The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1884: Suck – WN

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Pan Yu completely neglected the attacks from Fuxi and the other strong human beings. He reached out a hand and crooked a finger towards the ruins of the peaceful world, which were far away.

Along with a shrill, hopeless scream, Yu Ji appeared in Pa Yu’s hand instantly. He was defenseless; he struggled and howled, but his nearly inexhaustible power had become like frozen water, no longer being activated.

“Children, you are derived from me. How can you fight against me?” Pan Yu smilingly shook his head to Yu Ji and sighed. “Your souls have merged with the great Dao of Pan Yu world. Now, Pan Yu world is me, and I am Pan Yu world. But, you tried to fight me with my own power. How ridiculous!”

Pan Yu slightly opened his mouth and inhaled deeply. Again, a shriek could be heard as Yu Ji’s body exploded into a cloud of blood mist. The dense blood mist momentarily spread to tens of millions of miles away, then became a stream of blood and was swallowed by Pan Yu.

Fuxi and the other human beings stopped fighting. They shielded the altar with their bodies while coldly looking at Pan Yu.

Since Pan Yu had only been hunting the saints from Pan Yu world…Fuxi and the other powerful human beings weren’t holy mothers. The group of Pan Yu saints didn’t come to Pan Gu world with good intentions. Therefore, they didn’t have the mood to save these Pan Yu saints.

“So useless!” Shreds of sword shadow sparkled around Emperor Xuanyuan’s body as he said with a deep and strong voice, “These so-called saints brought themselves to the world of saints with the powers of their world. Their world gave them the power, but it also destroys them. Hah… When their world turns against them, what can they possibly do?”

“You’re right. Only pure strength truly belongs to us human beings! Even as Supreme Magi, human beings need to remember that only their own powers truly belong to them! So, we human beings should not touch the Dao of nature…” Said Xing Tian with a muffled voice. He had found another axe, gripping it with both hands.

Xing Tian drummed his chest and laughed, “This strong body is our own power!”

“Like Saint Pan Gu…” Taihao smiled and said proudly.

Yu Fen, Yu Luang, Yu Tu…The group of Pan Yu saints were seized and swallowed by Pan Yu one after another. Facing Pan Yu, they were completely defenseless. Pan Yu devoured these Pan Yu saints with satisfaction, as if having an appetizer.

He raised his hands and quickly calculated with his fingers, then smiled, nodded, and said, “I’ve eaten all Pan Yu saints…Now, what’s left…Oh, a clone!”

If one compared the great Dao to a plate, the souls of saints, which had merged with the great Dao, were like pearls in water. The ones outside the great Dao couldn’t find the souls of saints, because they couldn’t touch the great Dao, and hence, the souls of the saints. Therefore, to them, saints were immortal and unbreakable.

But, Pan Yu had merged into one with the great Dao of Pan Yu world. He was like a man standing right beside the plate, looking down at the entire plate. Naturally, he saw every single one of the pearls in the plate.

In the camp which was sealed by Ji Hao’s sword formation, Yu Huo’s clone was curled up in a broken tent, trembling. Suddenly, he burst into a hopeless scream while being dragged into the sky by a strong force.

He fell into Pan Yu’s hand, who smiled and nodded at him, then said, “The great Dao of soul… The souls of the people in this part of Dao are always fresh, ever-changing, and exceptionally rich in taste.”

Before Yu Huo’s clone could beg for mercy, Pan Yu took in a deep breath. Yu Huo’s clone turned into a cloud of mist and was swallowed by Pan Yu.

“Now, I’ve eaten all, except these twelve naughty kids!” Yu Huo grinned brightly, then cast his ‘warm’ eyes on the group of colony world nobles on the altar, who had just become saints with the help of the Praying and Sanctification altar. “My kids, you are derived from me too. Are you willing to come back to me?” He said gently.

“Master Si Wen Ming!” The group of colony world saints burst into tears.

Si Wen Ming smiled. The nine cauldrons slightly spun above his head as he eased the pressure for these poor ones.

These colony world nobles felt their bodies suddenly turning lighter. They immediately rose into the sky and transformed their bodies into streaks of light to flash through the space. They cried, screamed, and howled. Without taking even one glance at the armies that they brought from their colony worlds, they fled to the Chaos outside Pan Gu world at their highest speeds.

Pu Ban City now looked like a firework tube, as countless beams of light burst from it. The fastest ones approached the natural screen of Pan Gu world within three seconds, and were about to dive into the Chaos.

“Run?” Pan Yu murmured, “That makes me sad! You’re all my children!”

He slowly reached out his hands and said in a deep voice, “The power of the dark sun… Didn’t you crazily follow and worship it?” An enormous black vortex emerged between his hand while a tremendous attractive force momentarily covered the entire Pan Gu world. This attractive force was ineffective for Pan Gu world creatures, but it immediately froze all the desperately fleeting colony world saints.

The attractive force tied them up firmly, then dragged them slowly back to Pan Yu’s hands.

“Don’t run, come back!” Pan Yu widely opened his erect eye and said in a deep voice, “No one can run, not even one. If even one of you escaped, my body won’t be perfect. So, just come back to me!”

Apparently, freezing so many saint-level Yu Clan nobles and dragging them all back was a difficult thing to Pan Yu. These running saints were being dragged back to Pan Yu at an extremely slow speed. Pan Yu pulled too hard, that clouds of warm dark mist even puffed up from his body from time to time.

In front of everyone else, the slowest saint was dragged back to Pan Yu.

As he pointed at this saint, this saint’s body swelled uncontrollably, to millions of miles tall. Next, Pan Yu gripped this saint, put his mouth near it, then put this saint’s head into his mouth. Then, he sucked, as if drinking some kind of juice.

In the Chaos, a medium-scale world suddenly collapsed inwards. The original power and measureless amounts of natural powers of this world were all devoured by a tiny black hole, then magically emerged inside the body of this saint who was being sucked by Pan Yu.

Through this poor saint’s body, torrents of original world power and vast natural powers flew into Pan Yu’s mouth.

“Delicious!” Pan Yu grinned, “Every one of you is a drinking straw for me to conveniently devour your worlds. Nothing can be more convenient than this.”

The faces of Fuxi and the other strong human beings paled as they fiercely glared at Pan Yu.


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