The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1882: The Masters Trap Themselves – WN

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The natural fortune power reached straight into the sky, towering on the earth like an enormous pillar.

Within the splendid pillar of natural fortune, sparks of light were faintly visible. And, inside every light spark was the face of a human being; one could even hear this human being praying fervently.

The natural fortune was mysterious and immeasurable, only to be discovered and perceived by top-grade powerful beings. However, the natural fortune which belonged to the humankind in Pan Gu world was so strong that even ordinary human beings could now see this enormous pillar of natural fortune standing firmly in the world. The vast natural fortune power was highly concentrated and nearly tangible. This giant pillar of natural fortune had almost replaced Buzhou Mountain, becoming the new core of Pan Gu world, as the sun and all of the natural stars had begun to slowly move around it.

“How can this happen?” The bitter-faced great master and the smiling second master exclaimed in one voice. Their faces paled and froze with shock, looking like granite; even their eyes were unfocused.

Ji Hao looked at them, as if absorbed in thoughts, but Spirit Wa laughed coldly and said, “My two friend, this is the debt you owed.”

The great master and second master dropped their faces as they silently gazed at the natural fortune pillar. Suddenly, second master swung a hand fiercely at Pan Gu Motherland. A stream of air gusted out of his forefinger, cutting at the pillar of natural fortune.

While he was making a move, the second master said in a deep voice, “We were related with the humankind indeed. We can pay what we owed, but how can we be involved in these measureless ’causes and effects’? We didn’t owe the entire humankind such a huge debt.”

The gust of air momentarily approached Pan Gu Motherland and landed violently on the natural fortune pillar.

The tremendous natural fortune streams, which had taken three circles around Pan Gu Motherland three times, surged like a ferocious dragon. The moment the sharp airstream landed, the torrent of natural fortune moved strongly upward and generated a thunderous boom. The airstream coiled on the second master’s forefinger was crushed instantly. He trembled and staggered back for quite a few steps, his face turning ghastly pale.

“This…” The second master couldn’t stop trembling, and couldn’t say a word either. In his hand, his staff was glowing brightly and vibrating intensely.

“What do you want?” Spirit Wa crossed her arms before her chest, then slightly raised her chin, and said while sneering, “I am quite close with the humankind. The new human emperor founded Great Xia, and my natural fortune is connected with the natural fortune of Great Xia…My friend, are you trying to cut my natural fortune?”

“You?” The great master looked at Spirit Wa seriously and asked, “Have you thought about this?”

Spirit Wa grinned happily, even squeezing her eyes into a pair of curves. “How could I not? Back then, when my brother reincarnated as a human being named Fuxi and became the first human emperor, I had thought about this already. In the future, my temple would be built in every area of Great Xia, and I will be enjoying the measureless natural fortune and natural reward of the humankind.” She said slowly.

Spreading her arms, Spirit Wa clenched her fists. Along with a creaking noise, a frightful power actually erupted from her slim fists. She tilted her head and looked at the great master and the second master, then continued, “Ah, I had no choice anyway. If I didn’t do this, everyone would bully me as I had the weakest strength of all. That would be so annoying!”

“Whoever dared to bully you, my friend?” Great Master looked at her with a dark face.

Spirit Wa narrowed her eyes, which glowed with a dangerous light as she stared at the two masters like an infuriated cat. “You don’t think so? Do you really want me to make a list?”

The two masters immediately shut their mouths. But a while later, the second master sighed as he looked at Spirit Wa and said to her, “My friend, what you did… is really unkind.” He sounded a bit complaining.

Spirit Wa was enraged. She took two steps forwards and quickly wagged her long tail, generating a swishing noise. Then, she began speaking very quickly to contradict the two masters. Hearing her, Ji Hao, Po, and the others were all deeply shocked.

A while later, Ji Hao burst into laughter. Spirit Wa spoke fast, and hadn’t been saving face for the two masters. Her sharp words seriously exposed the two masters. Not to mention the other old stories, the unification of the natural fortune which belonged to the humankind truly affected the two masters in a bad way.

Spirit Wa was powerful and smart. Without a doubt, she easily saw through the two masters’ wishful thinking.

Pan Yu invaded suddenly and aggressively. The two masters didn’t even want to pay the debt that they owed Ji Hao, so how could they ever fight Pan Yu for the humankind? Seeing Pan Yu take action, they immediately decided to gather their surviving disciples and directly leave Pan Gu world to find a peaceful place to rebuild their home. They didn’t want to be a part of this messy Pan Gu world now.

However, in the past countless years, numberless disciples under their command had recruited a great number of human disciples. Therefore, a tight connection was built between their sect and the humankind. In order to leave Pan Gu world, they needed to suffer a counterforce from this connection!

If the humankind weren’t united, these two masters could take the counterforce. The human disciples they took were from different families and clans, which meant that they only needed to suffer some slight counterforce from those families and clans before they safely left Pan Gu world.

Nevertheless, once they decided to leave, Si Wen Ming completed the process for the establishment of the Great Xia, right after which, the natural fortune of the entire humankind was united. On top of that, the natural fortune of the humankind had absorbed the natural fortunes from countless colony worlds, and grown exceptionally strong. As a consequence, the power of the ’causes and effects’ had turned horrifying.

These two masters had borrowed some natural fortune from some human families and clans inappropriately. Because of that natural fortune, their cultivation had been soaring all these years, and their disciples benefited largely as well. That was the debt they owed to the humankind.

Today, Pan Yu invaded, and the humankind was facing a disaster. If the two masters wanted to leave, they needed to pay the debt!

Before, their ‘creditors’ were merely some weak beings. Therefore, they could pay a little for the debt, then repudiate some interests with their powers. But all of a sudden, their ‘creditors’ turned into a ferocious giant dragon from a harmless sheep!

If they left the world without paying the debt now, they would be crushed by a counterforce of natural fortune, which did not rise from some clans or families, but from the entire humankind!

If they insisted on leaving Pan Gu world, they would have to take the risk of being dragged down from the level of saints by the counterforce of natural force, or even losing their lives and Dao!

“My friend, good plan!” The two masters argued with Spirit Wa for quite a while. At last, they sighed, shook their heads helplessly, and said, “We will remember what you did to us today…In the future…Let’s wait and see!”

Spirit Wa smiled. A rainbow descended from the higher sky, then she nodded at Ji Hao and disappeared into it.

The two masters coldly glanced at Ji Hao, then helplessly cast a glimpse at Pan Gu Motherland. In one voice, they gave an angry growl, then transformed into two long streaks of light and flew towards Pan Gu Motherland.

Ji Hao spent quite an effort to figure out the situation of these two masters. Afterward, he smiled and murmured to himself, “They can easily repudiate the debt they owed me, but I didn’t think that Spirit Wa prepared a huge trap for them…Hah!”

This time, Spirit Wa and these two had seriously become enemies, hadn’t they?


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