The Magus Era Chapter 1863: Efforts – WN

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Fuxi remained silent, and so did the others in the hall. They quietly looked at Priest Yun and listened to him shouting.

“Human beings are beautiful living treasures! They’re Pan Gu’s descendants, chosen by the world. As long as they remain alive, the world naturally protects them. The three ‘Pengs’ clones lived in their bodies, and naturally absorbed all the essence natural powers.”

“As time went by, the three ‘Pengs’ clones learned some of the secrets of this world, and understood some of the great Dao. After their hosts died, they would fly back to three ‘Pengs’, and all they had learned would belong to three ‘Pengs’.”

“Therefore, the more human beings lived in this world, the more three ‘Pengs’ clones existed, and the more of the great Dao they understood…Human beings are living treasures, are the best pathway which leads to the great Dao. The three ‘Pengs’ minds were connected with mine, which meant that whatever they learn, I learn it too.”

“Upon that, human beings’ emotions and desires are the nourishment of the three ‘Pengs’ clones. The more emotional they are, the stronger the three ‘Pengs’ clones are. But, what kind of people are emotional? Of course, not the well-cultivated ones, but the wild, naive, natural ones!”

“I took the three ‘Pengs’ as my disciples. Our minds are connected, so fifty percent of all the powers that their clones collected belongs to me. Therefore, the more powerful they are, the stronger I am.”

“So, I keep human beings, like I keep livestock. I wipe out their wisdom, and let them live and reproduce like animals. That is the best for the three ‘Pengs’ and me. Fuxi, people like you are over-wise. Your spirits are clear, and hearts are strong. You suppressed the three ‘Pengs’ clones, and made them sleep for years without making any progress. You should die, shouldn’t you?”

How ridiculous! He treated human beings as animals, as the tools for him to learn about the great Dao and grow his power!

“Our dragon-kind…” Ao Bai said abruptly.

Priest Yun laughed in an especially strange way and interrupted him, “You dragons are Pan Gu’s descendants too, but you are completely brainless. You are reckless, wild, and rude. Aside from fighting and killing what else do you know? So, I didn’t need to do anything, but the three ‘Pengs’ clones naturally existed in you.”

Sighing slightly, Priest Yun continued slowly, “Some phoenixes have great wisdom. It seems that with their help, human beings found some traces of the three ‘Pengs’…So, some old phoenixes died suddenly. Of course, we killed them!”

The expression on Qing Qiang’s face changed instantly. She clenched her teeth and remained silent.

“Hah.” Laughing coldly, Priest Yun cast his eyes at Ao Bai and his brothers, and said, “The few old phoenixes deserved to die. If it weren’t for them, how could you brainless dragons ever know how to abandon dragon bodies, extract spirit blood to forge dragon souls, and do that ‘Hibernated Dragon Nine Death’ thing?”

The faces of Ao Bai and his brothers paled immediately. They trembled and subconsciously took a few steps back.

“So, where is the dragon ancestor? I’m curious!” Priest Yun looked at Ao Bai and his brothers and said slowly, “Before Priest Jun sealed me, the three ‘Pengs’ were helping me, fighting against his three disciples. If the dragon ancestors and the few people who liked to poke their noses into others’ businesses didn’t step in, how could I be sealed so easily?”

“Back then, we sealed you once…” Finally, Fuxi began talking.

“It’ll never happen again!” Priest Yun interrupted him immediately. “Do you think that I just luckily escaped from the great Dao?”

“Why did Pan Yu world people come? Why did the ancient heaven fall? Why did the sky devils invade? Why were the clones of the tree and the flower possessed? Why have the real them been isolating themselves…”

Proudly, Priest Yun stated his great achievements one by one. Ji Hao and the others were stunned on hearing him. It turned out that so many unreasonable things happened in Pan Gu world because he and the three ‘Pengs’ were hiding in darkness and controlling all those people!

“Without my secret help, how could that loser Gong Gong break the Buzhou Mountain so easily? Without my help, how could they move the twelve water worlds? Not to mention those Pan Yu world saints… Hehe, they came here quite easily, because I’ve made my efforts for it!”

“Priest Jun? Where can he find the strength to fight me now?” Priest Yun laughed madly. He pointed at Ji Hao and the others, and burst into brighter laughter and continued, “I’ve left countless holes in Pan Gu world. Only after he has fixed all those holes can he have the power to fight me.”

“But, since I’ve already done so much, how can I ever give him a chance to pull himself out from what he has been doing?”

“Otherwise, you see, the chaotic prehistorical era was ended by his might. He cleaned up the world, restrained the great Dao, made the divine rules. Those idiots from the ancient heaven were his teeth and claws; they maintained the order of this world for him. Based on his personality, he should have slapped Gong Gong to death back when the latter started taking actions. But, why do you think he did nothing?”

“He was busy. He didn’t have the time and energy to spend on Gong Gong!” Priest Yun laughed delightfully and brightly.

“I know he and his three disciples have been planning something, but I have prepared an unprecedentedly strong enemy for them!” Priest Yun laughed. His eyes shone brightly, filled with elation.

“Strong enemy?” Fuxi’s voice sounded strange.

“An unprecedentedly strong enemy…that even I feel hard to deal with…But of course, after he and Priest Jun have fought an internecine battle, he won’t be a strong enemy anymore. By then, I can easily finish him!” Said Priest Yun, “Then, I won’t seal Priest Jun. Instead, I will cut him into pieces, then devour his soul, and rule Pan Gu world in the way I want. I will turn Pan Gu world into a giant livestock farm.”

“Human beings will live in this world with no worries. They won’t have a culture, nor wisdom. They just need to keep their animal instincts. The three ‘Pengs’ and I will peacefully learn the great Dao in here. After we thoroughly understand the great Dao of Pan Gu, we will try to attain our ultimate Dao through strength, to earn the final freedom.”

Ji Hao’s scalp was numbed. He looked at Priest Yun and asked without thinking, “The strong enemy you prepared…Where is he?”

He recalled what Evil Yu Yu said back in Feng Dao Mount.

Priest Yun smiled at Ji Hao and said in a soft voice, “In the past countless years, numberless Pan Yu world people became rich in Pan Gu world, such as those elders from the twelve families in power. They built their families in Pan Yu world with the wealth they attained from Pan Gu world.”

“With the wealth they brought back from here, those elders have been working hard in Pan Yu world. Their families weren’t noble, but many of them are now in quite high positions.”

Priest Yun’s laughter sounded weirder and weirder.


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