The Magus Era

The Magus Era – Chapter 1890 – WN

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Chapter 1890: Nothing Worse then Death

A black mist loomed on the entire Pan Gu Motherland.

The sun gave forth no more light, causing the world to become dark. Yu Clan saints vanished from the mist one after another. They and their worlds all collapsed amidst Pan Yu’s greedy, endless devouring.

“You are derived from me, and you will eventually come back to me!” Pan Yu’s deep laughter echoed across the whole Pan Gu world like a nightmare.

As Pan Yu devoured more and more Yu Clan saints and their worlds, his tens of thousands of miles tall body was shrinking. The more Yu Clan saints died, the more solid his body got.

Gradually, he shrank to about ten-thousand-meters tall. His entire body was wrapped in flowing black lights, as countless dazzling marks of Dao sparkled on his transparent, glass-like, dark skin. A deep buzzing noise was spreading from his body, and merely this buzzing noise was shaking Ji Hao’s embryo of Dao and internal organs.

Waves of clear, strong black light roared in all directions like a tsunami.

The two masters, Fuxi, Shennong, Xuanyuan, Suiren, and the other former human emperors, even Ji Hao, Po, Xuandu, Guangcheng… Each time the black light swept across their bodies, everyone would suffer an unbearable pain, as their life-force would suddenly be drained by the black light. Their spirit blood was destabilized, and they couldn’t even keep their legs still as they fell down from the sky one after another.

In the dark mist, Yu Meng and all the other Yu Clan saints had all vanished. With the help of the Praying and Sanctification altar, they became saints. But, before they could taste the highest power of ruling the great Dao of a world, they were crushed like ants, thrown into mud, and erased from the universe.

Pan Yu quietly floated in the midair with his arms spread out. An enormous black hole had been spinning slowly before his chest. Inside his chest, the three suns and nine moons were vibrating, causing muffled rumbling clashes.

“Finally, all back?” Pan Yu raised his head. A dark beam of light shone out of his erect eye and pierced directly into the higher sky. A long, long while alter, he murmured with a deep voice, “Hmm, no… Pan Yu world had millions of portals that led to other worlds, but I have only killed about a hundred thousand saints here…”

“It seems that many, many, many descendants of mine have been waiting for me to bring them back. Their blood, flesh, souls, spirits… everything they have, including their worlds, are all mine!” Pan Yu laughed happily, “Every one of my descendants is the brightest lighthouse, a dazzling Chaos mark. I will find and reclaim them one by one!”

Waves of black light had been spreading in all directions. Wherever the dark light reached, all of the natural laws were twisted, broken, and devoured. Including the two masters, people on the scene weren’t able to fly anymore. Everyone just stood on the ground with confusion as they looked at Pan Yu.

“You…” Pan Yu lowered his head and looked at Ji Hao and the others. Shaking his head, he hissed with laughter, “No, it’s not the time to enjoy you yet. There are still some small desserts left. Shall I have them first?”

Pan Yu turned around and released two dark bolts of thunder from his erect eye.

One thunderbolt struck on the non-humankind camp which was located in the eastern side of Yao Mountain City, while the other one fell into the western non-humankind camp.

The hundreds of millions of miles squared camps vanished quietly. The warriors from countless worlds were suddenly frozen as a dark whirlwind spiraled up from the earth. Within a bright black light, their bodies turned into strands of black mist that rose into the sky and were swallowed by Pan Yu.

“As I thought, quantity can’t replace quality.” Pan Yu shook his head with dissatisfaction and said, “Flavorless, not good… The energy provided by the blood and flesh of all these creatures together wasn’t even as good as one saint. But, this place is finally clean and quiet.”

After chuckling, Pan Yu opened his mouth and made a deep inhalation. The Pan Yu world nobles’ camp located in the northern side of Yao Mountain City suddenly disappeared amidst a dark wind. Countless Pan Yu world nobles shrieked before vanishing in the dark wind.

Pan Yu nodded in satisfaction, then turned to Liang Zhu City, “Little things, you’re the only ones left in this world. Come on, come back to me. You are derived from me, so you should naturally come back to me. After finishing you, I will be enjoying this world.”

As Pan Yu pointed at Liang Zhu City, a series of popping noise could be heard without an end. The heads of countless Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan people exploded, then their bodies burst into blood mist and merged into bloodstreams, flying towards Pan Yu.

Yemo Luoye stood on top of the city wall as she gazed into the sky in the south, eyes filled with desperation.

Not only her, all alive non-humankind beings stood on the city wall, eyes fixed on the south. Nothing but Pan Yu’s horrifying figure existed in their eyes. Even though it was hundreds of millions of miles away, Pan Yu’s ten-thousand-meters-tall body filled up their sights. They could see him… They could only see him. His figure was like a glowing searing-iron, sinking deeply into their eyes.

“How can this happen?” Yemo Luoye burst into hysterical streams, “Our Yu Dynasty…”

Following a muffled boom, all living beings in Liang Zhu City were wiped out. Including Yemo Luoye, numberless non-humankind beings became blood mist and flew to Pan Yu.

“Sister!” In Yao Mountain City, Yemo Shanye kneeled on the ground and cried herself hoarse. Sadness and desperation dominated her face.

All the Yu Clan, Jia Clan and Xiu Clan people who were kept captive by Ji Hao years ago cried out loud. They walked out of the houses that Ji Hao arranged for them, gazed at the north, and shed tears over their losses. Some of them even fell to the ground and twitched in desperation.

Through the special bloodline connections, these non-humankind captives in Yao Mountain City sensed the destruction of Pan Yu world, and the death of their families. They also felt the incoming disaster. Pan Yu, this legendary creator of Pan Yu world, was destroying everything he had created!

“The three suns and nine moons!” The only remaining non-humankind beings kneeled on the ground and desperately prayed to their spirit totems with dry voices.

“Here, more!” Pan Yu turned back and grinned at Yao Mountain City, then swung a hand at the city.

Feng Xing shielded Yemo Shanye. He pulled open the Yi bow and shot arrows at Pan Yu with all his power.

The arrows fell like a rain. The arrow lights tore apart the space, penetrated the dark mist, and fell on Pan Yu’s body one after another. The arrows exploded on Pan Yu’s body, but Feng Xing seemed to not be able to see them. He burned his spirit blood to boost the power of the Yi bow, risking his life to attack Pan Yu!

Yemo Shanye was behind him.

Even though she was a non-humankind girl…

Feng Xing laughed proudly, “She’s my girl. If you want to kill her, I’ll kill you…If I can’t defeat you, nothing worse than death will happen!”


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