The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1869: Raise the Cauldrons – WN

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Si Wen Ming returned, and the entire humankind was refreshed.

The clan leaders and princes who were close to Si Wen Ming, along with some other capable human beings, all gathered in Chong Mountain with heavy gifts, to congratulate Si Wen Ming. Si Wen Ming refused the gifts, but held a banquet to treat his friends.

The clan leaders who followed Emperor Xun were now in a constant state of anxiety. Every day and night, they sank in a panic and murmured to themselves without knowing what to do. Some of them took their troops and sneakily escaped from Pu Ban City, as they dared not to have anything to do with Emperor Xun anymore.

For now, Si Wen Ming didn’t have the time to hold these people responsible for what they had done. He led an enormous force and traveled across the mountain ranges and rivers, which had the most important earth and water meridians buried underneath. In each of these areas, he connected the nine cauldrons with the earth meridians and water meridians, leaving the patterns of all mountains and rivers of Pan Gu Motherland on the nine cauldrons.

According to the agreement between Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi, because of the contributions that Wuzhi Qi made to the humankind in the later period of the flood-control mission, Si Wen Ming didn’t seal Wuzhi Qi. Instead, he let Wuzhi Qi create a clone, then sealed the clone in the Huai Water eye.

After that, the figure of a roaring fierce ape emerged in the core area of the Huai Water on the surface of a cauldron. The true spirit of this ape was connected with the nine cauldrons. Therefore, the Huai Water was added with a spirit, which allowed Si Wen Ming to easily borrow the Huai Water’s power through the streamflow hydrograph of Huai Water on the cauldron.

Barefoot, Si Wen Ming traveled across Pan Gu Motherland with his countless followers. Countless fierce creatures from the flood period had still been hurting human beings, and most of them were water-kind spirit creatures. Si Wen Ming took their true spirits and left their figures on the cauldrons, then sealed them under mountains or in rivers.

The true spirits of these beasts were suppressed and sent into the earth meridians by the cauldrons. Thus, their breaths were connected with the earth meridians. Through the measureless power of the nine cauldrons, the owner of the cauldrons was able to control the powers of these earth meridians. With one thought, Si Wen Ming now could turn the oceans into desert, and turn the mountains into plains.

During the first few months, Si Wen Ming and his followers trudged through the mountains and rivers with difficulties. But, as more and more fierce creatures were sealed under the rivers and mountains, and as more and more rivers, mountains, and figures of fierce beasts emerged on them, the nine cauldrons grew more and more powerful.

By now, with one single thought, Si Wen Ming could teleport his people and himself to millions of miles away with the power of earth meridians. As long as Si Wen Ming continued to tread on Pan Gu Motherland, he and his people could move as fast as Ji Hao with the golden bridge.

As they moved faster and faster, their working efficiency grew higher and higher. As the dangerous, harmful creatures on Pan Gu Motherland were all suppressed by the nine cauldrons, the earth meridian power of the entire Pan Gu Motherland gradually connected with the nine cauldrons, and the powers of the cauldrons grew stronger and stronger.

In less than a year, Si Wen Ming and his people finished this work. Afterward, he returned to Pu Ban City with the nine cauldrons, his countless supporters, and also Ao Bai, Qing Qiang, and the other important members from the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind.

The nine cauldrons floated above Pu Ban City. From the Magi Palace, eight-thousand elite Magi trod on clouds and flew over. The eight-thousand were all peak-level Divine Magi, upon which, they had all been cultivating themselves with the secret soul-cultivation method which was given by Si Wen Ming, and came from Ji Hao.

Human Magi never cultivated their souls. As their bodies grew stronger and stronger, their spirit blood would nourish their souls and naturally improve their soul powers. But, these eight-thousand carefully selected Magi had already grown primordial spirits after cultivating themselves with the soul-cultivation magic from Ji Hao. They had powerful souls, that made them stronger than ordinary Divine Magi by at least a hundred folds.

In a luxurious palace in Pu Ban City, Emperor Xun was screaming at his trusted followers, ordering them to raise an army and attack Si Wen Ming. He said that it would be the best if they could cut off Si Wen Ming’s head!

However, these followers of Emperor Xun, who would usually tried everything they could to flatter him, were now so quiet. Even the most arrogant elders from Gong Sun Family was now sitting on the ground hopelessly, trembling while looking at the people behind Si Wen Ming.

Those people were tall and strong; their bodies glowed with bright and magical lights, and every single move of theirs was supported by a tremendous natural power, which even quaked the whole world…

Their faces could be found from some books in the secret library in the Magi Palace. They were Fuxi, Suiren, Shennong, Xuanyuan, Shaohao, Taihao…Cangjie, who invented writing, and other ancient powerful human beings. Hundreds of famous powerful human beings had all been standing quietly behind Si Wen Ming.

These people were the ancestors of all the large families and clans…The Gong Sun Family elder on the scene would never dare to attack their own ancestors, no matter how brave and arrogant they were.

Emperor Xun screamed hysterically. He shouted that he was the true human emperor, that he took over the crown from Emperor Shun’s hands in a decent abdication ceremony. He wielded a small dagger, bared his upper body, and rushed out of the palace while howling shrilly, fearlessly charging at Fuxi and the other former emperors.

In the next moment, the world began shaking. Strong streams of spirit blood power rose from the eight-thousand Magi’ heads as they activated their internal spirit stars and composed a tractive magic formation as they touched their chosen natural stars!

Right above Pu Ban City, in front of countless human beings, these eight-thousand Magi determinedly challenged the level of Supreme Magi!

Since the beginning, only twelve known Supreme Magi existed among all human beings!

But at this very moment, eight-thousand Magi challenged this level together. The entire sky was suddenly illuminated, as countless natural stars dazzled and poured streams of starlight down into these eight-thousand Magi’ bodies.

An old, mottled altar appeared above the city. Strands of magical will power gathered from all directions. The bodies of some relatively weaker Magi were nearly burst by the tremendous natural star powers. The souls of some of them were strong enough, and consequently, their minds were almost absorbed by their stars. But, with the help of this will power, these Magi made it.

A mighty star power began spreading from their bodies. Their bodies blurred slowly while being wrapped in layers of starlight. They were clearly making the breakthrough!

Eight-thousand Supreme Magi were going to emerge from the humankind in one go!

Si Wen Ming smiled. Under his control, the nine cauldrons composed a square formation and surrounded the eight-thousand Magi.

Gradually, numerous natural stars emerged from the cauldrons’ surfaces, representing the eight-thousand Supreme Magi. Si Wen Ming wasn’t a divine emperor, but through the eight-thousand Supreme Magi, through their spirit stars, and through the nine cauldrons, he was now able to control the powers of eight-thousand natural stars!

These were merely eight-thousand Supreme Magi. If more and more Supreme Magi emerge from the humankind, and if every natural star had an owner…By then, Si Wen Ming would be even more powerful than divine emperors. Ancient divine emperors couldn’t command all the star kings, but Si Wen Ming could command all Supreme Magi who belonged to the humankind!

As long as the nine cauldrons existed, Si Wen Ming would be able to command divine emperors and rule the world!

Sensing the formidable power, Emperor Xun’s tiny dagger suddenly dropped on the ground. He kneeled on the ground and burst into cries, “I’m innocent…Emperor Shun did this to me! He forced me to be the emperor! I quit, I quit. Si Wen Ming, I’ll give you the crown! You’ll be the emperor…Please don’t kill me! Please!”


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