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The Magus Era – Chapter 1888 – WN

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Chapter 1888: Die Here

“This sword…must be mine” Finally, Pan Yu showed a trace of shock on his expressionless face, which previously looked like an entire piece of glass. He immediately turned back and looked at Ji Hao, while instinctively covering his almost completely cleaved waist with both hands.

Large amounts of black blood spurted out of the enormous wound. Pan Gu shook his upper body and widely opened his mouth to take a deep inhalation towards Yu Hu’s blood. Within the blood mist, Pan Jin world collapsed thoroughly. After swallowing all of the blood mist, dark threads began reaching out of the wound on his waist.

Black blood threads wove together, and the wound began healing along with a sizzling noise.

But, a dark sword light lingered in the wound, shredding all the interweaving blood threads. So many people had combined their powers and tried, but failed to do any actual harm to Pan Yu. However, after being wounded by a Ji Hao with one sword move, Pan Yu actually couldn’t heal himself within a short span!

Pan Yu couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes. “This sword must be mine!” He emphasized.

Pan Yu stopped paying attention to the group of Yu Clan saints, who were flying all over the sky like flies. Instead, he slowly turned around and reached both hands out to Ji Hao, letting his blood flood out of the wound on his waist. Thick black clouds wrapped around his hands and released a terrifying devouring power.

Tens of Yu Clan saints accidentally got too close to Pan Yu, and ended up being swirled into the dark clouds. They screamed as they uncontrollably flew into Pan Yu’s hands and exploded into a blood mist.

In the Chaos, tens of differently scaled worlds collapsed into tremendous natural power streams that flew into the black holes in the world cores, then being devoured by the dark clouds in Pan Yu’s hands through a mysterious connection, and from far distances away.

This time, Pan Yu gave up on torturing them slowly and tasting them one by one. Instead, he started an efficient slaughter.

Along with the vast original world power, a giant amount of natural powers flew ceaselessly into Pan Yu’s body, being absorbed by him. The wound on his waist healed inch by inch. Strong natural powers flashed through the black sword light inside his wound and gradually wore out the sharp sword intent. Afterward, the wound healed quicker and quicker.

Ji Hao drew back. He was smarter than trying to fight Pan Yu face to face.

Pan Yu fixed his erect eye on Ji Hao and chased after him with giant steps. Dense black clouds had been rising from this tens of thousands of miles tall body. His body corroded the space in Pan Gu world and left a dark trace behind, which could not be fixed in a while. Uncontrollably, countless crying and screaming Yu Clan saints followed behind Pan Yu and fell towards Ji Hao through this dark trace.

Some poor ones touched this dark and completely empty trace. In a moment, their spirit blood was drained, and their worlds collapsed into torrents of natural power that flew into Pan Yu’s body.

Cries, begging, shrieks, and howls echoed through the entire world, while waves of attack landed on Pan Yu’s body, broke the space, and quaked the entire starry void.

Ji Hao maintained the pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation with difficulty. The invisible magnetic force field washed against Pan Yu’s body like tides and slowed him down as much as possible, keeping him from catching up with Ji Hao.

But, Pan Yu was way too powerful, that once he moved, the entire sword formation was vibrated. The tremendous vibration force struck on Ji Hao’s body and embryo of Dao through the connection between Ji Hao and the sword formation, bringing him an unbearable pain that disturbed his embryo of Dao and made his power unstable. Ji Hao also noticed that Pan Yu had been causing serious damages to Pan Gu world by moving his gigantic body.

Ji Hao’s heart thumped. He suddenly rose high into the sky, prepared to bring Pan Yu out of Pan Gu world and fight him in the Chaos.

He kept flying up at his highest speed. He didn’t know how long he took to reach above the sky, but before he rushed out of the natural screen of Pan Gu world, a figure suddenly showed up, blocking Ji Hao’s way. That was Evil Yu Yu.

A faintly audible voice sounded around Ji Hao’s ears, which was Evil Yu Yu talking to him, “Good disciple, do not leave Pan Gu world. Stall Pan Yu right here…I really didn’t think that Fuxi and the others could forge a magical treasure like Praying and Sanctification altar, and turn all these non-humankind monsters into saints!”

“Pan Yu can destroy their worlds from here and absorb the original power of those worlds…But, through such long distances, he can’t devour those worlds entirely. As long as he stays in Pan Gu world, over sixty percent of those worlds’ original power will be absorbed by Pan Gu world.”

Ji Hao’s eyes immediately shone. “Shifu, what do you mean?” He looked at Evil Yu Yu and asked.

“Keep Pan Yu here and stall him. Let him do what he wants…Let those Yu Clan saints all die here.” A frosty light shone out of Evil Yu Yu’s eyes as he said, “That will bring you a tremendous natural reward…This is truly a pleasant surprise!”

Ji Hao turned back and glanced at Pan Yu, who was chasing behind him. He took a deep breath and made another sky-opening strike at Pan Yu.

Facing a sharp sword light, Pan Yu tilted his head to dodge. The tens of thousands of miles long sword light beam drilled into his left shoulder and came out from his right rib area. Pan Yu spat blood, raised both hands, and grabbed tens of poor Yu Clan saints, draining them within a couple of breaths.

“Master Ji Hao!” Yu Meng howled in desperation, “Help us! Kill this monster! How can our ancestor be such a scary monster?”

Ji Hao remained silent. He spread the sword formation as much as he could, then quickly merged his body into it.

Yu Meng, the other Yu Clan saints, and Pan Yu were all dragged into the sword formation. The two masters followed up and dove into the sword formation on their own initiatives. Po and the other priests roared out loud, rushing into the sword formation, along with Fuxi and the other powerful human beings, without any hesitation.

The sword power pierced into the sky. Countless people surrounded Pan Yu in the sword formation and attacked him ferociously. The space was shaking while those colony world nobles, who drained the natural fortune of their worlds and became saints with the help of the altar, were harvested and devoured by Pan Yu like wild grasses.

Pan Yu’s giant hands followed behind Ji Hao. Ji Hao transformed into an extremely thin streak of light and flashed around Pan Yu’s body. He gradually restrained the power of the Pan Gu sword and cut at the latter’s hands over and over again.

Pan Yu cautiously dodged, avoiding touching the lights of the Pan Gu sword.

Ji Hao continued circling around Pan Yu while dense clouds of dark mist wrapped the latter’s body. Within the mist, large groups of Yu Clan saints fell silently.


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