The Magus Era Chapter 1870: The Three ‘Pengs’ Make a Surprise Attack – WN

Night Mode

In the glass world, things were beautiful.

The two golden men were surrounded in strands of light. One of them had a bitter look, while the other one was laughing happily. The light surrounding them was boundless as an ocean, and the air was suffused with the magical feeling of Dao that emitted from their bodies.

Sacred, solemn, indescribable, immeasurable… The two golden men quietly lied in the glass world like the owners of that world. Soap-bubble-like light spots were sparkling around them. Each light spot was a world, and within each second, countless stories would happen in those worlds.

Ji Hao silently sensed the powers which had been releasing from those small worlds. If one put a cultivator into one of these small worlds, he or she would go through thousands of lives in there within one Pan Gu world second. In that small world, the heart of this cultivator would be strengthened, and he would see through everything, revealing all the ultimate natural secrets.

This was indeed a supreme cultivation method.

But, judging by the colorful figures wrapped tightly around these two golden men, and all kinds of negative emotions were spreading from their bodies. With the twisted faces and weird creatures in those sparkling light spots, Ji Hao knew that these two golden men weren’t good!

These nearly tangible sky devils were only slightly weaker than Master Spirit-slaughter, but there were billions of them. Uncountable sky devils clung on these two golden men like greedy leaches, absorbing the bright light which had been emitting from their bodies. The small worlds they created were also polluted by sky devils.

Ji Hao even saw a colorful light glowing on the two golden men’s foreheads, which meant that their true bodies might have been invaded by sky devils as well.

The red-robed Yu Yu raised his wine calabash and poured some wine into his mouth, then threw a sideways glance at the two golden men and said coldly, “I think we should let them sleep like this. If we wake them up…” Clicking his tongue, he continued, “Look at those two unruly clones of theirs, who believed that they were the real Priest Hua and Priest Mu. In the future, they would certainly go against us.”

“We need them.” Priest Dachi hid his hands in sleeves while looking at the two golden men with a pair of deeply sunken eyes, saying, “In the old days, our Shifu sealed Priest Yun in the great Dao, and they helped…Now, Priest Yun has escaped, and we still need their help.”

“Let’s free them. We’re true descendants of Pan Gu after all. The natural fortune of Pan Gu world is always under our control…Besides, Yu Yu, you alone can deal with both of them. What’s there to worry about?” Said Priest Qingwei blandly.

Ji Hao curved a mouth corner down. Indeed, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu were true descendants of Pan Gu, and the natural fortune of Pan Gu world would always be under their control. If the three of them united in a concentrated effort, Priest Hua and Priest Mu could surely never win. Yu Yu alone could defeat both Priest Hua and Priest Mu. But, what if Dachi and Qingwen decided to join their side?

Of course, Ji Hao couldn’t say it out loud!

“Ji Hao, go, ring your bell.” Priest Dachi smiled faintly and said, “That is a supreme treasure made from the Buzhou Mountain. Its power is measureless, can banish and destroy all kinds of evil. It will be enough to wake our two friends up. And conveniently, it will let them owe you another favor.”

Priest Qingwei also smiled and said, “Even though our two friends have always been shameless, they will thank Ji Hao at least with one top-grade pre-world supreme treasure for freeing them from sky devils. Otherwise, how can they ever face any other people?”

Ji Hao smiled. Beside him. Po, Gui Ling, and his other brothers and sisters looked at him with envy.

As Qingwei said, how could Priest Hua and Priest Mu be shameless enough to not give Ji Hao anything in return after being woken up by Ji Hao with the Pan Gu bell? Western Wasteland was poor, and they might not be as wealthy as Priest Dachi and his two brothers…But, they could certainly give at least one top-grade supreme treasure. After all, they were the masters of a large sect!

Ji Hao trod on a fiery cloud and shielded his entire body with the Pan Gu bell, carefully flying to the island.

The linden tree and the colorful lotus remained motionless, as if they had never changed since the beginning of time. However, the colorful figures which tightly wrapped the two golden men were stirred. Thousands of figures left the two golden men and transformed into all kinds of phantoms, encircling Ji Hao.

Ji Hao gave a bright shout as he pointed his finger at the sky. Nine enormous suns rose from his head. The dazzling golden sunlight swept across the whole area along with the power of sun, which was the most positive power in the world. As a result, the phantoms approaching Ji Hao were set ablaze.

Following shrill screams, countless phantoms around Ji Hao burned with a colorful fire. Strands of smoke puffed out of the fire, along with a thick aroma. Thousands of colorful figures showed their faces from the phantoms and fled desperately in every direction, with the colorful fire burning all over their bodies.

Ji Hao pulled out the Pan Gu sword and tinkled the sword edge with a finger. Beams of sword light silently flashed across the space and penetrated these colorful figures. The Pan Gu sword could be labeled as the fiercest weapon in Pan Gu world now. The endless intent of killing shredded these colorful figures, destroyed their souls, and left jelly-like colorful light spheres scattered in the air. From the Pan Gu bell, streaks of light spiraled out and swirled all the colorful lights into the bell. Inside the bell, the Chaos power vibrated and purified these colorful soul lights, turning them into the purest soul grains.

Ji Hao approached the island. Suddenly, Priest Dachi snorted coldly. Black and white mists rose from his head and wove into a giant hand, slapping down to the area right by Ji Hao’s side.


A figure was thrown out of the space by Priest Dachi. He laughed and released a pale-white light from his head. The light immediately turned into thirteen devils with white armors and long spears, which roared thunderously and charged at Ji Hao.

The nine-meters-tall, heavily armored devils looked ferocious, releasing a cold power that made Ji Hao’s heart thump. Any of these thirteen devils was stronger than Ji Hao!

“Peng Zhi, aren’t you ashamed? Stabbing a kid in the back? Pah!” Yu Yu burst into bright laughter.

He spouted a mouthful of wine; the wine drops became sharp, crystalline, flying swords. They swished up and lunged towards the thirteen devils from all directions, leaving a series of arc light beams in the air.

At this moment, Ji Hao suddenly sensed a coldness coming at him. He hurriedly turned his body and swung the Pan Gu sword sideways.


A three-feet-long white needle collided against the sword. Ji Hao couldn’t stop trembling as a strange cold power drilled aggressively into his body through the Pan Gu sword. Ji Hao wasn’t able to stop it, but the Pan Gu sword buzzed shrilly and blasted the cold power.

“Eh? Yu Yu, you took a good disciple…And, he has a good sword!”

Following a soft, warm voice, three pale-white figures showed up. Looking at these three immortal-like beings who were wrapped in powers of Dao, Ji Hao couldn’t help but feel good; he felt like a newborn baby who saw its mother.


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