The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1878: Pan Yu – WN

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The dark, thousand-mile-long arm suddenly broke into Pan Gu world through the portal.

The entire Pan Gu world quaked. The hearts of all Pan Gu world creatures were shaken, as faint images emerged before their eyes. They all saw that enormous arm.

That arm was dark as ink, yet smooth as the best jade, without even one fine hair. It also had a strange luster. Through the translucent dark skin, one could see countless spell symbols and marks of Dao which had condensed into clouds-like patterns, rolling and spinning inside this arm.

This enormous and slim arm didn’t look scary. On the contrary, it had a weird, strange, and extreme beauty. At the following moment, the portal above Liang Zhu City spun crazily. Shreds of dark clouds flew out of the portal and spread towards all directions along with shrill swishing noises. The portal expanded rapidly, such that within a couple of breaths, it was enlarged by a hundred folds.

A hundred-million-miles-wide black hole appeared above Liang Zhu City.

Countless Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan people ran about in the city as they cried and screamed without knowing why.

They were Pan Yu world people, but most of them were born and raised in Pan Gu world. Most of their knowledge was related to Pan Gu world. They didn’t know where this enormous dark arm from, but when they saw it, an extreme desperation and fear erupted like a volcano from the depths of their bloodline.

This arm to Pan Yu world people was like an eagle to a chicken, a poisonous snake to a frog, a fierce tiger to a sheep, a shark to a shrimp…It was their natural destroyer…No, it was even more intimidating, more lethal than a natural destroyer.

The purer bloodline a Yu Clan man had, a stronger fear he would sense from this arm!

Ever since the twelve families in power of Yu Dynasty got rich in Pan Gu world, they were connected with quite some high-grade families in Pan Yu world through marriages. Thus, quite some high-grade bloodlines had blended into Yu Dynasty families.

The lower-grade nobles who had lowly bloodlines could still cry and shout and run, while the ones with noble bloodlines were frozen. They stood where they were in a daze, or fell to the ground with softened limbs and burst into cries.

High up in the air, the black hole was still expanding. Fierce gales roared out of the black hole and blew down, instantly flattening all mountains and hills around the city.

The shield of Liang Zhu City was activated. A thick light shield covered the entire city. But in the following moment, a strong gust of wind came from the sky and struck violently at the light shield. Along with a deafening cracking noise, the shield was shattered, and so were the countless divine towers in the city. The beautiful buildings near the divine towers were torn down, killing and injuring countless Yu Dynasty people.


Another tens of thousands of miles long, slim and dark arm thrust out of the black hole and slapped heavily on the ground. The pair of arms towered outside Liang Zhu City like two pillars. A while later, the two hands suddenly moved in opposite direction and created a tremendous crack in the natural screen of Pan Gu world above Liang Zhu City, causing a thunderous noise.

A dark eye gazed into Pan Gu world through the crack like a naughty child gazing into a deep bottle to see the bugs in it. The edge of the eye glowed with a faint blood-red light as the giant eyeball rolled in the eye socket. Next, along with a sudden ‘whoosh’, a smooth, lustrous, bald head reached into Pan Gu world through the crack.

The original power of Pan Gu world was especially strong. Therefore, the natural screen of Pan Gu world was incomparably tough, and the spatial structure of the entire world was exceptionally sturdy. This whole world was like a safe box made from thick alloy steel, indestructible and without any crack. On top of all that, this safe box was filled with all kinds of traps of the great Dao, which meant that any invader would be suppressed by the entire great Dao of Pan Gu world. No matter how powerful the invader was, once it intruded into Pan Gu world, it would only be able to exert no more than ten percent of its power!

Nevertheless, Priest Yun twisted the original great Dao of Pan Gu world, by doing which, he widely opened the door of this safe box, allowing anyone to come in. Also, he had also turned off all the traps of the great Dao in this safe box. Therefore, whether it was a shrimp or a violent dragon who invaded this world, it would be able to release a hundred percent of its power.

This giant, dark, and bald head easily squeezed into Pan Gu world without any difficulty. The head was raised slightly as it slowly looked around. Immediately, the hearts of all Pan Gu world creatures twitched intensely. No matter where they were, they saw this dark head simultaneously.

Like the pair of arms, the head was slim, with smooth curves and textures, without any fine hair. A thin horizontal crack existed in this slender face, which should be his mouth. A soft curve existed on both side of this head, which should be his ears.

Other than the ears and mouth, the frontal side of this head was occupied by a large erect eye. If he had eyebrows and nose, this erect eye would be extending from between eyebrows to the tip of the nose. The eye was dark and glowed coldly, wrapped in a faint blood-red light. Inside the eye, countless beams of dark light had been swirling like a black vortex, devouring a giant amount of natural powers moment by moment.

“What a beautiful world!” The thin mouth was opened slightly, and a deep, hoarse voice which was filled with an evil power echoed through the entire Pan Gu world, “The original power of this world is so strong, so rich, full of life-force, creation. This world should belong to me, Pan Yu…With the original power of this world, I will recover soon…Perhaps, I can go beyond my current level with it.”

“You lowly useless things… Your existence is unnecessary. You betrayed your original belief, you betrayed Pan Yu. You worshipped the twelve sinners, the three suns and nine moons! So, you should all die.”

“You have always been a mistake. Now, it’s time to fix it.”

“You, everything you have, your flesh, your soul, are all mine. You are derived from my body, and you will eventually become a part of my body. Cheer, laugh, then despair, cry… I am Pan Yu, and since I have woken up, all other living beings shall die.”

Along with a series of cracking noise, Pan Yu put forth his strength through his arms and reached his head forward, squeezing a big half of his body into Pan Gu world. Then his waist, legs, and slowly, his entire body squeezed in.


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