The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1880: Pray Together – WN

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Outside Pu Ban City, an altar was built with five differently colored kinds of earth.

A mottled metal altar towered upon the earth altar. Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles stood around the altar with their faces twisted and paled, as cold sweat was streaming down their heads.

They sensed Pan Yu’s invasion and heard his laughter, as well as what he said. They also saw Pan Yu crush Yu Huo with a finger, then turn him into a cloud of blood mist and swallow him.

More terrifyingly, they learned some negative information from what Pan Yu said. Pan Yu blood, was it a trap? A colony world noble who wasn’t able to melt his erect eye with his own power needed to drain the resources of a big half of his colony world to trade for a drop of Pan Yu blood, all to melt his erect eye, break the seal inside him, and help him merge with the great Dao of nature. But, was it Pan Yu’s trap?

The people who had used Pan Yu blood could never escape from Pan Yu’s control. Was that real?

Knowing this, Yu Meng and the others who had used Pan Yu blood, had their faces turned ghastly pale. But, the ones who hadn’t used it, such as Yu Hu, weren’t happy either.

What Pan Yu had done to Yu Huo clearly explained his character. The fear that came deep from these colony world nobles’ bloodlines urged them to try their best to find any possibilities of survival, at all costs.

“It’s a surprise!” Fuxi and a group of powerful human beings stood under the altar. Emperor Xuanyuan clasped his hands behind his body and said smilingly.

Facing the threat from Pan Yu, only the powerful human emperors like Xuanyuan, who once led the humankind through a bloody time of war, had the strong and determined heart to show a smile.

“It’s a surprise indeed.” Shennong, Suren, and the other few former emperors smiled at the group of colony world nobles on the altar. Pan Yu’s sudden invasion made everyone panic, also forcing these colony world nobles to make up their minds!

These colony world nobles, who watched Yu Meng become a saint with the power of the altar, now made their minds and put down their pride, finding the humankind and offering everything they had to the human beings. They asked the humankind to award them for destroying Chu Wu Clan, also strongly urging the humankind to help them in becoming saints!

According to Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles, as long as the humankind agreed to lend them the Praying and Sanctification altar, they would accept any condition! Therefore, led by Fuxi, the group of powerful human beings made their demands, and thus, these colony world nobles became a happy surprise of the humankind as they gathered around the altar.

On the altar, all colony world nobles who had made their agreements with the humankind were looking northward with desperation on their faces. They looked at the enormous figure that floated in the sky. From such a long distance away, the power released from Pan Yu’s body was still intimidating. It filled up the hearts of all non-humankind beings and left no space; making them feel so heavy and repressed.

Somehow, all non-humankind beings in Pan Gu world now understood that the only purpose of Pan Yu was destroying all Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan people! Due to this, Yu Hu and the other three-eyed colony world nobles decided to put up a struggle. Desperately and blindly, they needed to make their voices heard before they died. They had to borrow the Praying and Sanctification altar to gather the faith power from billions of creatures of their colony worlds and become saints!

As for the ones like Yu Meng who had used Pan Yu blood, if they were doomed, they would just die! But, Yu Hu and the others who hadn’t used Pan Yu blood were lucky. If they became saints, they might still have a chance to escape from Pan Gu world, even returning to their colony worlds!

Yu Hu and the other three-eyed colony world nobles had made their decisions. Once they returned to their colony worlds, they would immediately seal off their worlds to hide their powers, then cut off all connections with Pan Yu world and wipe out all their traces.

There were so many colony world nobles and millions of colony worlds. They didn’t believe that Pan Yu would search through all colony worlds! Even if he had the patience and energy to do that, how long it would take him to find all colony world nobles? When he finally found the ones who were now standing on the altar, billions of years would have passed. Living longer was much better than dying sooner, wasn’t it?

Unexpected changes might happen!

Si Wen Ming stood beside Fuxi and the other former emperors, with the Xuanyuan sword strapped to his waist. His body was wrapped in rolling clouds and smokes, which sparkled with starlight. Within the clouds, mountains, rivers, as well as countless living beings were faintly visible. He was still a peak-level Divine Magus, but amidst the starlight, the power he released was much, much stronger than the power of a Supreme Magus.

“They are truly scared, that they even accepted such harsh terms.” Si Wen Ming smiled at the group of colony world nobles on the altar, “I didn’t think that the massive invasion of these non-humankind monsters this time is actually a gift for us! So many colony worlds! Can this altar really drain all those worlds’ natural fortune?”

“As long as agree.” Fuxi chuckled and said, “The altar was forged with countless years of severe efforts. So many of us collected materials for it in the Chaos. It is a sacred treasure of natural fortune, forged for our humankind. It is powerful and functional. They have brought the gifts to us, and the harvest will be easy.”

“That is Pan Yu!” With a strong will of fighting, Emperor Xuanyuan looked at the enormous black figure in the north and said, “Thanks to him, these non-humankind beings accepted our harsh terms. It’s strange though. Why does he want to destroy the people from his world?”

“All kinds of things exist in the universe. How can we ever understand them?” Emperor Shun smiled and raised his head to look at the sky, “For example… This time, we human beings suffered a disaster of devils. Terrible things happened. Gong Sun Xun’s people…”

Emperor Shun didn’t finish, and neither did the others say anything.

Abruptly, Yu Hu and the other three-eyed colony world nobles sat on the ground and crossed their legs. Strong energy waves spread from their bodies while their erect eyes shone with dazzling lights. They released their powers as much as possible, connecting their hearts and spirits with the altar.

Through the altar’s magical power, these colony world nobles made connections with their colony worlds.

In countless colony worlds, all kinds of creatures heard the voices of their rulers simultaneously and felt a vast power erupting from their hearts. They couldn’t help but begin calling the names of their rulers.

A blinding light rose into the sky and slowly spread in all directions along with a deafening noise that sounded like a tsunami.

Above Liang Zhu City, Pan Yu, who was busying at retrieving his body parts, suddenly fixed his eyes on Pu Ban City.


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