The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1881: The Great Xia of the Humankind – WN

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“You lowly things!” Pan Yu was putting a dark piece of spine into his body, but suddenly, he sensed the powers of countless Yu Clan beings who had been growing rapidly stronger.

They were not only powerful, but also free and beyond his control.

These colony world nobles didn’t merge with the original Dao of Pan Yu world, which was represented by the three suns and nine moons and was derived from Pan Yu. Instead, they chose to merge with the great Dao of their colony worlds.

The great Dao of those colony worlds flushed through the bodies and souls of these colony world nobles over and over again, fading and weakening the marks that Pan Yu left in their bloodline. Gradually, quite some of them had their erect eyes shattered, and their appearances changed.

Yu Hu was from Pan Jin world, which was predominated by metal creatures. After his erect eye disappeared, the connection between him and Pan Yu world was gone instantly. A cold, metallic luster emerged from his skin, while his internal organs gradually turned into metals. His body condition was improving rapidly.

An unprecedentedly pleasant sensation was generated from the hearts of these colony world nobles. Both their powers and strengths had been rising sharply. With the help of the Praying and Sanctification altar, they would become saints by thoroughly merging with their colony worlds.

If one compared Pan Yu world to a bowl of dark, dirty ink, those colony worlds were like colorful springs, while Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles would be like drops of dark ink from Pan Yu world. No matter where they were, they were always connected with Pan Yu world. But at this moment, their powers had been changing quickly. They merged into the springs and changed to the spring water from the dark ink. They became exactly like the creatures of their colony worlds.

“Interesting lowly things!” Pan Yu chuckled as he carelessly put the spine back into his body, then counted his fingers to calculate. “I still have a leg bone out there. How come I didn’t retrieve it? Hmm, not a problem. I just need to regrow one by consuming some of my original world power.”

“The original power of Pan Yu world is almost drained, but this world has such a thriving original power.” Pan Yu laughed as he fixed this erect eye on the Praying and Sanctification altar from hundreds of millions of miles away. That eye sparkled with a cold light.


Thin space cracks suddenly appeared near Pan Yu’s body. He leaned slightly forward, then took a huge step towards Pu Ban City. His one single step covered millions of miles. He tore apart the space and left a man-shaped, enormous path behind. He was like a bug sealed in amber that moved suddenly and caused severe damage to the amber.

He took another step, and created a giant crack in the space again. In this space crack, tens of thousands of flying mountains all vanished, being devoured by Pan Yu’s body.

“Every piece of stone in this world contains such a strong original power. Pan Yu world is broken, completely drained. That world should have been destroyed long ago.”

Step by step and while murmuring, Pan Yu was approaching Pu Ban City and the group of colony world nobles, who were breaking into the level of saints on the Praying and Sanctification altar.

“You are derived from me, so you should come back to me. You called the names of the three suns and nine moons, but they cannot save you.” Twelve spheres of light emerged in Pan Yu’s chest. Three suns and nine moons spun swiftly inside his chest, shining brightly. But, all of their lights were devoured by Pan Yu’s body.

“In order to keep me from waking up, they chained you. Because of your erect eyes, you can only return to them after death…They didn’t want me to restore any power!” Pan Yu laughed evilly, “But, all their calculations were useless. You came from me. To me, you have no secrets…How can you ever escape from my control?”

He reached out his pair of slim arms and raised clouds of dark mist. He clenched his fingers towards Pu Ban City and generated a long series of cracking noise. Following the noise, the clouds scudded in the sky while a strong wind rose and a ridiculously strong force descended to Pu Ban City.

Hundreds of millions of miles long, bottomlessly deep rifts appeared on the plain area around Pu Ban City. The strong, invisible force tore apart the space and tried to uproot Pu Ban City entirely out of Pan Gu Motherland, then knead it into a giant ball.

“It’s time for us to do something!” Fuxi’s body glowed with a beautiful golden light as he smiled and said, “We have been worshipped by human beings for countless years, absorbing measureless natural rewards powers from the humankind. We have become human saints through the Dao of Praying and Sanctification. Now, it’s time for us to do something!”

“In this world, human beings will never be chess pieces!” A square cauldron flew out of Shennong’s head while his body glowed with the same golden light. “Perhaps, we once were…But, never again!”

“Why do you make it sound so complicated?” Emperor Xuanyuan gave a resonant roar. Behind him, uncountable brave warriors souls roared out, and a blinding sword light pierced into the sky. “In one line, no one can ever sh*t on us…Neither the heaven, nor the earth, or all devils and ghosts and gods! If anyone disagrees, we kill it!”

Tens of powerful human beings rose into the sky, with a dazzling golden light shining out of their bodies. They lined up and calmly looked at Pan Yu, who was approaching step by step. The golden light emitted from their bodies merged together and stabilized the space, fixing the rifts around Pu Ban City one after another.

“Si Wen Ming!” Fuxi turned back and growled to Si Wen Ming.

“Yes!” Si Wen Ming put his left hand on the hilt of Xuanyuan sword and walked onto the stairs of the five-colored earth altar in large steps. Step by step, he walked to the top of the earth altar. He cupped his hands, bowed to the east, west, north and south, then puffed out his chest and said with a bright voice, “From this day on, we have no families and clans…The humankind will be united with the name of… ‘Xia!’!”

The moment he said the word ‘Xia’, a hurricane was raised from the entire Pan Gu Motherland.

Suddenly, the fires of offering burst from the altars in the ancestral temples of all clans and families, hundreds of meters high. In the ancestral temples of some large families, the fire even reached to the sky like the eruption of a volcano. Surrounding the five-colored earth altar, countless clan and family leaders kneeled and kowtowed to the altar. Thus, the fires of offering rose from the altars in their ancestral temples burned even more ragingly.

The natural fortune power which was scattered among human clans and families now gathered rapidly to Pu Ban City, on the Praying and Sanctification altar, on Si Wen Ming’s body.

At last, a tremendous stream of natural fortune power took three circles around the whole Pan Gu Motherland, then rose into the sky and crushed the gales and clouds. It disappeared into the starry void, quaked the starry void, and vibrated countless natural stars.

Next, enormous-dragon-like strands of natural fortune power roared out of the Praying and Sanctification altar and merged into this tremendous stream of natural fortune power which belonged to the humankind.


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