The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1885: Join Hands in Desperation – WN

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What a monster this Pan Yu was!

Logically speaking, Yu Clan people were his descendants, and he should be protecting them. But, in Pan Yu’s eyes, these powerful Yu Clan people were like the seeds that he had spread. These seeds infected countless worlds, then through them, Pan Yu could devour and absorb everything in those worlds!

Pan Yu was a pernicious source of infection. Devouring and destruction were his instincts. He devoured and destroyed all the worlds he touched to strengthen himself and raise his power. Wherever he reached, nothing but destruction would manifest. And that was the only meaning of his existence.

“People, if you can’t run, why don’t you fight with all your powers?” Si Wen Ming stood on the earth altar. Torrents of natural fortune had been flowing into the nine cauldrons while strands of glow wrapped around his body. His voice echoed through the entire Pan Gu Motherland, “He is the saint who created your world. But, if we are united as one, can’t we kill a saint?”

Si Wen Ming’s voice was like the first ray of the morning sun, illuminating the hopeless hearts of all these colony world saints. “This is Pan Gu world. Constant efforts bring success. If we combined our powers, how can we not have a chance to kill the saint and save our own lives?

Suddenly, thunder burst from Si Wen Ming’s mouth as he growled, “Don’t you want to fight back? Do you want to be slaughtered?”

Hearing him, the Yu Clan nobles who had tried to flee in all directions but were being dragged back by Pan Yu with a mighty power burst into thunderous roars. Yu Clan people were hypocritical, peacockish and evil; they never liked face-to-face battles, and loved to play dirty tricks. But, a cornered beast would do something desperate, and so would these Yu Clan people. When their lives were threatened, they finally triggered the slight fighting spirit inside them!

They had just become saints with the help of the Praying and Sanctification altar. So, how could they be slaughtered like this?

“Kill!” Yu Meng turned back the first and flew at Pan Yu hysterically. Torrents of sand and raging flames were released from his eyes while a whole hundred suns rose from his head, merged into a sea of fire, and struck at Pan Yu.

“Fight!” Yu Hu rushed madly at Pan Yu while shedding tears. “Damn it, damn it, damn it…If I die here, my wife, my lovers, they might follow another guy! Ah, those bloody b*tches! They will certainly marry other men at the first chance they get! I swear that if I can make it back alive, I’ll beat them!”

“My dear lovers…Oh, no, my weak boys, you useless things. If I die, how can you ever live?” A colony world noble named Yu Qian cried, “If I knew this, I would treat you stricter…If I die, my illegitimate children will certainly kill you for my wealth!”

Countless colony world nobles cried out loud and shouted out their greatest worries and regrets while pouncing on Pan Yu like flying moths darting to a fire. They came from millions of colony worlds, and had merged with all kinds of Dao of nature. They were all powerful, and their powers were unpredictable.

Tens of thousands of saint-level colony world nobles launched their moves, shredding the space above Pu Ban City. Dazzling lights flashed into Pan Gu world from Chaos and struck at Pan Yu like ferocious dragons.

When Saint Pan Gu created Pan Gu world with his axe, the world wasn’t mature yet. The power of creation leaked out and attracted countless greedy Chaos monsters. Hence, those powerful Chaos creatures marched to Pan Gu world. Saint Pan Gu defended the world against all Chaos monsters all alone with an axe. And at this moment, Pan Gu world looked almost the same as it was back then.

Pan Yu’s face twitched. “These bad memories make me so uncomfortable…I created Pan Yu world, but I ended up getting injured severely, and nearly died. Twelve children were generated from me, but they tore apart my body, and turned my body into strange weapons.” He murmured in a deep voice.

“They suppressed my indestructible soul and attempted to wear out my spirit with time, so they could share everything I had.” Pan Yu continued, “Even though I managed to seal them too, but our mutual imprisonment…Dark sleep, such an unpleasant memory.”

“You reminded me of these distasteful experiences, so you have to pay!” Pan Yu slowly spread his arms, and a giant dark swirl emerged between his hands. He looked at the countless colony world nobles who charged at him, then laughed with a dry voice, “Despair, cry, then just let me…”


A, tens of thousands of miles long, colorful branch smashed violently on Pan Yu’s forehead and it.

A tens of thousands of miles long wound was left on Pan Yu’s head. Torrents of black blood flooded out and roared into Pan Gu Motherland like a tsunami.

Si Wen Ming stood on the altar as he pointed at the nine cauldrons. Following his resonate roar, the nine cauldrons quaked intensely vibrated all the natural stars and the earth meridians in Pan Gu Motherland. A strong shield rose from the nine cauldrons, soon covering the entire Pan Gu Motherland.

Pan Yu’s black blood splashed on the enormous shield. Si Wen Ming moaned in pain and kneeled on the ground with softened legs. Blood spurted out of his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Even though the nine cauldrons had gathered the power of the world, he still couldn’t take the pressure from Pan Yu’s blood.

“Hit the target!” The smiling second master descended from the sky, with a fierceness hiding under his smile. The brightly glowing staff in his hand landed heavily on Pan Yu’s erect eye and generated a thunderous sound. Pan Yu hurriedly closed his eye and threw out a slap.

The second master didn’t manage to dodge, and was slapped away like a cannonball. A dense, warm mist and bright, golden light gushed out of his body while a series of bone-cracking noises could be heard from his body, sounding like popping corns. But, as the golden light and warm mists swirled, his body was healed.

“What are you waiting for? If you do nothing, you will die first!” The great master raised the colorful branch and struck at Pan Yu while hollering at those colony world saints who had been tremblingly gathering powers in the sky.

Yu Meng, Yu Hu, Yu Qian, and the other colony world nobles were desperate. They looked at Pan Yu, who now had a giant wound on his head, then forcibly boosted their courage and rushed at Pan Yu as hard as they could.

For saving their own lives and wealth, they forcibly drew the original powers of their worlds into their bodies to attack Pan Yu; they did that without any hesitation

As for how badly would that hurt their worlds…Which one of these panicking, desperate, and extremely selfish Yu Clan nobles would care?

Beautiful lights landed on Pan Yu. Following the thunderous explosive sounds, countless holes were left on Pan Yu’s body, miles to tens of miles in radius. Giant amounts of black blood spurted out of his body.


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