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Chapter 1893: The Eighteen Hells

A quarter of an hour before Shaosi cast the spell, in the Netherworld…

The Netherworld was dark and misty. Everything in there was black or white. Shreds of shadows were fleeting in the misty air, leaving glistening traces in the air.

Surrounding a mountain which was located in the core of the Netherworld, countless skulls piled up layer by layer. The white, lustrous skulls were ‘looking’ at the sky, with streams of clear light quietly flowing out of their empty eye sockets.

Yet, the skull mountain didn’t look evil, but sacred.

Among numberless white skulls, small gray flowers had been growing. The thumb-sized flowers swayed without being blown by any wind. The iron-blade-like petals tinkled against each other, producing a silvery sound.

From the endless, peaceful death, a soft but strong trace of life-force erupted. This skull mountain was the highest mountain in the netherworld. This place was filled with a magical power of Dao. Because of this towering mountain, the entire Netherworld was sacred.

A white figure suddenly broke the space and directly landed on top of this mountain. When this white figure descending from the air, blood sea, blade mountains, sword forests, boiling oil pots, bloody millstones, and other visions emerged around him one after another.

If this were an ordinary man, he would have been dragged into a bottomless abyss by these visions. But this white figure descended from the highest sky and conveniently made eighteen steps, dodging the eighteen layers of visions as if strolling, then easily came to the mountaintop.

He was wearing a snow-white robe, looking calm and bland. He was another clone of Yu Yu.

Unlike the warm and passionate red-robed Yu Yu, or the evil and brutal Evil Yu Yu, this white-robed Yu Yu seemed to be gentle and mild, giving a refreshing feeling.

He wasn’t angry, neither anxious. Once he landed on the mountaintop, a warm and relaxed atmosphere was created.

“My friend, long time no see. How have you been?” The white-robed Yu Yu smilingly bowed to a giant black and white rock on the mountaintop and said, “You don’t look well. Why did you isolate yourself in here?”

A thin crack appeared on the rock. A while later, the rock slowly cracked. As small rock pieces fell down the mountain, a priest in a blood-red robe could be seen quietly sitting on the mountaintop, coldly looking at the white-robed Yu Yu. A strong power could be sensed from this priest.

A long while later, this priest gave a sigh and said, “Of course, I’m not good. The door is right in front of me, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get in. It has been so many years. I’ve tried everything, but I failed. How can I be good?”

The white-robed Yu Yu smiled brightly and responded, “If you can’t get in this door, why don’t you choose another door? Plenty of doors exist in this world!”

“I don’t want to do that. No door is as good as this one.” The priest looked at the white-robed Yu Yu and said, “Ordinarily people see the others enjoying banquets everyday and question themselves for having poor foods. People like us have something in common with ordinary people after all.”

The white-robed Yu Yu remained silent for a while, then took out a fist-sized jade disc and handed to the priest seriously.

The priest quivered intensely, as if being stung by a scorpion. He immediately reached out his hands to the jade disc, but then hesitated and slowly took his hands back. “What is this?” He asked.

The white-robed Yu Yu smiled brighter and brighter as he said, “My friend, you know what it is. This is my Shifu sending the door that you have been trying to open straight to you. Now, you can walk in at any time you want…My friend, congratulations for attaining your great Dao!”

The priest frowned as he seriously stared at the small jade disc for a long white. At last, he slowly, tremblingly held it in his hands and asked, “What does your Shifu want me to do?”

The white-robed Yu Yu silently looked at the priest.

The priest pondered for a while, then nodded and smiled as he said, “Alright, I win some, I lose some. But eventually, I will win more than I will lose… Great!”

As he put his palms together, the jade disc transformed into eighteen bright light beams and slowly merged into his body. He slightly trembled and said, “This is it…I’ve found the path to the door, but I thought it was wrong…The truth has been told in one word, but how many years have I wasted?”

In Pan Gu Motherland, Ji Hao roared sonorously as he lunged the Pan Gu sword towards Pan Yu’s chest, creating a purely dark streak of sword light.

Pan Yu knew how powerful Ji Hao’s sword was. He quickly moved his fingers and shattered the space before Ji Hao’s face layer by layer. The broken space recombined in an extremely weird way, forming a black, glistering crystal wall that stood in front of Ji Hao.


The Pan Gu sword struck on the ten-thousand-miles-thick crystal wall. The crystal wall and the sword light collapsed simultaneously. Shreds of sword light swept across Pan Yu’s chest and broke his skin, but failed to cause him any actual harm.

“My powers are waking up!” Pan Yu grinned at Ji Hao and said, “Not only my power, but also the powers of all the Chaos monsters that I devoured in those days…I am recalling them all.”

Ji Hao’s sword strike failed to deliver any effect, so he immediately drew back. From the higher sky, twenty-four long spears condensed from pre-world metal power came down and accurately struck on the Pan Gu bell. Following the resounding bell rings, Ji Hao was sent over a hundred million miles away by twenty-four strong impact waves.

Right at this moment, the gate of the Netherworld opened. The priest in a blood-red robe marched out of the bronze gate and penetrated Pan Yu’s body with a pair of fierce pre-world weapons.

“Damn you!” Pan Yu howled shrilly. Clearly, the pair of swords had made him suffer. He turned back glared at the priest and snarled.

“I am Netherworld. My friend, I need a favor from you!”

A cloud rose from Netherworld Priest’s head. Netherworld Hierarch, the eighteen hells clone, and a clone that was wrapped in dark mists were sitting on the cloud with their legs crossed. Simultaneously, they opened their eyes and sent out a wave of black and white thunderbolts.

Pan Yu laughed with rage. Without casting a magic or using a special ability, he directly pressed a palm down on Netherworld Priest.

Along with a thunderous sound, Netherworld Priest let Pan Yu crush his body, without putting up any struggle.

On the cloud, Netherworld Priest’s three cones exploded into pieces like shattering glass bottles. Pan Yu laughed triumphantly, but Netherworld Priest’s voice came out of the bronze gate, “Thank you, my friend. After you die, you will be invited to the eighteen hells of Pan Gu world to suffer forever.”

The space quaked. The eighteen hells of Pan Gu world which existed since the world was created suddenly began shaking. In accordance with a mysterious sequence, the eighteen hells lined up vertically in the Netherworld.

Netherworld Priest’s body collapsed and his soul merged with the eighteen hells, which were connected with the supreme great Dao. Netherworld Priest laughed out loud. With his laughter, he announced the rebirth of the eighteen hells and the Netherworld!

The pair of swords which stuck in Pan Yu’s body suddenly fell apart, becoming eighteen streaks of sword light that left eighteen deep wounds on Pan Yu’s body.


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