The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1873: With Up with A Start – WN

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“Idiot! Wake up! Don’t stop me!”

Dragon Mother roared hysterically with rage at her brothers’ body.

East Emperor’s chariot floated in the air like a sun. The Chaos dragons looked at Dragon Mother emotionlessly. After being processed by Yu Yu, it had already become Ji Hao’s strongest killing machine. No matter how loudly Dragon Mother screamed, it wouldn’t respond.

“You, you, you…I should have devoured you! I should have turned all your spirit blood into mine!” Dragon Mother screamed. She turned away from Ji Hao, raised her pair of heavy golden staff, and pounced on the Chaos dragon.

Anyhow, it was her brother’s body, and she couldn’t leave it in Ji Hao’s hands.

Miles long beams of blood-red light shone out of the Chaos Dragon’s eyes. The dragon raised its enormous claws and lashed the air with its long tails while rushing at Dragon Mother ferociously. It was a puppet made from a corpse, but the supreme Chaos dragon’s incomparable will of fighting remained in it, even purer and stronger than before. Every move it made was extremely natural, and made Dragon Mother suffer!

The enormous skeleton, which was transformed from Gue’s body, burst into thunderous roars while marching towards Ji Hao. She was enraged when Ji Hao shattered her white light with the supreme Chaos dragon. She widely opened her mouth and shot a wave of white light spots at Ji Hao. The light spots became thumb-sized arrows that swished towards Ji Hao, leaving pale-white traces in the air.

“Mr. Crow, Fuso, I’ll leave this one to you!” Ji Hao laughed and wielded his sleeve to let Mr. Crow out along with the Fuso staff. Seeing the tiny white arrows coming from every direction, Mr. Crow dared not to take them with his body. Instead, he poked the Fuse staff into the space and released a streak of fiery light. Next, Fuso tree showed its real face.

The tens of thousands of miles tall Fuso tree was blazing ragingly. Layers of flame wrapped the enormous tree and incinerated the white arrows within a blink, generating a sizzling noise.

“Gue?” A giant face emerged from Fuso tree, looking at Gue with its eyes narrowed while saying slowly, “That year, I took a root of yours. Little one, don’t you remember how painful it was?”

Gue immediately shut her huge mouth. With shock, she stared at Fuso tree for quite a while, then turned back into a little girl and walked straight away without saying a word. She darted to hundreds of miles away within a twinkling of an eye and joined Guzun’s battleground in a haste while yelling, “Big brother, let me help you!”

Fuso tree snorted coldly, then fixed his eyes on Dragon Mother and asked, “What did you do to offend this crazy woman? In the old days, not even dragon ancestor could handle her…They were husband and wife after all…Dragon ancestor imprisoned her in that ocean eye, which caused a great sensation.”

Mr. Crow squatted on a branch of Fuso tree and tilted his head, looking at Dragon Mother, who was struggling against the Chaos dragon.

Obviously, between Dragon Mother and her brother, her brother was the main strength. Dragon Mother couldn’t rival her brother back when he was still alive. Evil Yu Yu had processed his body with a series of secret magic, and upgraded his fierceness and fighting instincts to an extreme degree. Therefore, once the battle started, Dragon Mother fell into a disadvantage.

Along with sizzling noises, a few bone-deep wounds were left on Dragon Mother’s body. The supreme Chaos dragon tore apart her scales and almost ripped her entire body apart.

“Pengs!” Dragon Mother let out a golden light from her mouth to defend herself against the supreme Chaos dragon which pounced on her swiftly, while shrieking towards the higher sky, “Why are your helpers a bunch of trashes? All of them are useless! Are you out of helpers? Stop that Ji Hao kid!”

Dragon Mother was extremely wrathful, also scared to an indescribable point.

She was imprisoned in an ocean eye for countless years, and she was so tired and afraid of the lonely and dark life in there. She didn’t want to be locked in there ever again. But, she clearly understood that if Ji Hao really woke up these two sleeping saints, she wouldn’t end well!

“You idiots! You knew these two are trapped in here, but why didn’t you kill them when you had a chance?” Dragon Mother complained, “Look at these idiots you brought here to help. None of them is helping, none! They’re all useless, useless, useless!”

Before her voice faded, a sonorous voice could be heard. Following the voice, a giant hammer which was dazzling with purple thunderbolts and held in Po’s hands, struck on Zang Yuanzi’s body tens of times in a row, shattering Zang Yuanzi’s three-headed and twenty-four-armed body. Zang Yuanzi flew to tens of miles away while howling in pain and landed on a cloud, then began vomiting blood.

Guiling gave vent to a resonant roar and suddenly released a dark bolt of thunder from her mouth. The thunderbolt exploded, burning and breaking the bodies of the seven to eight priests who had been attacking her, and making them shamble back.

Wudang, Jinling, and Yu Yu’s other disciples all made their moves. They composed a sword formation and severely wounded Zang Yuanzi’s brothers and sisters with the sharp and swift sword power strands. The bodies of over a half of Zang Yuanzi’s brothers and sisters were shredded, leaving their embryos of Dao and primordial spirits fleeing desperately.

Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei’ disciples threw out all kinds of powerful treasures and forced back Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, Shixin, and his brothers. All of them were trapped in a ‘Yin and Yang Taiji formation’ which was activated by Xuandu; they couldn’t retreat, and couldn’t win either, unable to do anything but keep roaring hoarsely.

Ji Hao glanced back at the battlefield and couldn’t help but burst into bright laughter.

Shreds of colorful shadows rushed at Ji Hao and created layers of images, sparkling lights, thick aromas, and dense mists, along with beautiful melodies. Ji Hao shouted out loud and punched the Pan Gu bell with both fists and with all his strength.

“Priest Mu, Priest Hua…Didn’t your clones contact you?” Ji Hao yelled, “Wake up, wake up, wake up! Your home is being turned upside down by some other people!”

Along with a sonorous bell ring, a giant figure emerged on the Pan Gu bell. A clear light shone from the bell and became a glowing rain that softly fell to the island. The light landed on the colorful figures and made them scream shrilly and run desperately. Then, the light fell on the two golden men who were lying on the ground, and made them open their eyes.

From their eyes, Ji Hao saw the changes of season, the circulation of life and death, the sun, moon, and all natural stars, and all the living beings which struggled and wandered in the mortal world. Ji Hao made an eye contact with each of them, and immediately felt like he had lived through billions of years within the last moment, that even his heart of Dao turned as lifeless as a dried well. Ji Hao felt like an old man who had been cultivating himself for billions of years.

“So that is what it is!” The two golden men straightened their bodies and each reached out a hand, shaking them together. Suddenly, a raging golden fire spiraled up from behind them.

Thud! Thud!

Their bodies exploded into a dazzling golden light, then from the light, two figures emerged slowly.

“The ‘quietus’…is attained!” Ji Hao’s pupils shrank to the size of needle points while he watched the linden tree and the colorful lotus vanish along with the two golden men.


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