The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1867: Yu Yu’s Talisman – WN

Night Mode

“I am Original Devil, a true descendant of Pan Gu! What is this cauldron? How can it suppress me?”

Original Devil fell down from the sky, with his entire body limp and soft. The dense black mist which wrapped his body had faded, exposing his real face. His angular face was filled with panic. He screamed hoarsely, then threw up his arms and twitched his legs, without knowing what to do. He didn’t have wings, and couldn’t stop his body from falling down by desperately waving his arms.

Ji Hao trod on a cloud and followed Original Devil down.

Looking at Original Devil, who was screaming and howling meters away, Ji Hao smiled happily and said, “Each of these nine giant cauldrons has a story…I don’t know a lot about them, but I do know that they are related to the natural fortune of the humankind.”

“And you, are dying but not dead. The pieces of your souls, so-called devil seeds, are sealed in human bodies. Due to this, everything you do is related to the humankind. Since the nine cauldrons are connected with the natural fortune of the humankind, it’s a reasonable thing that these cauldrons can suppress you.”

“Nonsense!” Original Devil hollered, “Who am I? I’ve never heard of this cauldron. And, it’s still warm! It’s not a pre-world treasure. It’s forged after the world’s creation…How can I ever be suppressed by it?”

Ji Hao spread his hands and smiled at Original Devil. What in this world was impossible? Original Devil was a ‘parasite’ on human beings. Based on this fact, he could be suppressed by a powerful treasure, which was connected with the natural fortune of human beings. Wasn’t this perfectly reasonable? Original Devil refused to admit that this was possible, but Ji Hao felt that Original Devils’ existence should be a real impossible thing.


Original Devil fell heavily on the ground. The ground of Yao Mountain City was strengthened by layers of magic seals and was especially hard, almost indestructible. Original Devil fell down from the gate of heaven. He had an extra tough body indeed, but still, he shrieked when fell on the ground, as his bones were all broken.

The three-legged giant cauldron which towered in Yao Mountain City quaked slightly, while emitting streams of green light to sweep across the surrounding area.

After being scanned by this green light, countless human warriors felt their bodies cool down immediately, and the comfort went straight into their internal organs. Their minds turned much clearer, as if their brains were suddenly activated. Even those ‘silly muscle guys’ now felt they were smarter than before.

However, the non-human creatures, including Ao Bai, Qing Qiang, and the other dragons and phoenixes, all trembled slightly, as they felt something was taken away from their bodies by a strange power.

Along with a buzzing noise, the figures of Ao Bai’s eight brothers suddenly emerged on the surface of the cauldron. Except Qing Qiang, the figures of all phoenixes appeared on the cauldron’s surface as well. Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were divine emperors, and were protected by the world. Therefore, their figures didn’t appear on the cauldron. The other dragons and phoenixes quivered, and suddenly had a strong fear of this three-legged cauldron in Yao Mountain City.

Somehow, these phoenixes, dragons, and all the other non-human creatures around Yao Mountain City felt that an invisible, sharp sword was hanging right above their heads. Once the sword fell, they would suffer horrible harm. If this sword fell, the result could range from severe injuries to death, even to the destruction of souls!

With shock, Ao Bai’s brothers, countless phoenixes, and all the non-human creatures in Ji Hao’s army cast their eyes at this three-legged cauldron, at their figures on the cauldron which existed under the patterns of clouds, between the patterns of mountain and rivers.

“This is…” Hearing the news from their people, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang both burst into raging roars, “Why is this cauldron threatening our people? You have to know that we are Pan Gu’s descendants too!”

“But, you are not human beings!” Without being noticed, Si Wen Ming stood on a foot of the cauldron with his head lowered, looking at the infuriated Ao Bai and Qing Qiang, “These nine cauldrons are the supreme treasures of our humankind. They suppress all living beings in this world but our humankind. If you live in harmony with us, good, but if you can’t…”

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were enraged. Ao Bai gave a bright shout and rolled up his sleeves, prepared to pounce on Si Wen Ming.

At this moment, Qiu Niu grabbed his wrist, stopped him.

Snorting coldly, Qiu Niu raised his head and asked, “Si Wen Ming, will the humankind use these nine cauldrons for evil purposes?”

“Of course, we won’t.” Si Wen Ming smiled mildly and responded with a gentle voice while showing a trace of tiredness on the corners of his eyes.

“Who can guarantee that?” Qing Qiang stared at Si Wen Ming and shouted harshly.

Ji Hao took a few steps forward, waved his hands to Si Wen Ming, and said, “Uncle Wen Ming, what took you so long? If you came later, the humankind would be ruined by Emperor Xun. I couldn’t do a thing…I can’t just slaughter those human clans one by one, can I?”

Ji Hao clearly understood that despite his good reputation, he could never be compared with Si Wen Ming. Si Wen Ming was an important human minister, and had a very high prestige among human beings. No matter what kind of mess the humankind might derange into, Si Wen Ming would always be the only one who could save humanity without leaving any future trouble.

If Ji Hao took action, what could he possibly do but kill all the clan leaders who followed Emperor Xun?

Ji Hao would never be supported by all human leaders like Si Wen Ming was. Not to mention the other facts, Ji Hao was born in Gold Crow Clan from the Southern Wasteland. And, because he was a ‘Southern Wasteland barbarian’, those large human families and clans would never follow his words!

Si Wen Ming smiled at Ji Hao, then nodded seriously and said, “You’re right, you’re right. The humankind has been messy these days. It’s time to put our society in good order. I can’t do it all alone. You need to help me.”

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang’s face darkened so badly, because they suddenly realized that Ji Hao was a diehard supporter of Si Wen Ming.

What was even worse, they clearly knew about the man behind Ji Hao. That was the fiercest being in this world. Therefore, if they offended Ji Hao, they would definitely cause themselves great roubles. Except for the dragon ancestor and the phoenix ancestor, who dared to offend Ji Hao now?

Ao Bai and Qing Qiang angrily glanced at the figures of countless creatures on the cauldron and pondered shortly. At last, they restrained their anger. They were just thinking about how they should talk to Si Wen Ming about this after the enemies were defeated. They needed an explanation from Si Wen Ming.

Donggong and Ximu stood aside smiling, as this had nothing to do with them. They were confident, and had no worries.

Si Wen Ming leaped down from the cauldron and gave Ji Hao a high five. The two of them delightfully ran a short conversation about what happened lately. Afterward, Si Wen Ming frowned, seeming to be lost in thoughts.

At this moment, a purple streak of light descended from the sky and threw a jade tablet heavily in Ji Hao’s hand.

After scanning the jade tablet with his spirit power, Ji Hao was shocked. With a bitter smile, he shook his head to Si Wen Ming and said, “Uncle, I may not be able to help you reorganizing the humankind. I have something to do.”

Raising the jade board, he continued, “It’s a talisman from my Shifu. It’s an emergency.”


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