The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1879: A Debt Needs to be Paid – WN

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In the starry void, Ji Hao’s Pan Gu sword, which was lunged forward, suddenly paused in the air. Ji Hao raised his head and cast a meaningful glance at Liang Zhu City.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu woke up from quietus, yet they refused to admit that they had anything to do Priest Hua and Priest Mu. At the moment, they were looking at Pan Gu Motherland with faces darkened and eyebrows knitted.

Po and the others all turned around, looking in the same direction.

Black and white mists wove into a large Taiji pattern and spun slowly above Priest Xuandu’s head as he said in a serious tone, “A foreign devil is here…Sky devils are shapeless, but this one is…”

“Sky devils are shapeless and devour souls. But this devil has a shape and destroys worlds. Comparing sky devils with him is like comparing fireflies with a sun.” The two priests gave a bright shout and said in a deep voice.

Dragon Mother had been turned into a mount by the two priests. She shifted back into her Chaos dragon shape and struggled while roaring hysterically, spouting large amounts of white sticky saliva out of her mouth. Somehow, after being forced back into her original shape by the two priests, Dragon Mother couldn’t even talk anymore, but had only been roaring with rage like a beast.

However, she was a famous powerful being back in the ancient time after all. She too sensed the frightful power from Liang Zhu City.

An indescribably powerful being had aggressively invaded into Pan Gu world. Deep down, Dragon Mother felt hopeless. She sensed a tremendous power from that powerful being, which even reminded her of Saint Pan Gu!

Dragon Mother roared deeply and furiously twisted her giant body. The nature of Chaos dragon, which was buried deep in her bones, had been urging her to run as far as possible. It would be the best if she could run away from Pan Gu world, from this group of large worlds.

Pan Yu, who had invaded into Pan Gu world, had the power to destroy the Chaos space in this area, and the countless great worlds around Pan Gu world!

‘So, run!’ Dragon Mother roared ferociously and spouted large streams of foam and sticky saliva. Why did these bloody priests chain her? Run! Were they going to fight that horrifying being?

Above Liang Zhu City, Pan Yu’s entire body had squeezed into Pan Gu world.

His body was tall and slim, with smooth and clean curves. He even restrained his power, such that he strangely looked like a free and relaxed old pine, or an old crane.

He quietly floated above Liang Zhu City and glanced around with his large erect eye, then laughed abruptly and said, “My brain, is it here?”

He crooked a slim finger and caused a loud and clear ‘pop’. Following the noise, a long and thin black space crack appeared in the space of Pan Gu world. Through the space crack, Pan Yu’s brain, which was held in Yu Huo’s hands, flew to Pan Yu. The tens of thousands of miles tall Pan Yu narrowed his eye and carefully looked at the human-fist-sized brain which floated before his face.

“Look at what have you done!” He licked his lips, said, “Did you wreck my body like this?”

“Look at this forging technique…You are humiliating my brain!”

Pan Yu opened his mouth and blew at the brain. The dark, crystalline brain immediately collapsed int countless black light spots that rose into the sky, then fell back down and formed an enormous, hazy brain above Pan Yu’s head.

Pan Yu’s skull split up and exposed a dense cloud of dark mist inside his head. The hazy brain slowly sank into his head and merged with the dark mist.

A cold light flashed across his giant erect eye as he laughed with a hissing voice, “Ah, have you been through so many interesting things these years? And so many powerful souls…These are all mine.”

Turning around, Pan Yu grinned to the stupefied Yu Huo, who stood upon the ruins of the peaceful world, and said, “These years, you have kept my brain in such a terrible way. You deserve to die. What do you think?”

Yu Huo growled out loud, then suddenly transformed into a shred of dark shadows and rose straight into the sky. After flashing through the space for a few times, he flew to the natural screen of Pan Gu world, trying his best to run away from this world.

“Run? Too late!” Pan Yu’s laughter vibrated the entire Pan Gu world, “You melted your erect eye with Pan Yu’s blood, and merged with the original great Dao of Pan Yu world, didn’t you? Lowly, ignorant idiot, how can anyone who has used Pan Yu’s blood escape from my control?”

Pan Yu pointed his finger at Yu Huo. At the following moment, Yu Huo’s body exploded into a cloud of blood mist, along with his soul.

The glistering blood mist momentarily drifted to Pan Yu, being swallowed by him.

Pan Yu clicked his tongue with satisfaction, then laughed again and said, “The great Dao of soul…Not bad. Tasty! Can any of you idiots understand this? Your erect eyes are the chains laid on you by the three suns and nine moons, but are also your protection… Hah!”

“You melted your erect eyes with my blood and broke the chains, but also dragged yourselves out of their protection and exposed yourselves to me…You have merged with the original Dao of Pan Yu world, which means you’re my tastiest replenishment!”

“You are derived from me. Everything you have came from me. I never wanted to create you. Your existence is a mistake. Now, it’s time to fix it!”

“Give everything that belongs to me back!”

Yu Ji, Yu Feng, and the other Pan Yu saints burst into screams. They all had some supreme treasures that were made from Pan Yu’s body parts. Dark lights tore apart the space and brought Pan Yu’s heart, eye, palms, and all the other body parts back to him. Unhurriedly, Pan Yu put these parts back into his body piece by piece.

In the starry voice, the two priests expressionlessly looked at Pan Yu as they watched him kill Yu Huo as easily as slaughtering a chicken.

Sighing slightly, they shook heads and said in one voice, “The devil is powerful. The Dao is weakening, but the devil is growing. Since he has come, we will leave. Tide rises and falls, that’s the Dao of nature.”

Once they finished their speech, a colorful glow emerged from the space and shone upon the whole starry void. Spirit Wa showed up suddenly, with a mysterious smile on her face.

“My two friends, you can go, but before you go, can you pay your debt?” Spirit Wa gently swayed her tail as she pointed at Ji Hao and chuckled, “You want to shamelessly repudiate the debt you owed to Ji Hao, fine. But, you’ve owed too many debts, and some of the debts, you just have to pay!”

The two priests laughed. They looked at Spirit Wa and said carelessly, “Spirit Wa, our friend, we are beyond the mortal world, free and happy. We can leave whenever we want… We can also return wherever we want. What is the debt that we have to pay? Who did we owe a debt to?”

Before their voices faded, Pan Gu Motherland quaked slightly, then a tremendous stream of natural fortune power rose from Pu Ban City, straight into the sky.


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