The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1872: Monsters – WN

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“Brothers, be careful!” Priest Dachi’s disciple, Priest Xuandu growled out loud. A purple lantern rose from his head and released clouds of purple smoke along with scorching airstreams. The space quaked, and hundreds of figures immediately jumped out.

The group of people were led by Dragon Mother. Shixin and his brothers were armed to the teeth as they stood behind her. Behind them were a large group of dragon elders and dragon kings, who devotedly followed Dragon Mother and her sons, and arrayed for a battle.

Apart from them, the three friends from Mount Skeleton smiled and bowed to Ji Hao. Kun Peng and Xiang Liu, who disappeared after the flood ebbed, sneered at Ji Hao with nearly a hundred powerful spirit creatures.

In addition, tens of strange-looking priests, who were wearing long robes and treading on clouds, had been looking at Po and his brothers and sisters expressionlessly. Zang Yuanzi was clearly the leader of these priests. He was holding a large white flag in his left hand and a burning pestle in the other, while gazing at Po from head to toe.

“Zang Yuanzi!” Po took two steps forward, then smiled and nodded at him and said, “So, you’re a disciple of the three ‘Pengs’…Aren’t you afraid that those two stingy masters might take away your soul and make you suffer forever?”

Bang Yuanzi and the tens of priest behind him all burst into laughter. “They need to have a chance to wake up before that. Not to mention the fact that our three masters are measurelessly powerful, those two need to be able to survive.” Said Zang Yuanzi coldly and carelessly.

Without giving Po a chance to talk, Zang Yuanzi wielded the large flag in his left hand and spread a dense white mist. Fierce gusts of wind swirled in the mist and approached Po, Gui Ling, and the other disciples of Yu Yu swiftly.

Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, and nearly a hundred powerful spirit creatures roared out. They glanced around and then laughed as they pounced on Xuandu.

Priest Dachi didn’t have many disciples. Except his senior disciple Xuandu, the other few were less famous. Compared to Priest Xuandu, his younger brothers were not only less famous, but were far weaker than him. Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, and the group of spirit creatures encircled Priest Dachi’s disciples and wrapped them up with strands of evil power and gusts of evil wind.

Dragon Mother gave a sonorous roar as she pointed at Priest Qignwei’s disciples. Behind him, Shixin and his brothers roared in one voice and formed a great formation with hundreds of powerful dragons, encircling them.

Priest Yu Yu had much more disciples than his two brothers. Priest Dachi only had one senior disciple, while Priest Qingwei had merely about ten capable disciples under his guidance. After being encircled by hundreds of powerful dragons, Priest Qignwei’s disciples sank in an arduous battle.

While the others fought intensely, Dragon Mother approached Ji Hao step by step, with a twisted smile on his face.

Behind Dragon Mother, the three friends from Mount Skeleton were smilingly proudly. From time to time, they swept across Ji Hao and the other three battling groups with their eyes. Sharp and fierce powers could be sensed from their bodies, as they seemed ready to take an action at any moment.

“Ji Hao kid…give me my brother’s body back!” From tens of meters away, Dragon Mother reached her hand to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao glanced at Dragon Mother, then cast a glimpse at the three Mount Skeleton friends. He didn’t want to waste time talking to Dragon Mother. Instead, the golden bridge flashed across the space and brought him flying to the island. He clenched both fists, prepared to ring the Pan Gu bell.

“Stop him!” Dragon Mother roared while she raised her golden staff to strike at Ji Hao’s back and brought up a strong gust of wind. She was incredibly fast, and had even caught up with Ji Hao.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed and released streams of Chaos power. Dragon Mother’s golden staff stirred the Chaos power, but failed to do any harm to Ji Hao. Watching Ji Hao rush to the island and prepare to ring the bell, Dragon Mother burst into raging growls.

“My little friend, please stay!” Guzun laughed out loud and said to Ji Hao blandly.

Guzun looked like a mysterious immortal. As he wielded his broad sleeves, countless tiny bone pieces flew out of his sleeves and clanged against each other while piecing into a long, white bone whip, lunging to Ji Hao’s waist as fast as a bolt of thunder.

Ji Hao chuckled. He too wielded his broad sleeve and vented a wave of sad and hoarse cries, which weren’t so pleasant to hear. With an evil expression on his face, Priest Sadness darted out of Ji Hao’s sleeve while blinking his little beady eyes.

Guzun quaked slightly. He couldn’t have even dreamed that Ji Hao had Priest Sadness hiding in his sleeve. Priest Sadness’s power was evil and mysterious, aimed at souls and primordial spirits. Due to his carelessness, Guzun suffered a heavily strike.

Guzun spat a mouthful of white spirit blood, then glared at Priest Sadness and yelled, “Old Sadness, why’re you here?”

The bone whip dropped softly, as Priest Sadness cried louder and louder, shriller and shriller. He stared straight at Guzun without saying a word, just crying ceaselessly. His heartbreaking cries distracted Guzun, such that Guzun’s eyes were even obviously a little unfocused.

Guling snorted coldly. He raised both arms and released three bone swords from his sleeve to fiercely cut at Ji Hao.

“The boys’ bell has an amazing defensive power! No ordinary treasure can hurt him!”

Before her voice faded, Ji Hao raised his right sleeve. Bamboo Master sighed slightly and walked out of Ji Hao’s sleeve with large steps. As he shook his bamboo stick, the entire area was immediately covered in shreds of green bamboo shadows, and

Guling was immediately swirled in a bamboo formation.

Dragon Mother snarled at Ji Hao and wielded her golden staff, striking at him thousands of times. But, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t hurt even a hair of Ji Hao. On top that, the wave of violent strike launched by Dragon Mother sent Ji Hao forward for a long distance.

Seeing Guzun and Guling being trapped and Dragon Mother’s attacks delivering no effect, Gue finally made a move.

She looked like a little girl, but the moment she moved, her bones began swelling at an unimaginable rate. Within a blink, she became an over ten-thousand-meters tall skeleton and roared thunderously. A white light shone out of her eyes, mouth, nose, and ears, pouring towards Ji Hao like seven great rivers.

When the white light dazzled, the space around Ji Hao’s body froze suddenly. The golden bridge emitted waves of golden light and generated a series of tinkling noise. Following the noise, a giant amount of bone pieces and dust burst out of the space, as if the space in this area had become a giant piece of bone.

Even the golden bridge was stopped by Gue’s white light. Ji Hao frowned and let out the East Emperor’s chariot.

The Chaos dragon, which was Dragon Mother’s brother, raised its pair of enormous forepaws and created a giant hole in the space along with a thunderous boom. Next, Ji Hao trod on the golden bridge and lunged, easily stepping on the island.

Seeing the Supreme Chaos dragon before the chariot, Dragon Mother’s eyes turned blood-red.


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