The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1871: Dragon Mother Suddenly Attacks – WN

Night Mode

Looking at the Three ‘Pengs’, Ji Hao felt his tightened spirit power suddenly loosening. He wanted to kneel before them, to think nothing and do nothing, but relax, fall asleep…Sleep, sleep…forever and ever.

At that moment, the Pan Gu bell rang, and a tremor went through Ji Hao’s body. He immediately lowered his head and saw a faint white light shine out of his heart and lower abdomen, then burst into raging shouts. He realized that just now, the ‘three corpses’ inside his body were activated and had directly controlled his mind!

“Pengs!” Ji Hao stared at the three priests yelled.

The three ‘Pengs’ were wearing pure white robes as they smilingly stood in the air, looking quite amiable. Their bodies were blurry; it seemed that they didn’t have physical bodies. While looking at then, Ji Hao felt like looking at himself in a mirror!

Yes, after being awakened up by the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao carefully observed the three ‘Pengs’. They made Ji Hao feel like looking at himself in a mirror, clear, familiar. But a while later, Ji Hao had a strange feeling, that made him ask himself over and over again, ‘Who are you?’

At first, he asked the reflection in the mirror ‘who are you?’, and then, he couldn’t help but starting asking himself, ‘Who am I?’

He was confused again, and began doubting his own existence. Was he really ‘him’? Was this body, which was now standing in the air, really his? Was he ‘Ji Hao’? But, who was ‘Ji Hao’? Why was he ‘Ji Hao’? What did this name mean? Why…Why did this body named ‘Ji Hao’ exist?

A strange power began corroding Ji Hao’s body and embryo of Dao. From the roots of ’cause and effect’, this power aimed to wipe all traces of Ji Hao. If Ji Hao failed to stop this power, he would cease to exist!

In the past, in the future, even at present, once this power succeeded, Ji Hao would be gone; no one would remember him or think of him; anything and anyone that once related to him would twist and change.

Even his parents, Ji Xia and Qing Fu, would forget him…No, it shouldn’t be called ‘forget’, because this thing would never happen…They wouldn’t have a son named Ji Hao; instead, they might have another child, with a different name…

Even Gold Crow Clan, Yao Mountain City, the throne of East Emperor…Everything about Ji Hao would be twisted and changed by this strange power, and the changes would be unpredictable.

This power had gone beyond the regular ‘power’ or ‘magic’ that people knew. Instead, it was derived from the original Dao. It could twist ’causes and effects’, change realities; it was unpredictable, mysterious, and couldn’t be understood and touched by ordinary living beings!


Above Ji Hao’s head, the Pan Gu bell rang deeply and strongly. The sound waves generated circles of Chaos ripples that spun rapidly around him. Following a rumbling noise, the mill of Dao emerged behind. The great Dao of destruction and creation supported each other, generating a magical devouring power that began cleaning out all strange powers around Ji Hao.

An extremely thin beam of white light came from the three ‘Pengs’, penetrated the space, and pierced deeply into Ji Hao’s heart.

The bell ring broke this white light, while the mill of Dao seized and shattered it, then ground and devoured it inch by inch, bit by bit.

The barely visible white light contained a tremendous power. The mill of Dao devoured merely an about three-feet-long section of it, but after that, an overwhelming power was sent into Ji Hao’s body by the mill. Ji Hao’s embryo of Dao began swelling like a balloon, and his heart of Dao was enlightened. Somehow, his understanding of the great Dao of Pan Gu world suddenly grew much deeper than before!

Transparent marks of Dao spread from Ji Hao’s body like flowing water streams. Strands of clear light shone out of his body and gradually formed a hundreds of meters wide glowing cloud above his head.

Earlier on, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu were ready to take action to save Ji Hao when they saw the white light on Ji Hao’s forehead, heart and lower abdomen. But little did they think that the Pan Gu bell would waken Ji Hao up, and the mill of Dao, which was created by Ji Hao based on what he learned, would actually absorb a part of the white light and make a great harvest!

“Haha, my three friends, are you ashamed?” Yu Yu threw away the emptied wine calabash and sent up the four sharp swords to spread the sword formation. Laughing wildly, he gripped a green long sword and rushed at the three ‘Pengs’.

“You sneakily attacked my disciple, but my disciple got such a great gift from you! How many years have you been sealing the original Dao to create that ‘three corpses light’? Haha… Thank you, thank you!”

Hearing Yu Yu, Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei both shook their heads and chuckled. The ‘three corpses light’ was a frightful power generated from the original Dao that the three ‘Pengs’ stole from Pan Gu world. It could twist ’causes and effects’, and disorder the entire universe. A short section of the ‘three corpses light’ contained an immeasurable power of Dao. Ji Hao captured a three-feet-long section of the ‘three corpses light’, yet what he gained from it was as great as the result of billions of years of the three ‘Pengs’ cultivation!

The three ‘Pengs’ stole the original Dao to create the ‘three corpses light’. Therefore, every inch of the ‘three corpses light’ led to a disastrous natural punishment, and all the natural punishments had been taken by the three ‘Pengs’. Ji Hao took a section of the ‘three corpses light’ from them, but he didn’t need to take any natural punishment, or pay any price!

Yu Yu laughed out loud, while Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei shook their hands as they smiled and exclaimed over Ji Hao’s luck. They each threw a quick glance at their own disciples. After absorbing the three-feet-long section of ‘three corpses light’, Ji Hao would probably surpass their senior disciples.

He was so lucky to be able to advance so fast! How strange! Back when Yu Yu took Ji Hao as a disciple, Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei never sensed any special natural fortune from Ji Hao. But, how could he be so lucky?

“Let’s go fight outside!” The three ‘Pengs’ cast a meaningful glance at Ji Hao, then said slowly, “Otherwise, things might get complicated if we break those bottles and jars.”

“Go, go, go!” Priest Dachi laughed resonantly. He, Qingwei, and Yu Yu gave a sonorous growl in one voice, then transformed into streaks of light and swiftly left Pan Gu world for the Chaos, along with the three ‘Pengs’.

Once the three ‘Pengs’, Yu Yu, and his brothers left, a cold voice could be heard, “Ji Hao kid, and you little brats, none of you can wake those two idiots as long as I’m here!”


One of Priest Qingwei’s disciples, who had a jade cauldron floating above his head, was suddenly sent flying to thousands of meters away by a golden staff.


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