The Magus Era Chapter 1864: The Lost Holy Blood – WN

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Like a large apple which was awfully damaged by worms, Pan Yu world was operating based on its special natural laws.

Measureless resources had been shipping to this world from countless colony worlds, filling up the Pan Yu world, which was collapsing. In the past countless years, Pan Yu world had swallowed immeasurable amount of resources from colony worlds, but this greedy world was never satisfied. It had been on the verge of destruction, and the situation never got better.

The leaders of the top-grade nobles families, the true power-holders, were still running all kinds of secret discussions. Even though they had received the distress signals from their young family members from Pan Gu world, they showed no sign of sending out reinforcements.

These Pan Yu world nobles had sunken into a strange state of anxiety. Ever since a nobleman made the proposal of abandoning Pan Yu world and moving the entire Yu Clan to Pan Gu world, these noble family leaders seemed to be bewitched. Day and night, they had been sighing with bitter faces.

Abandoning Pan Yu world, which could fall apart at any time, then moving to Pan Gu world, which was beautiful and rich like a newly risen sun, and was surrounded by a giant number of worlds, full of life-force and an enormous potential?

This proposal was so tempting!

But, Pan Yu world was the area of origin of Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan after all. It was not easy to abandon the hometown. Abandoning the area of origin and moving to Pan Gu world, was this really good?

Countless natural stars which were drained of resources floated lifelessly in Pan Yu world’s starry void. A giant amount of ore sands and dust left thick streams of smog among the stars. The lights of the three suns and nine moons shone upon the smog and created bizarre and motley shadows.

Deep in the starry void, an unknown distance away from the nine continents, thirteen pyramids towered on a square, ink-dark, transparent pedestal.

Looking from the sky, one would find that the relatively smaller twelve pyramids composed a circle, while the tallest one stood in the center. The ground was thickly covered in dimly glistening spell symbols and marks. Strong strands of power had been flowing out of the twelve smaller pyramids, into the central one.

The twelve smaller pyramids quaked from time to time. Occasionally, deep buzzing noises could be heard from under one or a few smaller pyramids. Each time this happened, the spell symbol which looked like a large, black erect eye above the central pyramid would release a bolt of thunder to strike at the buzzing pyramids.

As the dark thunderbolts fell on the smaller pyramids and drilled in, the buzzing noise would fade immediately, and the whole area would quiet back down.

Surrounding these twelve pyramids were countless palaces, differently scaled. In each palace, numberless heavily armored Jia Clan warriors were on patrol. Each of them had an incomparable solemnness and an obvious numbness on their faces.

Some of these warriors had been guarding this place for uncountable years. No one ever invaded this lifeless area, and not even a grass was growing in here. Even the ‘saints’ of Pan Yu world remained extra careful and cautious and when visiting occasionally with great reverence, without daring to show any disrespect.

This place didn’t need guards at all, but in order to make it look sacred and important, these top-grade Pan Yu world warriors guarded here generation after generation. Some of them grew old silently, then died in this place without being known.

A meters tall, especially strong Jia Clan warrior stood before the gate of a palace, expressionlessly looking at a brick under his feet. Suddenly, a pale-white light shone out of the spot between his eyebrows. After a tremor went through his body, he raised his head immediately and cast his eyes at the tallest pyramid with a weird expression.

“Where the three suns and nine moons fell asleep…and the legendary tomb of Pan Yu!” This Jia Clan warrior sneered, “If Pan Yu is dead, why is his tomb absorbing so much natural power through the three suns and nine moons every moment?”

“The entire Pan Yu world is on the verge of collapse because of his greedy, immoderate devouring. No matter how much resources they looted from colony worlds, or how many colony world creatures were sacrificed, Pan Yu world is dying, with no chance to recover.”

Holding the heavy long spear, this Jia Clan warrior left his spot and walked to the central pyramid step by step.

No one noticed him. About ten patrol squads brushed past him, but no one asked him about what he was doing.

This place was where Pan Yu’s tomb was located, and where the three suns and nine moons, which were the spirit totems of Pan Yu world, rested. No Pan Yu world creature dared to cause trouble in here. For this reason, this Jia Clan warrior smoothly came to the central pyramid and walked inside the only door of it.

The inner space of the pyramid was suffused with a thick black mist. A strange power sealed the space off. In here, no one would know where to go. The pale-white light again shone out of the Jia Clan warrior’s forehead and showed him a straight way in the darkness. Following the light, the Jia Clan warrior quickly came to a small altar in the core area of this pyramid.

No other thing but a three-foot-tall pure golden bottle was on the altar, containing half a bottle of sticky liquid, which had been emitting a cold, evil power.

This was Pan Yu’s blood. Any Yu Clan noble who had touched the great Dao, wanted to merge his or her soul with the great Dao, and step into the world of saints, needed to borrow the power of Pan Yu’s blood to melt their erect eye!

The erect eye of a Yu Clan man was his best fortune and contained measureless power, but was also the heaviest chain that left him no opportunity to upgrade himself. Only Pan Yu’s blood could help Yu Clan nobles melt their erect eyes. Without melting the erect eye, a Yu Clan man could never become a real saint, nor truly merge with the great Dao, no matter how noble his bloodline was.

“In many Pan Yu world creatures’ eyes, this is the most precious supreme treasure in the Pan Yu world. But, it is just put in here!”

The Jia Clan warrior sneered again, took out a three-inch-long pale-white jade talisman, and gently put it on the bottle. Wisps of white light shone out of the jade talisman and wove into a large cocoon, wrapping the bottle up. Following a buzzing noise, the cocoon flew out with the bottle, tore apart the space, and flashed for a few times before disappearing without a trace.

The enormous pyramid quaked intensely. Next, a long, long sound of breath could be heard in the pyramid, following which, a cold, dry voice said slowly, “What…is the time now? Who dares to take my thing?”

From the dark mist before the Jia Clan warriors’ body, a bowl-sized erect eye suddenly opened and released an extreme coldness, immediately turning the Jia Clan warrior into an ice statue.


In the following moment, this Jia Clan warrior’s body exploded into strands of blood mist, being absorbed by the erect eye.

“Eh? Pan Gu world? No one prayed to me!”


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