The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1862: Tusks – WN

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Priest Yun laughed out on the cloud. His eyes glowed with a bright light, fixed on the meeting hall in the center of Yao Mountain City.

Yao Mountain City was covered in countless seals and defensive formations, and the hall was surrounded in numberless spell symbols. However, all these defensive means were useless in Priest Yun’s eyes. Through the layers of glows and seals, Priest Yun clearly see Fuxi, who sat in the hall.

“Fuxi, back then, you ran so fast, each only left a clone to guard the humankind. Had you sensed something already? Shame, what a shame, I should have killed you back then. But, you ran so fast, and the three ‘Pengs’ were guarded too strictly.”

“Yet, you actually had the guts to come back, how come? Where did you find your confidence from?”

Priest Yun fiddled with the black jade ruyi, smiled scornfully, and said, “You’re back, so what? You’re nothing but human beings. You’re wiser than the ordinary people…But Pan Gu world belonged to the powerful ones!”

Clenching his hands, Priest Yun snapped the jade Ruyi into two, which was a pre-world supreme treasure. Strands of light shone out of the broken ruyi, while the deep cries of the ruyi could be faintly heard.

Priest Yun conveniently threw the broken Ruyi to the earth, then murmured to himself with excitement, “It has begun, it has begun…Priest Jun, are you still hiding? You and your three disciples, when are you gonna show your faces? Are you still expecting the tree and the flower to do something? Not to mention their natures, they can barely protect themselves by now, don’t you know that?”

In Emperor Xun’s camp, Emperor Xun was stomping his foot while hysterically growling to a group of elders and clan leaders with wrath. Some of these elders were his families, yet he just pointed at their noses and cursed them one by one. A few branch elders argued slightly, and Emperor Xun directly slapped on their faces!

Emperor Xun screamed, yelled, and ordered his people to figure out a way to kill Ji Hao and Xing Tian, to wash off the burning shame that he suffered when he was ‘flooded’ away!

The group of speechless people looked at the impregnable Yao Mountain City with a bitter look on their faces.

Yao Mountain City’s defense way scarily strong. No matter how many warriors they sent out, the city would swallow them all. In the past months, which human clan under Emperor Xun’s lead didn’t suffer a severe loss? Those warriors were just captured alive by Yao Mountain people, but that was still a great loss.

Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao had shown his power earlier. The essence sun fire incinerated the entire Pan Yu world force in a moment. Which one under Emperor Shun’s command could possibly hold off such an immense power? Ji Hao was a divine emperor chosen by the world itself; he was able to control the tremendous powers of the world, while every clan leader or elder around Emperor Xun was just an ordinary human being, no matter how strong he was!

Rivaling against the world as a human being, some people could do that indeed, but not the ones around Emperor Xun!

While Emperor Xun was screaming and cursing, a faint dark mist suddenly rose from the bodies of the elders and clan leaders around him. With a devil fire burning in their eyes, these elders and clan leaders turned around and walked straight away without saying a word. Stiffly, they rushed out of the central tent in giant steps, then burst into roars.

In Emperor Xun’s camp, the clan leaders, elders, and the bravest and strongest commanders, smartest Maguspriests, and the most outstanding young warriors from each clan all rushed out from their tents and gathered together.

“What do you want? Rebellion?” Emperor Xun chased behind as he stared at these people who had gathered together and snarled, “What are you doing? Come back! Back!”

Dragon Mother showed up in midair with Shixin and his brothers. She was wearing a long red dress and a golden crown, holding a golden staff. She looked at Emperor Xun and laughed out loud, “Human emperor kid, you just eat and drink and have fun. A useless kid like you should stay out of the important things…Hehe, what can you help with anyway?”

Dragon Mother gave a bright shout, then raised her golden staff and pointed at the west and east. Following her moves, the elders and clan leaders who were controlled by devils immediately led all the elites to march to the military camps located in the east and west, and belonged to the colony world nobles.

Emperor Xun’s camp was thrown into a chaos. The ordinary warriors didn’t know what their leaders were doing, and neither did they know if they should follow up or stay in the camp. At the moment, people shouted, horses screamed, while countless warriors were running about like headless flies.

The chaotic situation of Emperor Xun’s camp caught the attention of Ji Hao’s scouts. They reported step by step, and soon delivered the news to Ji Hao and the other leaders.

Donggong activated his magic mirror, letting it float in the hall. Through the mirror, people saw two forces march out of Emperor Xun’s camp. Clearly, even the weakest ones among these warriors were Magus Kings, because they were all flying! After all, only the ones who had achieved the level of or above Magus Kings could fly, but Senior Magi couldn’t.

“Is Emperor Xun out of his mind?” Ji Hao stood up as he looked at the mirror. He carefully observed the expressions on those warriors’ faces, then shook his head and said, “It’s not Emperor Xun. It’s the Original Devil. What does he want?”

“The ones who came out are all elites from the clans under Emperor Xun’s lead.” Fuxi shook his head. He looked calm and serious, without showing any emotion on his face, but his face was glowing with a bright light of thorough understanding. “These people are under Original Devil’s control, as their hearts and spirits have been possessed by devils. But, only the elites were sent out, without the ordinary ones…As same as before, have they started taking out human elites again?”

Fuxi raised his head, as black and white mists wove into an enormous pattern of Taiji behind him. The ceiling of the hall suddenly turned transparent, as the black and white mists rose from his eyes to tens of thousands of miles away. The others followed his eyes, and immediately saw Priest Yun and Original Devil in the sky.

Original Devil looked at the hall, bared his teeth, and laughed ferociously.

Priest Yun smiled and slightly lowered his head. Suddenly, his voice could be heard from the hall, “Fuxi…do you remember the young man who hunted you in that rainy night? That was a clone of mine. You’re such a survivor. You suffered seventy-two blade strikes in a row, yet you didn’t die!”

While looking at Priest Yun with a pair of sunken eyes, Fuxi slowly nodded and said, “As I thought, all these years, it was you who had been attempting to destroy our wisdom and turn us into wild beasts, over and over again!”

Priest Yun smiled at Fuxi and responded, “What do you human beings need wisdom for? I just need your strong fertility. I need you to reproduce, to expand…Apart from that, the simpler, the more naive you are, the better…”

Sighing slightly, Priest Yun continued in a bland tone, “Wisdom, culture, you even wrote books to pass on the civilization…What do you need those for? You eat, drink, sleep, make love, that will be just enough for you. Why do you have to pursue something that is unnecessary?”

Shaking his head, Priest Yun said coldly, “Priest Jun has been treating you, ant-like people too kindly. Things will naturally be different when I have killed him.”


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