The Magus Era Chapter 1860: Priest Yun Talk to the Devil – WN

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Everything in the world had a side of ‘Yang’, and a side of ‘Yin’.

The ‘Yang’ side of Pan Gu world was the side where billions and billions of creatures lived and developed. On this side, the natural sceneries were picturesque, the weather was good, the soil was rich, and the plants were thriving. This side of the world was a warm, fertile place, nourishing all living beings.

But, the ‘Yin’ side of Pan Gu world was dark, covered in snow, cliffy mountains, and sharp rocks. The fierce wind blew like wriggling serpents, screaming through rocks and mountains and raising clouds of dark snow. The snowflakes bumped against the mountains and rocks and caused muffled thunderous noises.

Countless dark and cold earth meridians, caves buried in this side of Pan Gu world. Never-melting essence glaciers gradually accumulated in the earth meridians, neutralized with the warm and positive earth meridian powers from the ‘Yang’ side of the world. Yin and Yang supported each other, generated an inexhaustible power of Creation.

But this dark and cold place was also where the evils hid. The evils creatures which could not see the sunlight and hear the thunders, which weren’t able to touch even a slight positive power, had been hiding and resting in this place. These rare evil creatures who survived the prehistorical era saw this side of the world as a paradise.

The Original Devil built a magnificent devil palace in the center of the Yin side of Pan Gu world, forcibly turning tens of thousands of evil creatures which lived since the ancient time into devils, to follow his orders.

He gathered the dark and cold earth meridian powers in the palace. The devil palace turned the earth meridian powers into the darkness devil power, which condensed into a large pond in the palace. He then killed countless creatures, poured their blood into the pond, and created a blood sea. Day and night, Original Devil quietly bathed in the blood sea to absorb the dark devil power and the spirit blood power from it.

This day, Original Devil was bathing in the blood sea as usual. But suddenly, he burst into a scream. Streams of blood rose into the sky and formed blood bombs. The bombs exploded one after another, tearing down the devil palace and destroying countless devil creatures which were turned by Original Devil forcibly.

“Pengs! How dare you?! Let’s…go and see!” Original Devil expanded his body to tens of thousands of meters tall, covered in sticky and stinky blood, while pointing at the sky and cursing.

He wanted to find the three ‘Pengs’ and put up a desperate fight against them right now. But, despite the fact that he was extremely brutal and violent, he wasn’t stupid at all. He hadn’t restored even one in ten-thousand of his power by now. Therefore, if he challenged the three ‘Pengs’ right now, he would definitely end up being sealed again by them!

He didn’t want to become an unconscious devil seed again. He didn’t want to be sealed in the heart of an ordinary human being, then being split up and weakened again and again as the human bloodline developed.

“Let’s go and see!” He roared with rage, then angrily sat back into the blood sea. He shrank his body to the size of ordinary human beings and sat quietly in the blood sea as he sank into thoughts.

He wanted to free all the devil seeds and remerge all the pieces of his soul to restore his greatest power. In order to do that, he needed to kill all human beings in Pan Gu world.

But, he wasn’t able to!

Before the three ‘Pengs’ showed up, Wu Bi, who he cultivated with great efforts, was killed quite easily by human beings, and the entire Chu Wu Clan was being wiped out by a non-humankind force.

In order to free himself, he needed to destroy the humankind; and in order to destroy the humankind, he needed his power. But, without being free, where could he find his power? Difficult, this was truly difficult. Should he develop another helper like Wu Bi? That wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

A man without an evil intent would not be possessed by a devil.

Among all human beings, the leaders and elders from quite a lot of large clans and families were possessed by the devil, but they were still far away from turning into devils. Only the mad and ruthless Chu Wu Clan people were the best choices to turn. Only Chu Wu Clan people could be turned into devils so easily!

When Original Devil was struggling, a nicely scented wind blew over from a long distance away. He saw an overwhelming purple mist cover the sky, while the wind and a warm glow rolled to his face. A red-crowned crane spread its meters wide wings and slowly flew towards him.

A white-robed old man quietly sat on the crane’s back with his legs crossed.

The old man had silver hair and beard, and a round, silver-bowl-like, mild face. He sat silently on the crane’s back, with beams of bright light shining out of his body. The bright light penetrated the space and waved slightly; the whole world seemed to be breathing and flowing along with these lights.

“Priest Jun?” Original Devil recognized this face. He trembled out of fear, then leaped straight up and floated in midair, prepared to run at any moment. He couldn’t stop trembling. Clearly, he wasn’t so confident about escaping successfully.

“Even you thought I’m him too?” The white-robed priest grinned as the red-crowned crane flew up to Original Devil.

“Think carefully. Don’t you really know my name?” The white-robed priest smiled faintly while taking out a dark jade ruyi and holding it with both hands.

The moment the ruyi was taken out, a cold light dominated this area and Original Devil’s face paled, because he realized that he was disabled from moving!

“You, you…” Original Devil stared at the priest. He wanted to cry, but failed to shed any tears. “That year, you cut me, you cut my soul into one-billion, two-hundred and ninety-six million pieces, then sealed me in the hearts of one-billion, two-hundred and ninety-six million human beings…It has been so many years, and those human beings had sons, grandsons…They created hundreds of generations; their population rose by at least ten-thousand folds!”

“My soul has been splitting up and weakening and resealing…If those human beings didn’t grow so many desires and emotions in their hearts, I wouldn’t have a chance to escape…If that situation goes on, one day, I might sink in sleep forever…”

“Priest Jun, now, I finally have a chance of survival. But, why won’t you let me live?” Original Devil looked at the priest bitterly and said, “No matter what, I was the evil side of Pan Gu. We are related after all.”

“We are indeed related, but I am not Priest Jun.” The priest smiled at Original Devil and said, “Don’t be silly. Look carefully, look at who I am.”

Original Devil paused and looked at the priest from head to toe. A long while later, he abruptly shouted out loud, “Priest Yun! You, you, you were sealed in the great Dao of Pan Gu world by Priest Jun. You should never have a chance to escape. How can you possibly be here?”

Priest Yun grinned and responded slowly, “If the great Dao remained stable, I surely wouldn’t have had a chance…But, what do you think Gong Gong broke Buzhou Mountain and raised the flood for? Why do think some people guided those Pan Yu world saints here?”

Chuckling, Priest Yun put the jade ruyi against Original Devil’s forehead and said, “The three ‘Pengs’ are my disciples. They said you’re always hindering them…Now, follow my orders, and you live. Disobey, you die immediately! Choose.”

Original Devil remained silent shortly, then kneeled before Priest Yun.


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