The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1883: Pan Yu’s Fierce Power – WN

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Pu Ban City, on the altar…

Nine giant cauldrons floated above Si Wen Ming’s head. Clouds and smoke coiled up from the cauldrons while the natural fortune of the humankind merging into torrents, flowing into them. The nine cauldrons glowed brightly and released waves of wild and heavy powers, which boiled and surged as the space was suffused with a terrifying pressure.

This pressure had no effect on human beings, and couldn’t even harm a human baby.

However, under this pressure, the group of colony world nobles who had gathered the faith power from all living beings in their colony worlds with the help of the altar, and forcibly merged themselves with the great Dao of nature of their colony worlds to break into the level of saints, felt like countless mountains were lying on both their bodies and souls, bending their bodies and suffocating them.

Logically speaking, they had already broken into that measurelessly high, mysterious level, and any of them should be able to crush Si Wen Ming with a finger.

But, this was Pan Gu world. Si Wen Ming established Great Xia as the new human emperor. At the moment, the natural fortune of the entire humankind had gathered on Si Wen Ming, and the nine cauldrons served as the foundation of Great Xia. At this very moment, these nine powerful cauldrons, which were forged by Si Wen Ming himself, were connected with the Pan Gu world through the flooding natural fortune of the humankind.

The nine cauldrons had become nine special paths that gathered the tremendous power of the entire world, and mercilessly laid it on Yu Meng, Yu Hu, and the other colony world nobles.

If Si Wen Ming went astray, he could conveniently crush all these non-humankind beings with a single thought!

Right at this moment, standing on the altar, Si Wen Ming had the lives of all invaders held in his hands. Perhaps, Pan Yu was the only exception.

A golden light illuminated the sky. Fuxi, the other former human emperors, Xing Tian, and a group of ancient strong warriors lined up in the air and blocked Pan Yu’s way.

Pan Yu was tens of thousands of miles tall, but among the group of strong human beings, the most gigantic one was Xing Tian, who had expanded his body to merely tens of thousands of meters tall. Compared with Pan Yu, they were like grains of sand facing a giant.

On Pan Yu’s dark face, his thin mouth slowly opened. He hissed with laughter and carelessly pressed a palm down towards Fuxi and the others. He didn’t even want to talk to them. Instead, he fixed his eye on Yu Meng and the other colony world nobles and said, “Do you really think you can run away from me like this? You are derived from me. No matter how you change your looks, you will always be under my control!”

Yu Meng, Yu Hu, and the other colony world nobles gazed at Pan Yu, their faces paling. Some weak-hearted ones among them growled hoarsely at Si Wen Ming. They cried and screamed at him, begging him to ease the pressure from the nine cauldrons to let them run away from Pan Gu world as fast as possible, as far as they could.

“Run? Where to?” Pan Yu looked at them and laughed sarcastically.

A pre-world Taiji pattern rose from behind Fuxi, instantly covering the space for tens of millions of miles, then colliding with Pan Yu’s palm.

Along with a thunderous sound, the Taiji pattern fell apart into strands of black and white mist that merged into the world. Fuxi gave a muffled snort while the golden light emitted from his body dimmed, and the scales on his long snake tail shattered. Blood spurted out of his wounded tail.

Xing Tian raised his battle axe and released a strand of dark mist from his mouth to swirl all of Fuxi’s golden blood into his mouth. Then, he growled out loud and struck at Pan Yu’s palm with his axe.


A flame was raised from Pan Yu’s palm, while Xing Tian’s battle axe broke to pieces. Pan Yu flicked Xing Tian with his right little finger and blasted his entire body into a cloud of blood mist, sent flying tens of thousands of miles away.

The blood mist merged back together ad condensed back into Xing Tian’s body. “How can this thing be so strong?” Xing Tian growled.

Pan Yu narrowed his erect eye as he glanced at Xing Tian and said, “What a strong intent of killing! You are indeed a peerless strong warrior…But, so what? I have merged with the entire Pan Yu world. Unless you have the power the create a whole new world, how could you ever leave even a cut on my skin?”

A buzzing noise sounded from Pan Yu’s chest. The three suns and nine moons, which had been devoured by him, burst into dazzling lights. The twelve light spheres spun swiftly inside his body, seeming about to break out.

Pan Yu sneered and murmured to himself with a deep voice, “It’s useless. You were born from me, so you should merge back into me. Why are you fighting against me so stubbornly? What is the meaning of this? You’re just making yourselves suffer. Don’t waste powers for nothing.”

His hairless face shook slightly as sighed and continued, “Every struggle you put up wastes the power that belongs to me for nothing. Why? Why do you have to do this? I need to devour more worlds to replenish myself after this…”

Sighing again, Pan Yu glimpsed at the group of Colony world nobles, who had been screaming at Si Wen Ming for help. He grinned abruptly and said, “But, with so many replenishments, I can let you consume a little…None of them can run. They are all derived from me, so they all need to come back to me.”

Of all, Emperor Xuanyuan was the worst-tempered one. He roared sonorously as he created a tremendous golden sword light, which surged like a divine river and fiercely struck at Pan Yu.

Pan Yu ignored Emperor Xuanyuan’s sword light. He let the sword light tinkle against his chest, start a strong fire, and leave a faint mark on his skin. A faint mark was all that was left!

Pan Yu was little surprised. He lowered his head and cast a meaningful glance at Emperor Xuanyuan, then said, “Did your sword hurt my body? What a shame that you didn’t become a saint with your own power, but made it to this level with a measureless natural rewards power. Otherwise, you might have been able to hurt me worse.”

Pan Yu smiled. A dim light shone out of his erect eye, then a dark bolt of thunder descended from the sky and struck on Emperor Xuanyuan’s body.

Emperor Xuanyuan moaned in pain. His golden armor was shattered by the thunderbolt. He fell to the ground while vomiting blood, leaving a hundred-miles-wide pit on the earth that nearly affected the altar behind.

Shennong, Suren, Taihao, Shaohao, all other former emperors burst into resonant roars and launched their moves at Pan Yu.

Pan Yu again focused on the group of colony world nobles on the altar. He slightly waved his hands and blocked all the attacks launched by Shennong and the other powerful human beings, also injuring them severely and sending them flying away. None of them managed to take even a slight move from him.

“No rush, no rush… Let me take back what belongs to me first…Next, I will take my time and enjoy this world!”

Pan Yu opened his thin mouth, which nearly split his face into two. Clearly, he was laughing complacently.

“This is such a strong and thriving world, full of life-force. I need a very long time to enjoy it.”


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