The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1866: The Cauldrons Guard the World – WN

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High up in the air, a white light flashed across. Priest Yun raised a hand, then an oddly shaped, golden bottle landed in his hand.

He lowered his head and looked at the dark blood in the bottle. Then, he smilingly nodded at Fuxi, Ji Hao, and the others, and said, “It’s about time. Since I am already freed, I don’t want to waste more efforts…I’ve prepared for many years. In these couple of days, the winner has to be determined.”

Pointing at the sky, Priest Yun laughed, “This sky!”

Then pointing at the earth, he continued, “This earth!”

Next, he pointed at the surrounding area and burst into a louder laughter, “This vast Pan Gu world, numberless living beings, boundless void… will eventually be under my control! If I can’t have this world, I will destroy it. That’s how simple it is!”

The meeting hall in Yao Mountain City fell into a deathly silence. Everyone in the hall was stunned by what Priest Yun said, and couldn’t say a word. Priest Yun was crazy, but he did have the power to do everything he said. A crazy man wouldn’t be scary, but a crazy man who was powerful enough would be intimidating.

“You…Who are you?” Ji Hao trod on a streak of golden light and rose straight to the sky. After flashing for a few times, he came up to Priest Yun and stared at him with a pair of sword-sharp eyes.

“I…” Priest Yun gave a mystic smile and said, “I share the same origin with Priest Jun. I was born shortly later than he was, yet he occupied the great Dao.”

Priest Yun handed the golden bottle to Original Devil, then took out a jade tablet from his sleeve, smiled at Ji Hao, and said, “Let’s see this piece of jade as the entire great Dao of Pan Gu world, or, we can say it is the spirit of Pan Gu world.”


As he tapped the jade board gently with a finger, a small piece of jade fell off from it. “When Saint Pan Gu created Pan Gu world, the origin of Pan Gu world quaked, and this… is Priest Jun.” Said Priest Yun smilingly.

Next, he tapped the jade board again, and made a smaller piece fell off. “And this… is me! So, once I have killed Priest Jun, the whole world and all living beings in this world will be under my control!”

Ji Hao lowered his head to look at the elite human forces, which had been crazily charging at the two non-humankind camps, while asking coldly, “Aren’t you afraid?”

Priest Yun tilted his head, squinted at Ji Hao, and sneered, “Afraid? Of what? Why? Do you mean natural trials? Natural punishments? Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of either of those. Except for Priest Jun, no one in Pan Gu world can hurt a hair of mine.”

Priest Yun laughed and abruptly hissed, knitting his brows as if pondering. A while later, he laughed again and said, “No, no, there was another man in this world could hurt me! Hah, if Pan Gu comes back alive, and has his giant axe, he may have a chance to kill me. But Pan Gu…Haha, haha, haha!”

He raised his head and laughed hysterically towards the higher sky, but Ji Hao didn’t know what he was thinking. He then turned around, took the golden bottle back from Original Devil’s hands, and said carelessly, “Disciple, I’m too lazy to kill a kid like this. You just kill him. When I am crowned with success, I’ll make you a divine emperor too!”

While laughing, Priest Yun trod on a flowing cloud and flew away in a moment. The cloud which was treading under his feet seemed to be nothing special, but it flew much faster than the golden bridge. Within a second, Priest Yun disappeared from Ji Hao’s sight, and after that, Ji Hao couldn’t find him anymore, not even with the sunlight.

Ji Hao’s heart sank. This Priest Yun was so powerful!

Original Devil laughed with a hissing voice. His body was wrapped in coiling dark mists, emitting a strong evil power. “Interesting, interesting! I didn’t even think of this before…Priest Yun, Priest Jun… Ji Hao, which one of them do you think will win?”

Ji Hao remained silent, looking at Original Devil who was laughing.

“I think, no matter which one of them wins, I may be the final winner!” Original Devil looked at Ji Hao excitedly and said, “Do you know that this is a chance to replace them? If we combine our powers, we may…”

Ji Hao responded with a sword strike in the heart. The Pan Gu sword shone with a dark light and instantly penetrated Original Devil’s body. Original Devil lowered his head and looked at the bowl-sized hole on his chest, then laughed carelessly, “It’s useless, Ji Hao, you can kill a body of mine, but you can’t kill my soul. I have countless devil seeds, and every single one of them can grow into a new me…You can never kill me, unless you destroy the humankind to gather all the pieces of my soul. After that, you need to be powerful enough to kill my soul!”

Strands of dark mist gathered in the wounds and healed them quickly.

Original Devil slapped hard on his own chest, then continued saying to Ji Hao seriously, “But, your sword is indeed powerful. It penetrated my supreme devil body so easily, and because of its killing power, I spent so much time to heal the wound. A great sword, that is a great sword really.”

Letting out a high-pitched laughter, Original Devil pointed at the earth and said, “Even though he told me to kill you, you’re protected by supreme treasures, and are hard to kill…Why don’t we see how these people will die first?”

Original Devil smiled brightly. These suicidal human elites who had been marching towards the two non-humankind camps were all controlled by him…He was about to kill so many people all at one time, and this made him feel so great.

Even though these elites who were killing themselves down there were only a slight part of the humankind, but after harvesting the devil seeds in their bodies, Original Devil would grow stronger by at least a hundred percent!

“Ji Hao, look at them. They’re in such a hurry to die. How do you feel?” Original Devil laughed out loud.

Ji Hao remained silent. Abruptly, he raised his head and looked at the sun. Seven green light spots emerged from the higher sky. Along with muffled sounds of wind and thunder, seven, millions of miles tall, three-legged cauldrons descended from the sky.

These cauldrons fell to different areas of Pan Gu Motherland, and one of them landed straight to Yao Mountain City. Before the cauldron fell on the ground, it suddenly turned as weightless as a dandelion seed, then lightly landed on a square, which was located in the middle of the city.

Along with a thunderous sound, the patterns of mountains, rivers, cities, and living beings changed quickly on the surface of the cauldron, then a splendid green light was emitted from it, momentarily sweeping across the entire area.

At the same time, all human elites who had been rushing madly to the two non-humankind camps began vomiting black blood. As the dark devil fire dimmed in their eyes, they soon came back to their senses.

On the cauldron in Yao Mountain City, a figure of Origin Devil quietly emerged.

Original Devil, who was standing right in front of Ji Hao, suddenly quivered, then powerlessly fell from the sky.


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