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Chapter 1889: Consumption

Pan Gu Motherland, on the old site of Buzhou Mountain…

After Ji Hao pulled out the broken Buzhou Mountain and forged it into the Pan Gu bell, a bottomless hole was left in this area. Because of Pan Gu Motherland’s strong self-healing ability, this hole disappeared in months. By now, Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain City towered in here.

Right under Yao Mountain City, in the core of Pan Gu Motherland, countless ancient poisonous fire bubbles had been squeezing and bumping against each other. Occasionally, a fire bubble exploded and sent a wave of purple and dark-red flame streaks bursting in all direction. The flames blasted and caused thunderous booms, seeming about to even tear the entire world apart.

By slightly touching this earth fire bubbles which were generated over billions of years, an ordinary man would immediately die, his body would vanish, and soul would perish.

Even a powerful being protected by pre-world supreme treasures or spirit treasures like Po could be hurt by an exploding fire bubble in this place if he were careless. He might suffer severe injuries, and even his foundation of Dao could be damaged.

Even a saint could be hurt if wrapped in this area. Deep in this sea of fire, earth fire bubbles have been exploding day and night. Over time, the poisonous fire would pollute the saint’s body and affect his cultivation, even downgrading this saint.

Among numberless fire bubbles, Priest Yun and Priest Jun were confronting each other, tens of thousands of miles apart.

An enormous white disc was faintly visible behind Priest Jun’s body. Priest Yun also had a disc behind him, in the color of gray, and was about ten percent smaller than Priest Jun’s.

The two discs looked heavy like jade boards, and were both thickly covered in sparkling spell symbols. Three-thousand strands of mist were released from each disc, connected with the world and stabilizing Pan Gu Motherland. Every strand of mist was glowing with a dazzling light, giving out an inexhaustible power of Dao. If any ordinary man dared to cast a glance at any strand of mist, his soul would definitely be crushed under the tremendous power of Dao.

They were tens of thousands of miles apart, and neither of them had been making a move. They breathed slowly while looking at each other. Within every breath, a lotus would rise from each of their heads, flying towards the other one at lightning speed.

Their lotuses collided violently in the air, then vanished silently, without generating a spark of fire, any light, or the slightest sound. But, after each pair of lotuses vanished, the glow of the poisonous earth fire bubbles would dim a little, and the fire’s temperature would drop slightly.

The battle between them seemed to be peaceful, but in fact, it was extremely dangerous.

Any slight exchange of moves that happened between them would directly cause the neutralization and consumptions of Pan Gu world’s original power. The power contained in any of the lotuses which bumped against each other and vanished was as great as the entire cultivation of a saint!

Within every breath, an amount of power equal to the total power of two saints would vanish from Pan Gu world because of this battle between Priest Yun and Priest Jun!

This vanished power was like the blood shed by Pan Gu world. If this silent but heavy power consumption continued like this, the entire Pan Gu world could collapse because of an exhaustion of original power.

Again, a lotus rose from each of their heads. The two lotuses hit against each other in the earth fire and then vanished quietly.

Priest Jun laughed abruptly, “Are you really gonna make this go on? Without your helpers, how can you possibly win?”

Shaking his head, Priest Jun laughed as well. “You’re right. I’m not as good as you are. But, you’re alone now. You can’t ever seal me again. Back in the old days, if your three disciples, Spirit Wa, Donggong, Ximu, Netherworld Priest, Priest Mu, and Priest Hua didn’t all help you, how could you ever seal me in the great Dao?”

Giving a long sigh, Priest Yun laughed delightfully, “Since then, I knew that I couldn’t fight alone. So, the three ‘Pengs’ became my disciples, Priest Hu and Priest Hua ‘accidentally’ guided sky devils here, and the monsters from Pan Yu world have been intruding into this world.”

“I planned and prepared for years. Today, I finally see the results. How many efforts did you plan to spend in order to deal with Pan Yu? Or, are you going to fight me till the end, regardless of the safely of Pan Gu world?”

“I just want to replace you, and become the only spirit of Pan Gu world. But Pan Yu is not like me. He wants to devour the entire Pan Gu world. He wants to destroy this world!” Priest Yun smiled brightly and continued, “So, based on what I know about you, you will save your greatest power for Pan Yu, won’t you?”

“But, he’s not so easy to deal with.” Priest Yun gave a large grin and squeezed his eyes into a pair of curves as he said, “Or, are you preparing to go deal with Pan Yu after the winner is determined between us? Now, every exchange of our moves will consume the original power of Pan Gu world. Aren’t you worried about over-consumption? Even if you can seal me again, will Pan Gu world have enough power left to fight against Pan Yu?”

Priest Jun frowned and remained silent. Three lotuses rose from his head in a row and struck at Priest Yun in a triangular formation.

Priest Yun carelessly waved a hand and sent out three lotuses to vanish together with Priest Jun’s.

“We are well-matched in strength, and our powers are similar. You understand the great Dao of Pan Gu world deeper than I do, but you can’t do anything to me, not alone…Are you really gonna let Pan Yu do whatever he wants?”

Priest Yun maintained the bright smile on his face as he threw both arms forward and created a large light screen. Through the screen, Priest Yun and Priest Jun saw Priest Dachi, Priest Qignwei, and Priest Yu Yu fighting intensely against the three ‘Pengs’ in Yu Yu’s sword formation in the Chaos.

Shockingly, even with the help of Yu Yu’s sword formation, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, Priest Yu Yu were being forced back. Facing the three ‘Pengs’, they could barely breathe.

“These are just three clones. Your disciples created them when cutting the ‘three corpses’ out of their bodies. How can they ever win against the three good disciples of mine?” Asked Priest Yun proudly, “Where are the real three disciples of yours? Why don’t they do a thing? Are they even abandoning their ‘three corpses’ clones?”

Priest Jun remained silent, while Priest Yun burst into laughter.

“Why am I so happy when seeing your helpless face? In the old days, in order to root the three ‘Pengs’ out, you taught people how to cut the ‘three corpses’ out…Shame, shame, that was such a profound and hard thing to do. How many people in the whole Pan Gu world managed to cut out the ‘three corpses’ with your technique?”

“With no other choice, you told the human emperor to destroy the ancient records, and wipe out the information about all ancient powerful beings.”

“As long as human beings did not call the three ‘Pengs’ names, the ‘three corpses’ would stay asleep inside their bodies. As long as human beings did not know about Original Devil, their hearts would stay calm, and evil thoughts will never grow…This was actually a good plan. If human beings continued living a simple and natural life like they did in the ancient time, how could I ever get a chance to be free?”

“Sadly, sadly…Human beings can’t always be so simple and honest, can they?”

Ten lotuses vanished in the earth fire in a row while Priest Yun’s laughter even quaked the earth core.


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