quietus power, a thriving life-force rose straight into the sky. The two masters transformed into two streaks of golden light and flashed around Pan Yu. Pan Yu couldn’t stop howling sas the golden lights left a series of giant holes on his body.

On the altar, Evil Yu Yu glimpsed at Pan Yu. A jade bottle was now held in his hand. Following a dragon roar, the natural fortune which belonged to the humankind and had flown into the nine cauldrons flooded into the jade bottle. A tremor went through Si Wen Ming’s body, as blood oozed out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.

Far away from Yao Mountain City, Master Spirit-slaughter quietly stood on a golden flower, with strands of faint colorful mist coiling around his body. Behind him, countless burry colorful figures had been sighing slightly. Their sighs sounded like beautiful melodies that echoed along with the sounds of uncountable musical instruments.

Wisps of golden light descended from the sky. Spirit Wa came to Master Spirit-Slaughter with a frown, her hands holding an exquisite jade bottle.

“Devil, in the future, you will have a place in Pan Yu world.” Spirit Wa looked at Master-spirit slaughter with cold eyes while saying reluctantly. “Numberless cultivators will emerge from Pan Gu world. Each of them will go through a trial of the inner devil. You will be controlling the trial. If they can’t pass, you can take their primordial spirits.”

Master Spirit-slaughter paused in surprise. He gazed at Spirit Wa and said, “We are going to leave…Pan Gu world is like a deep pool, and we don’t want to drown in here!”

With a weird, faint smile, Master Spirit-slaughter continued with a low voice, “This world is indeed fabulous. If we could stay, we wouldn’t want to leave. But…It’s terrifying. Not even we dare to offend Pan Yu. He devours everything, and he can even devour us…”

“If you are willing to give us all the marks and powers of Dao that you attained through devouring the souls of uncountable creatures from the universe, one part of the great Dao of Pan Gu world will belong to you.” Spirit Wa looked at him and said with a gentle voice.

In the meanwhile, two clones of Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei found Ao Bai, Qing Qiang, and the other leaders of the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind. After a series of negotiations, the dragon leaders and phoenix leaders all nodded with dark faces, then followed the words of Priest Dachi and Priest Qignwei with no other choice.

The jade bottle in Priest Dachi’s hands drained the natural fortune of the dragon-kind, while Priest Qignwei was also holding a jade bottle, with which, he collected a vast natural fortune from the phoenix-kind.

Unlike human beings, who were chosen by the great Dao of Pan Gu world, the natural fortune of the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind was limited. After losing their natural fortune, all dragons and phoenixes felt their that hearts were empty. They trembled while a chill came creeping them over, as if a true disaster was arriving.


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