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The Magus Era – Chapter 1891 – WN

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Chapter 1891: Together

In Yao Mountain City, numberless archers gazed at Feng Xing seriously.

In terms of art of archery, they might not be as good as Feng Xing, but they were not much worse either. They were all Eastern Wasteland elites. If they combined their powers, they would be stronger than Feng Xing by a hundred folds.

But, the bow held in Feng Xing’s hands was the Yi bow, the greatest treasure of Eastern Wasteland.

Even Feng Xing failed to hurt Pan Yu…Seeing this, not even the proudest Eastern Wasteland archer dared to guarantee that he could do a harm to Pan Yu!

The arrows which had been flying out of Feng Xing’s hands were not only arrows, but also the belief of Eastern Wasteland people, their spirits, their highest totem!

Countless Eastern Wasteland archers stared at Feng Xing’s bow, their eyes burning with passion. Strands of pure and sharp faith power flew into the bow, and suddenly, a ten-thousand-meters-tall, especially strong figure with extra-long and muscular arms emerged behind Feng Xing.

The figure’s hands were empty. He slightly lowered his head and raised both arms, as if pulling an invisible bow. A thunder blast across the sky, leaving a thin crack on the dark clouds which loomed on Yao Mountain City.

Following the figure’s move, Feng Xing slowly pulled his bow open, with exactly the same movements. Streams of natural powers gathered towards the bow, along with the faith power of countless Eastern Wasteland archers. A dazzling, golden, giant arrow emerged on the bowstring!

“Kill!” Countless Eastern Wasteland roared in one voice. They boosted their spirit blood and generated the strongest roar of their lives. Their blood boiled, and their faith power erupted like volcanos. At the moment, all their powers were connected with Feng Xing!

Shining dazzlingly, the enormous golden arrow transformed into a tens of thousands of meters long streak of golden light, momentarily flashed across hundreds of millions of miles, and struck at Pan Yu’s chest.

In Yao Mountain City, including Feng Xing, all Eastern Wasteland archers vomited blood and fell powerlessly to the ground with softened limbs. This arrow strike nearly drained Feng Xing’s life-force, also consuming a big half of the spirit blood of all Eastern Wasteland archers in Yao Mountain City.


A raging fire rose from Pan Yu’s chest. The giant golden arrow shattered, and a trace of golden light flashed across Pan Yu’s chest, then disappeared.

Pan Yu laughed. He slightly widened his mouth and let out dense clouds of dark mist, then said, “For this little woman…Interesting! You actually gathered the powers of so many people to attack me?”

Shaking his head slightly, Pan Yu continued with a deep voice, “Your world is interesting. You are actually united to fight against the enemy, aren’t you? Such things, in Pan Yu world…”

Such things would never happen in Pan Yu world. Yu Clan nobles wouldn’t trust anyone but themselves. All their selfishness came from Pan Yu. His goal was devouring anything to strengthen himself. He was an extremely selfish and ruthless being.

To Pan Yu, ‘trust’ was a way too luxurious and useless concept.

He didn’t need to trust anyone anyway. He believed that everything around him would eventually be devoured by him, so why would he trust anyone?

“Why fight back? Why struggle? You are derived from me, and you should come back to me!” Pan Yu stared at Yemo Shanye and said, “You have been free for too long. Your existence is a mistake. Now, it’s time to fix it.”

A giant black hole suddenly emerged from Pan Yu’s erect eye, as an invisible devouring power fiercely approached Yemo Shanye.

Yao Mountain City’s defensive formation collapsed, and the heaven began shaking. According to Ji Hao’s design, the entire Yao Mountain City was connected with earth meridians, natural stars, and the divine heaven and earth formation in the heaven.

Pan Yu intended to devour the non-humankind beings in Pan Yu world. Therefore, a direct conflict burst between his devouring power and Yao Mountain City!

The tremendous devouring power drowned the city like a flood, surging in all directions through the smooth magic shield of Yao Mountain City. Around the city, in the lava rivers, flowing sands, poisonous swamps, the blood sea, and every line of defense that Ji Hao designed, the bodies of countless warriors broke into pieces. Dragons and phoenixes were crushed, countless spirit creatures shrieked when vanishing, and numberless blood sea ghosts and half-dragon warriors were shredded by the devouring power.

Pan Yu was gulping. The devouring power peeled off Yao Mountain City’s shield bit by bit. In the meanwhile, uncountable Yao Mountain City warriors had been swallowed by him.

Ao Hao, who called himself Ao Titian, became a cloud of blood mist along with tens of ancient dragon kings. Some proud phoenixes had their feathers fallen off and their bodies turned into ashes before they could fly away.

The shrimp and crab warriors under Shermie’s command dove deeply into the blood sea. But, before they reached three-thousand-meters in depth, the blood sea was raised into the sky by the invisible devouring power and evaporated. Countless shrimp and crab warriors cried, then exploded.

Large groups of spirit creatures under Wuzhi Qi and Yuanli’s command had been screaming shrilly. Facing Pan Yu, they were completely defenseless. Even before they figured out what was happening, their souls perished…


Along with a thunderous noise, the vast Yao Mountain City quaked. Countless thin cracks appeared on the ground, as the devouring power was trying to unroot the entire city and send it into Pan Yu’s mouth.

The divine heaven and earth formation vibrated intensely, trying its best to keep Yao Mountain City from flying up. But, even the heaven was shaking, seeming to fall from the sky. Cracks appeared in many areas of the heaven, spurting raging fires and dense smokes.

On the city wall of Yao Mountain City, Yu Mu stood in front of the exhausted Feng Xing as he raised the Disease God Streamer high. He shook his head, gave Pan Yu a helpless bitter smile, then sprayed a mouthful of blood on the streamer.

The streamer immediately fell apart, transformed into the evilest disease curse, and struck at Pan Yu.

Pan Yu scornfully glanced at the streamer, then carelessly swallowed it!

Yu Mu burst into howls and began vomiting blood. His body shrank rapidly, as if being drained of spirit blood.

On the city wall, Taisi, who had always been a little silly, suddenly raised his head. His eyes glowed like luminous cat eyes as he seriously said to Shaosi, “The other day, I carefully counted my children. I now have one-thousand and two-hundred children. So, my bloodline will never die.”

While chuckling, Taisi bit off a small half of his tongue and spat it on the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book along with a large mouthful of blood, then thudded his forehead on the earth.

Shaosi gave a shrill scream. Her long black hair suddenly turned pale white as she cast a complicated spell, locked her fingers together, and pressed towards Pan Yu.


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