The Magus Era Chapter 1877: All Make Efforts – WN

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What happened?

Ji Hao closed his eyes. The sun shone upon the world, then ‘saw’ and ‘memorized’ everything happened in Pan Gu Motherland. After knowing what happened just now, Ji Hao smiled.

Their home was destroyed, and even their roots were broken. No wonder these two shameless priests were suddenly infuriated.

“My two friends, why are you so angry? Without discarding the old, there would be no coming of the new. The peaceful world went to quietus, and this perfectly proves the existence of your results of Dao. Congratulations, congratulations my friends! There is no making without breaking, that’s true indeed!” Ji Hao laughed.

Ji Hao wielded his broad sleeve and continued laughing loudly, without worrying that he might offend the two priests, “My two friends, you’ve freed yourself from your physical bodies, and now, you can expect your ultimate great Dao. You have also been freed from your sect, which was a burden. When you found a new sect, it will certainly develop worldwide!”

The faces of the two priests twitched. Both the bitter-faced one and the smilingly one stared at Ji Hao with dagger-drawn eyes. They even wanted to cut Ji Hao into pieces. What Ji Hao said was…too sarcastic and ruthless!

What they had been accumulating ever since the creation of the world was destroyed by almost ninety-nine percent! They were well-cultivated beings with stable hearts of Dao, but still, they wanted to leap up and give vent to a torrent of abuse right now!

Snorting coldly, they rushed out with giant steps. Their bodies glowed with a golden light, and their faces were dark.

Dragon Mother was struggling against the supreme Chaos dragon. She was clearly weaker than the supreme Chaos dragon, as she barely defended herself with a few powerful treasures. The supreme Chaos dragon left tens of bone-deep wounds on her body and nearly tore her body into pieces.

The two priests went to Dragon Mother as swiftly and quietly as ghosts. One of them gripped Dragon Mother’s neck while the other one pressed a hand on the Supreme Dragon’s head. In one voice, they hollered, “You are destined to join our sect. We could just use a guard!”

Dragon Mother roared ragingly as the bitter-faced priest grabbed her neck. She swung her golden staff at the bitter-faced priest’s waist. But, as the priest pointed a finger at her, a string of shiny golden beads fell out of his sleeve and wrapped around Dragon Mother’s neck.

Dragon Mother’s body was softened instantly. She kneeled in the air and couldn’t help but showed her real shape. The priest gripped her horn and threw three punches in her face in a row, making her vomit blood and raise a fiery light from her head. “Evil creature, are you willing to follow me? If not, I will kill you!”

Dragon Mother gave a sonorous roar, then screamed with fury, “If the dragon ancestor were still here, would you dare to bully me?”

The bitter-faced priest cast a spell and swept across Dragon Mother’s throat with a pair of dagger-sharp eyes, then responded, “If the dragon ancestor were here, he would be destined to be a part of our sect too, and I would bring him in with all my power.”

Feeling the strong intent of killing from this priest, Dragon Mother shut her mouth and dared not to say another word. Their home was destroyed, and countless disciples were slaughtered. They were so infuriated at the moment. Not to mention the dragon ancestor, even if Saint Pan Gu was standing right before their face, these two priests would roll up their sleeves and put up a fight against him.

The smiling priest pressed a hand on the supreme Chaos dragon’s head. The chaos dragon roared ferociously and attacked the priest with its sharp teeth and claws. But, as the priest’s fingers sparkled with a golden light, the Chaos dragon trembled, seeming to kneel.

Ji Hao gave a roared out loud. Treading on the golden bridge, he transformed into a streak of golden light and lunged to the smiling priest with the Pan Gu bell floating above his head. He covered the surrounding space with a shapeless and traceless magnetic force field, then raised the Pan Gu sword and cut at the priest’s hand with the combined move of the five, bringing up a frosty beam of light.

“My friend, this one is mine. It pulls my chariot, so it’s not destined to be yours!” Ji Hao smiled brightly and activated his Pan Gu body. A strong Chaos power wrapped up his tall and sturdy body. Every move he made would quake the surrounding space.

“I said it’s destined to be a part of our sect, and it certainly is!” The priest smiled. His fingers shone with a bright light, and from it, an exquisite horsetail whisk flew at Ji Hao’s sword light.

Along with a clear crack, the horsetail whisk was cut into two, as easily as cutting a cucumber with a knife. The sword light tore apart the whisk through a weird track and lightly cut at the priest’s fingers.

The priest shouted with both anger and shock. He immediately took his hand back, but how could he ever dodge? The sword landed straight on his finger and left a three-inches-long wound. Drops of golden blood spurted out of the wounds and transformed into golden flowers, flying all over the sky. The blood was wrapped in a purple mist.

“Little b*stard!” The priest was so angry. Earlier on, he was calling Ji Hao ‘little friend’, but now, it had turned into ‘little b*stard! Now.

“My friend, don’t forget who you are!” Ji Hao nodded at him and said blandly, “You have to know that you’re just some being beyond the mortal world, while I am the divine emperor chosen by the world itself. You’re a saint. I am not as powerful as saints, but I am at a higher position than saints are! My friend, do you agree?”

Both the two priests knitted their brows.

Saints were beyond the mortal world, having measureless powers and unlimited abilities. But as Ji Hao said, they were merely some unoccupied beings outside the noisy world, while divine emperors were admitted by the world itself to rule and guard the world, and control the great Dao.

Divine emperors weren’t as powerful as saints, but in terms of authority, Ji Hao was truly at a higher position than saints!

“The heaven!” The two priests glanced at each other, their eyes shining with a frosty light. Clearly, Ji Hao’s words led them to some other thoughts.

The two priests sneered and mounted on Dragon Mother, then swiftly flew away. Next, a shrill howl could be heard. Following the howl, Guzun was sent flying up, then swirled’ into a priest’s sleeve as he was ‘destined’ to be one of them. Next, Guling was dragged out by a golden hand from the boundless bamboo formation and thrown into a sleeve as well.

Gue transformed into a giant skeleton and fled away through the space. But, before she could make ten miles far, the space around her shattered, then an enormous sleeve descended. As same as her two brothers, she reluctantly followed her ‘destiny’.

Straight after that, Dragon Mother lunged towards Shixin and his brothers, who were fighting. The two priests laughed resonantly and sent out a wave of golden light spots from their fingers to fall on the bodies of Shixin and his brothers, as well as a large number of powerful dragons under their command.

Once the golden light touched their bodies, Shixin, his brothers, and the other dragons couldn’t help but show their true shapes, lying in the air and screaming in pain. Afterward, Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, and the other spirit creatures all followed ‘their destinies’, being thrown into the two priests’ sleeves.

The disciples of Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei had their expressions changed. They hurriedly stepped back and dared not to go against these two crazy priests.

Ji Hao trod on the golden bridge and followed closely after them. They tried to attack Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness, but were stopped by his sword lights. As they were quite afraid of Ji Hao’s Pan Gu sword, they gave up on Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness without having a choice.

All of a sudden, a thunderous noise sounded from Pan Gu Motherland. The people in the starry void fixed their eyes on Pan Gu Motherland and saw an enormous black arm suddenly reach into Pan Gu world through the portal above Liang Zhu City.


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