The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1861: Priest Yun Takes An Action – WN

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Pan Gu world, outside the gate of the heaven…

Priest Yun and Original Devil trod on a cloud, looking down at the vast Pan Gu Motherland.

The front gate of the heaven was connected with Yao Mountain City by a colorful beam of light. Countless divine warriors and commanders had been walking in or out of the gate, but none of them noticed Priest Yun and Original Devil. They stood right before the gate, but were isolated from the world by a strange power.

“What a wonderful world!” Priest Yun sighed slightly. He spread his arms to embrace the world while saying, “Fantastic creatures! Especially human beings! Great nature, human beings are truly masterpieces, incomparable masterpieces.”

“I’ve traveled to countless worlds around Pan Gu world. I’ve seen the creatures in those worlds. They all have weaknesses. Bodies, souls, wisdom, personalities…Or, the most basic bloodlines. None of them was perfect.” Priest Yun laughed, “But human beings… are perfect.”

“Newborn human beings are weak, fragile, without sharp claws, teeth, scales, or feathers, that even a tiny poisonous bug can kill a human baby. In the babyhood, human beings are confused too. They know nothing about the world, can’t understand the secrets of this world; they can’t even speak, or listen, or see, or walk…They seem to be full of flaws, but seriously, they are perfect.”

“The most intimidating thing about human beings, they can learn anything, and only if you give them time, they can do better even than the ones who they learned from.”

“I brought back ninety-thousand, seven-hundred and forty-five types of magic from the surrounding worlds. I secretly taught these magics to human beings. Without exception, all these magic have been mastered by human beings in years. Within ten years, a large number of human beings mastered these magics, and within a hundred years, they made new development upon over ten-thousand types of magic, and even upgraded them.”

“They also inherited Saint Pan Gu’s fertility. They are reproducing at such a high rate. After years of calculation, I discovered that… If we give human beings enough resources and space, they can occupy every corner of this world.”

“Human beings are so perfect. But, Priest Jun used them merely as cages to seal you poor thing!”

Original Devil dropped his face and remained silent.

“But, I am not like him. I saw greater value from human beings that is worth exploiting. So… long, long ago, back when I was still sealed deep in the great Dao by Priest Jun, I took the three ‘Pengs’ as my disciples.”

“Look, Priest Jun and me are just like this. He is Priest Jun, while I am Priest Yun; he took the three who were generated from Saint Pan Gu’s soul, while I took the three who were ‘pre-world gods’ and existed inside Pan Gu’s body. He used human beings as cages to imprison your soul, to weaken you, suppress you, to disable you from waking up.”

“But, I used human beings as my eyes, to see the origin of this world. If one compared the origin of Pan Gu world to a vast ocean, these human beings would be like tiny drinking straws, because they have been taking powers from the great Dao of nature and learning about the great Dao. And, the powers of Dao that they took were all absorbed by the three ‘Pengs’ clones, which existed inside their bodies.”

“A human being can only understand a limited part of the great Dao, and absorb a limited amount of original powers of Dao. But, if you put countless human beings together, their understandings and harvests will be tremendous!”

“So, you fought the three ‘Pengs’, you felt their powers! With your current power, you can’t survive a random strike from them. They have attained the power of creation and merged their bodies into the great Dao. They have…”

Sighing slightly, Priest Yun smiled at Original Devil and continued, “All in all, they’re very powerful. With their help, I have the confidence to kill Priest Jun and his three disciples, vanish the pair of greedy stupid troublemakers from the west, then destroy that soft-hearted woman who always protected Pan Gu.”

After embracing the sky, Priest Yun continued with a deep voice, “The measureless great Dao of Pan Gu world will eventually be mine. After dominating this world, I will finish what Saint Pan Gu didn’t manage to do! I will attain my great Dao with strength, break all magic with strength; I will be the god of all gods, and I will make saints bow!”

Smiling again at Original Devil, Priest Yun said, “So, these human beings and Pan Gu world is my opportunity to attain the great Dao. You want to destroy the humankind and swallow the entire Pan Gu world, which is highly beneficial to you. But… I can’t let you!”

“Shifu…then…” Original Devil looked at Priest Yun in confusion.

“I took you as a disciple because you’re valuable! You’re good at controlling people’s hearts and starting conflicts. Wherever you go, that place will never be in peace. You’re such a sharp blade!” Priest Yun grinned and said seriously and confidently, “In the future, when I achieve the supreme level, I will surely be facing more enemies. By then, you will become my…dog! You will bite my enemies!”

Slapping on Original Devil’s shoulder, Priest Yun laughed brightly and said, “You’re good at damaging things in darkness. Once people are possessed by devils, the devils will never disappear. How great! Especially, you’re not afraid of death. If you’re killed, I can simply kill a random human being, and raise the devil seed in his heart into another Original Devil. You share all memories with your devil seeds, which means you can never die!”

Eyes shining brightly, Priest Yun looked at Original Devil and carried on, “You are very helpful to me, which why I take you as my own disciple, and don’t want you to grow too much hatred against the three ‘Pengs’! But you’re too weak now, so I will…raise your power a little!”

Lowering his head, Priest Yun looked at the vast Pan Gu Motherland, then smiled and said, “Do you know what kind of human being are the best? The violent, brutal, ruthless, simple-minded ones are the best human beings.”

“We don’t need human beings to be smart and wise. We just want them to be in a sufficient quantity, so their bodies can contain enough clones of the three ‘Pengs’. As long as human beings with a large enough number exist in all surrounding worlds, they will be the best human beings. What do we need those smart, brave, decisive, and capable human beings for?”

“To me, they provided just as much as the ordinary ones did. On the contrary, they invented a secret magic to cast away the ‘three corpses’ from human bodies, and that threatened the three ‘Pengs’ clones! Therefore, your goal is destroying all human beings, but I am only targeting the elites among them! That’s how we’re different.”

“Now, my disciple, are you ready to take action with me? Feel all the clan leaders, elders, commanders, and elite warriors that you have controlled with your devil seeds. Forget about the ordinary ones, but select the elites…Look, those two non-humankind military camps, make those elite human beings march to the two camps!”

“Haha… Fuxi, Shennong, Suren, Cangjie, Taihao, Shaohao, Xuanyuan…These old human beings have sneaked back. Do they think I don’t know that? Let’s show them our power…I really like the color of human blood.”

“Back in the old days, if they didn’t run so fast, I would have destroyed them one by one…Shame.”


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