The Magus Era Chapter 1865: The Suns and Moons Rise Together – WN

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Among the high-grade Pan Yu world nobles who had been wrestling against each other for power and benefits, the ones who had achieved a certain power level trembled suddenly and simultaneously, whether they were partying or running a secret meeting.

A strange sense of fear came from the deepest areas of their souls, made them quiver intensely, boiled their blood, and paled their faces. All of them felt so disturbed, as if a destructive disaster was going to happen.

They walked out of the luxurious palaces, raised their heads, and looked at the sky.

In the sky of Pan Yu world, the natural stars, which were dimmed since countless years suddenly burst into dazzling lights. The never-changing star orbits were badly disordered, and the stars scattered towards all directions, creating a giant, empty space in the middle.

Three brightly glowing suns, and nine smaller sized, but also dazzling, moons appeared in the sky simultaneously. These were the three suns and nine moons that had been worshipped by all Pan Yu world people. Following a rumbling buzzing noise, the three suns and nine moons formed a perfect circle in the empty space, which was surrounded by natural stars

Along with the rumbling noises, twelve enormous pyramids appeared in the center of the circle formed by the three suns and nine moons. Every pyramid was entirely black, carved with countless oddly shaped, complicated spell symbols and marks, which glowed blindingly. At the moment, the light emitted from the spell symbols and marks even dimmed the three suns and nine moons.

A sigh could be heard from the sky. All Pan Yu world nobles who were powerful enough saw a large throne rise from the top of each of the twelve pyramids, then twelve tall and strong figures silently emerged and released intimidating powers. They quietly sat in the thrones and lowered their heads to look at the people in this world.

Each of these twelve figures only had one large erect eye, dazzling between their eyebrows as bright as the suns and moons. Pan Gu world creatures on the ground could not even look directly at those their eyes. Numberless Pan Yu world nobles exclaimed. Their single eye meant the legendary supreme power level in Pan Yu world, and also meant that these people each had thoroughly merged with a part of the great Dao of Pan Yu world.

The three suns and nine moons shone in the sky, while these twelve people showed up together. Seeing this. The Pan Yu world nobles from the top-grade families, which had the longest histories, all recalled the records in the oldest scriptures in their family collections, which they had been reading as legends. Billions of years ago, when Pan Yu world was just created, the original powers of the three suns and nine moons transformed into living creatures who lived in this world.

According to the legends, the bloodlines of the top-grade, noblest Pan Yu world families, which had the longest history and were in the highest positions, were partially descended from the embodiments of the three suns and nine moons. For this reason, a large number of elites emerged from these families, and the members of these families were far more powerful than the others.

Also according to the legends, Saint Pan Yu, the creator of Pan Yu world, instinctively wanted to devour the embodiments of the three suns and the nine moons, and the embodiments of the three suns and nine moons resisted determinedly. A great war happened between them. The three suns and nine moons combined their powers and killed Pan Yu, cutting his body into countless pieces and forging it into the most powerful batch of inherited treasures in Pan Yu world. Pan Yu’s brain, which belonged to Yu Huo, and Pan Yu’s leg bone, belonged to Yu Man, were both included in this batch.

“Supreme three suns and nine moons!” All Pan Yu world creatures kneeled on the ground and gave the three suns and the nine moons their highest respect.

Inside the circle formed from the three suns and nine mons, a tremendous black vortex emerged, and the entire world quaked intensely at the same moment. Measureless natural powers flooded into the dark swirl like boiling rivers.

The swirl was shrinking quickly. Once it had absorbed enough natural powers, it became stable. Following a deep buzzing nose, countless Pan Gu world creatures suffered a pain from their chests and vomited blood. The thunderous noise injured them severely. The lowest slaves, the large family leaders, elders, the group of ‘Yu’ who possessed the highest power in the mortal world in the Holy Realm, and the saints like Yu Huo, who had been hiding in darkness and controlling the entire Pan Yu world, were all injured badly, coughing blood. The saints, who were hiding in the space, were forced to show their faces by the thunderous noise.

The three suns and nine moons sat motionlessly in their thrones and looked down at all Pan Yu world creatures meaningfully.

Nearly a hundred figures jumped out of the space. A strong power could be sensed from each of their bodies. They glanced at each other, then raised their heads and carefully observed the three suns and nine moons.

A long while later, these people slowly, reluctantly, and slightly bowed to the three suns and nine moons, with strong doubts. Unlike the other Pan Yu world creatures, they didn’t kneel and kowtow, and neither did they say a word.

“The whole world worships you…The three suns and nine moons, the supreme totems, how great you are, how marvelous you are! But, no one remembers me, who created this world and these bloody creatures!”

The stable, dark swirl expanded a little, now looking like a black sun, or a black hole, quietly floating in the sky. A gigantic black pyramid emerged in the middle of the black hole, then a blurry figure, which was woven from strands of dark mist, emerged on the top.

Pan Yu looked down at the nine continents, at the Pan Yu world creatures who kneeled on the ground or stood in the air, and laughed with a deep voice, “But, what changed? You risked your lives to seal me for so many years. You ceaselessly extracted the essence of my soul with the circulation of the three suns and nine moons, attempting to put me in eternal sleep.”

“But, what changed? While you were extracting my soul essence, I was also absorbing your original powers. And I was way faster than you! All these years, I’ve been recovering, while you….Look at this broken world. It’s all your fault!”

“But, it’s fine…It’s really fine. Some idiots melted their erect eyes with my essence soul and broke into the world of saints. They owe me a debt, and they’re gonna pay that…You ants. I created you, so I should destroy you!”

“Do you remember my ultimate Dao? Devouring and destruction… I devour everything, then destroy everything…Last time, the twelve idiots saved you, but this time…I’ll do whatever I want. Because… I am Pan Yu. I created you, so you shall be devoured by me, and become a part of me!”

Pan Yu opened his mouth and took a long inhalation towards the nine continents of Pan Yu world.

On the top-layer continent, the members of the top-grade families quivered simultaneously, then all became strands of pure life-force and flew to Pan Yu.

The top-layer continent collapsed, as countless living beings were devoured by Pan Yu.

Then the second-layer continent…Then the third-layer continent…

The entire Pan Yu world collapsed quickly towards Pan Yu.


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