The Magus Era Chapter 1887: Great Sword – WN

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When Ji Hao made this sword move, everyone else was fighting with full power.

The space fell apart, and the Chaos power boiled.

Countless people surrounded Pan Yu and attacked again and again, like some headless flies flying around a mountain, attempting to tear it down with their fragile bodies!

Yu Meng, Yu Hu, and some other colony world saints didn’t know how many times they had been slapped away by Pan Yu. They couldn’t stop vomiting blood; their faces were ghastly pale and their powers unstable. They seemed to even directly fall from the level of saints that they had achieved not long ago.

They didn’t remember how many times they had attacked Pan Yu or now many holes they left on his body, or how many of their friends died in his hands. Many familiar faces were gone, and some of their close friends had died, but Pan Yu continued floating in the air, unhurriedly waving his arms, as if nothing serious was happening.

Following a thunderous roar, Xing Tian raised his giant axe and charged at Pan Yu. Pan Yu flicked him away again with a finger. Millions of miles away, Xing Tian’s body exploded into blood mist. But within a blink, the blood mist merged back into Xing Tian’s body. Xing Tian charged again at Pan Yu, showing no fear to death. One more time, Pan Yu flicked him away.

Fuxi, Xuanyuan, Shennong, Suiren, and the other former emperors stood tremblingly on clouds as they looked at Pan Yu with pale faces. They had been through a lot. But still, an unreasonably powerful being like Pan Yu made them feel powerless and hopeless.

They couldn’t break him, nor kill him. No matter how badly they hurt him, he could recover momentarily by devouring a poor Yu Clan saint.

Emperor Xuanyuan had already taken the Xuanyuan sword back from Si Wen Ming. He made hundreds of sword strikes on Pan Yu with all his power, but failed to leave even a scar. His heart was shaken; that nearly indestructible and determined heart of sword was almost broken.

If the two masters, who were trapped in Pan Gu world by the natural fortune of the humankind, hadn’t been struggling against Pan Yu, some of the group of former human emperors would have fallen long ago.

Yu Hu burst into a shrill scream, as he was turned into a cloud of blood mist by Pan Yu. The blood mist spread all over the sky. Pan Yu slightly opened his mouth and inhaled towards the blood. A metal world emerged from the blood mist. Everyone on the scene saw the metal creatures which were running about in that world.

A strand of pure original world power erupted from the blood mist and flew into Pan Yu’s mouth. The metal world collapsed immediately, breaking into pieces. Countless metal creatures shrieked and cried while their bodies fell apart, turning into streams of natural powers that disappeared into the suddenly emerged black hole in the core of the world.

“Yu Hu!” Yu Meng and the other Yu Clan saints screamed. They shook their heads madly, splashing their cold sweat all over like a rain. Some of them shrieked hoarsely, turned around, and fled towards the outside of Pan Gu world with all their powers.

Heroes who were willing to fight to death could hardly be found among Yu Clan people. At this moment, abandoning their comrades and running was their natural instinct.

Pan Yu gave a sarcastic smile. While swallowing Yu Hu’s Pan Jin world, he spread his hands and created a dark swirl to drag all the fleeing Yu Clan saints back to him. As same as before, they couldn’t run.


A dazzling pagoda fell on Pan Yu’s head, raising a cloud of purple mist.

Within the golden light, a torrent of black blood spurted up for tens of thousands of miles. The great master gripped the giant pagoda with both hands and struck on Pan Yu’s head over and over again. But, Pan Yu merely rolled up his eye and cast a glimpse at the great master, before a dark thunderbolt flew out of that erect eye and sent the great maser flying away again.

The second master growled out loud. A golden lotus emerged under his feet while beams of golden light shone out of his body along with nicely scented mists. His body turned purely golden, quickly expanding to eight-hundred-thousand miles tall. Along with rumbling thunder, he became a four-faced, eight-armed golden giant. A raging fire burst from the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears of the four furious-looking faces. Each of the eight arms gripped a powerful weapon and swung at Pan Yu.

“The natural fortune of the humankind…If you want me to risk my life for you, support me!”

The second maser roared sonorously. As he waved a hand towards Pan Gu Motherland, a stream of natural fortune power roared up from the earth, flew into his eight weapons. The eight golden weapons suddenly burst with a dazzling light as they struck on Pan Yu’s head like raindrops along with the second master’s thunderous voice.

Black blood squirted out. This full strike from the second master broke the skin on Pan Yu’s head, and even left a deep wound on his skull.

Pan Yu snorted coldly and raised his left hand. Along with a thunderous sound, six of the second master’s eight arms were blasted, while a half of his golden body was crushed. He stepped back quickly while vomiting blood.

Pan Yu’s giant hand penetrated the space and reached to the second master. “I was going to save you for the last, but since you want to die so badly, I can just enjoy the banquet ahead of schedule. Hehe, I smell Chaos spirit plants from you…You have very rich original powers. Eating you must be good for me!”

Seeing that the second master was going to fall in Pan Yu’s hands and Ji Hao’s sword light was about to land on Pan Yu, the group of priests around Ji Hao all made their moves.

Priest Xuandu raised a Taiji pattern to shield the second master from Pan Yu’s hand. Priest Guangcheng threw a giant seal, which was made from the small half of Buzhou Mountain, at Pan Yu’s face. At the same time, Po raised both arms and sent over ten-thousand powerful treasures towards Pan Yu…

They all tried their best. While making the sword move, Ji Hao spread the pre-world magnetic life and death formation as fast as he could. The Pan Gu bell rang, and streams of Chaos power wove into towering mountains, descending on Pan Yu one after another.

Pan Yu slapped on the Taiji pattern, as a result of which, Xuandu’s face paled immediately. His eyeballs nearly popped out of his eye sockets as he opened his mouth and spat a large mouthful of blood.


Guangcheng’s seal flew back and struck on his chest, denting it deeply. As same as Xuandu, he also vomited blood and flew backward.

Po looked at his treasures and suffered a heartache. Over ten-thousand supreme treasures and spirit treasures shattered on Pan Yu’s body, but only a few bounced back and all struck on Po.

Within a second, the group of priests suffered a severe loss, and only Ji Hao managed to tied Pan Yu firmly up with the invisible magnetic force field in the sword formation. The Chaos power mountains created by the Pan Gu bell bumped into Pan Yu’s body in a row, slowing him down.

Sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish, all living beings reincarnate…

Ji Hao concentrated all his power and strength on this sword move, generating a million-miles-long streak of black sword light from the Pan Gu sword, which swept across Pan Yu’s body.

The Pan Gu sword screamed while Pan Yu roared with rage. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Ji Hao’s sword light cut through his slim body, and broke a big half of his waist!

“Great sword!” Emperor Xuanyuan roared in a pleasant surprise.


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