The Magus Era Chapter 1868: Trapped Saints – WN

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In the Chaos, Yu Yu gave a resonant shout and threw both arms forward. His sword formation was deactivated, transforming into four-colored light streaks as it merged into his hands. Distance away, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and their disciples all stopped fighting and looked at the empty Chaos, then burst into a bright laughter.

Yu Man was destroyed for good. His soul perished, and even the memories buried deep in his soul were extracted bit by bit, then studied by Yu Yu and his brothers thoroughly.

Yu Yu roared sonorously towards the Chaos, took out his wine calabash, and poured some wine into his mouth. “Great, great! We’ve fought a great battle. Good, good, he was so strong, yet we eventually destroyed his original soul.”

Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwel both grinned as their eyes shone brightly.

This place was close to Pan Gu world, but far away from Pan Yu world. Yu Man was a saint who had already merged with the great Dao of Pan Yu world. Killing him here and even destroying his original soul and erasing him from the universe was an unprecedented challenge for Yu Yu and his brothers.

With the experience they gained through this battle, they would now easily destroy other saint-level invaders, without spending so much effort and time.

Following their laughter, a series of rumbling noises could be heard from their bodies. The blood in their hearts was boiled, while their minds were stimulated. Suddenly, they each achieved a major improvement. Their bodies glowed with a faint colorful light while tremendous powers flooded out of their bodies, even quaking the surrounding Chaos.

“Let’s go!” Yu Yu again gave a sonorous shout. Following him, Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei led their disciples to return to Pan Gu world as well. Beams of light flashed across the Chaos and drilled into the starry void of Pan Gu world within a blink.

On the golden bridge, Ji Hao was expecting them in the starry void.

Seeing Yu Yu and the others return from the Chaos, Ji Hao delightfully bowed to Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu respectively. Yu Yu grabbed his shoulder and dragged him up, then said carelessly, “Save that. This time, we want to take some advantage of you…Earlier, did that Priest Mu promise to help you with full power three times?”

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. Days ago, Priest Mu and Priest Hua marched to the heaven aggressively, but soon, their nest was broken by ten Pan Yu saints. In a great haste, they returned to their peaceful world to rescue their people, and before that, Ji Hao made them promise to help him with all of their powers three times.”

“Yes, Shifu. Are they making a move now?” Ji Hao laughed, “I’m just worrying that they might eat their words!”

“If you go ask them, they will eat their words.” A cold light shone out of Yu Yu’s eyes as he sneered and said, “But if we go together, they won’t be able to eat their words. In the worst case, we can combine our powers to destroy their billions of years of cultivation, to see if their hearts will ache or not!”

“Apart from that, we have some debt for them to clear this time…They guided sky devils to our world, and they will pay for that.” Priest Qingwei snorted coldly, as his eyes also glowed with a frosty light.

Priest Dachi remained as calm and mild as always. He smiled and silently listened to Yu Yu and Qignwei talking through clenched teeth.

The golden bridge transformed into a million-miles-long golden rainbow. Controlled by Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Yu Yu, it flashed through the space at a scarily high speed.

Ji Hao stood behind Yu Yu. Before he had a chance to finish his greeting to Po, Gui Ling, and the other few of his brothers and sisters, he saw splendid starlight in the front. Within this short span of time, the golden bridge had already violently penetrated tens of well-hidden magic seals and broken into a beautiful starry area.

In this vast area, a nine-miles-wide, round-shaped island floated quietly. Standing in the middle of this island was a three-hundred-meters-tall linden tree. Lying under the tree was a three-hundred-meters-wide, colorful lake. A seven-colored lotus quietly floated on the water, emitting strands of warm, colorful light.

The linden tree had flourishing roots. The faintly glistening, dark golden roots penetrated the island and reached in all directions for countless miles. Some roots drilled in the starry void, and some directly merged into the space.

Every moment, a measureless amount of natural powers and essence power of creation would be absorbed by the roots of the linden tree, and gather inside it, going through a magical and complicated conversion. The luxuriant, crystalline, and sparkling leaves of the linden tree swayed without being blown by a wind. From time to time, glistering, colorful dew drops would drip from the leaves.

The tiny dew drops fell into the colorful lake and caused silvery tinkles, sounding like pearls falling into jade trays. Some of the dew drops fell on the colorful lotus and raised strands of multicolored mist along with a sizzling noise. The mist coiled in the air and wove into some blurry spell symbols.

Yu Yu laughed out loud and stomped his foot heavily against the golden bridge, generating a thunderous bang. The golden bridge vented a blinding golden light and lunged violently towards the island where the linden tree and the lotus were located.

An extremely bitter sigh could be heard. Suddenly, layers of images emerged around the golden bridge; beautiful girls flying all over the sky, dancing, playing instruments. High up in the air, divine gods were enjoying banquets while numberless creature were living on the ground, and countless evil ghosts were roaring down underground.

All kinds of magical scenes of the heaven, the mortal world, and the Netherworld emerged before Ji Hao’s eyes, while a nicely scented wind gust into his head, shaking his soul. Ji Hao felt that his soul was even flying out of his body.

The golden bridge quaked and suddenly slowed down. Before, it was fleeting, but now, it had been moving forward almost inch by inch.

Yu Yu sneered and pointed at the island. The four-colored sword lights shone out of his sleeve and composed a giant circle that shredded the space. Following a long-lasting series of screams and howls, the endless images were broken by him with a single move. Ji Hao even saw countless twisted hazy human figures being cut into pieces.

“Sky devils?” Ji Hao was shocked.

“Sky devils indeed.” Dachi blandly responded, “My friends, you created multiple worlds with sky devils to reach your great Dao. You guided sky devils here, but you failed to restrain them. Now, even your bodies are trapped by sky devils. Do you need a hand from us?”

The linden tree and the colorful lotus shook slightly. Countless twisted, human-shaped figures emerged around them, each releasing a strong power. Clearly, these sky devils were much more powerful than Yu Zun, Xia Zun, and the other sky devils that Ji Hao had once encountered.

Suddenly, a colorful light shone eye-dazzlingly. Above the tree and the lotus, a clean, peaceful, glass-like world was faintly visible. In that glass world, two golden men were lying under two small pagodas, with bitter looks on their faces. They wore all kinds of jewels, and their bodies glowed brightly with a golden light. They were wrapped in layers of colorful human-shaped figures, which pressed them down like two hills.

Obviously, they were trapped in this glass world.


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