The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1859: Old Stories – WN

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Wisps of dark fire rose from the bodies of countless human warriors as Original Devil’s voice echoed through the clouds, “Pengs, that year, if you didn’t stab me in the back, how could my soul ever be shattered by Priest Jun and his disciples? How could I ever be sealed inside human bodies? Finally, the human hearts were shaken. Nourished by their evil thoughts, my seeds grew strong, and earned a chance of freedom. But, why are you hindering me again?”

Pan Gu Motherland suddenly turned black and red as an enormous face emerged from the thick clouds. Original Devil consumed a giant amount of power to show his face and roar at the entire Pan Gu world with an extreme rage, “I swear with the name of Pan Gu…Pengs, I will destroy your souls. I will make you disappear.”

“Disappear?” Said that weak and soft voice, “You don’t even know if we have souls or not. You don’t even know who we are. Destroy our souls? How can you even say that?”

Pengs laughed scornfully, then continued in a bland tone, “Alright, why would we waste time talking to you? You are a descendant of Pan Gu…But, you are a trash abandoned by Pan Gu. Except the name of Pan Gu’s descendant, what else do you have that can be valued?”

“Three b*stards, you…” Original Devil widely opened his mouth, prepared to give vent to a torrent of abuse.

From the bodies of the human warriors who were controlled by Original Devil and the three ‘Pengs’, soft streams of white light spiraled up at the same time, rising into the sky and merging into a vast glowing cloud. The cloud was rolling, while a giant hand emerged from it and pointed at Original devil.

The moment this finger strike was made, the entire world, as well as the entire great Dao of Pan Gu world quaked. An indescribable, original power of Pan Gu world supported this finger strike as the finger landed heavily on Original Devil’s face.

Following a furious roar, Original Devil’s face collapsed. The black and red clouds in the sky faded quickly, and the devil fire in the eyes of the human warriors dimmed. Soon, those eyes were clear again.

Confusedly, these warriors looked at their weapons, which were gripped in their hands and put right against their necks. Some of them even accidentally cut their skins. Exclamations could be heard from every direction as these human warriors completely forgot about what happened earlier.

The white lights that shone from their foreheads, hearts, and lower abdomens faded as well, as if nothing had happened at all.

Emperor Xun and the group of Gong Sun Family elders were dumbfounded. They were rooted to their spots by surprise, without being able to move. The sudden and weird move made by the three ‘Pengs’, as well as the brutal action taken by Original Devil, astonished them badly.

“Go, let’s go. Xing Tian might lose his temper again if we let him wait too long!” Fuxi and Emperor Shun came to Ji Hao without being noticed. They were both wrapped in the black and white mists released from the Taiji pattern behind Fuxi’s body. Therefore, none of the stunned human beings down on the ground discovered them.

Ji Hao lowered his head and glanced at those people, then sighed slightly. He politely bowed to Fuxi and Emperor Shun, then transformed into a streak of light, and flew to Yao Mountain City.

The force of Pan Yu world nobles, which was led by Yu Huo’s clone, was wiped out by Ji Hao. Yu Meng, Yu Hu, and the other colony world nobles had been eliminating the devil people from Chu Wu Clan for the humankind. The non-humankind forces from the east and the west stayed actionless, resting quietly.

Emperor Xun and his people were stupefied by this series of twists, and still hadn’t recovered from shock. Therefore, the human force from the south didn’t send even one warrior to challenge Yao Mountain City either.

On this day, Yao Mountain City was quiet and peaceful, with no battle to be fought.

In the city, Ji Hao, Donggong, Ximu, Ao Bai, Zhu Rong, Qing Qiang, Ji Xia, Qing Fu, Shaosi, Man Man, Taisi, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Yuan Li, Shermie, and Wuzhi Qi guided Fuxi and Emperor Shun into a meeting hall together.

Among this group of people, the human beings had all been passionately eyeing Fuxi, who was tall and strong, looking like a god. The non-human ones such as Donggong, Ximu, Ao Bai and Qing Qiang were polite to Fuxi, but had been showing different and strange expressions in their eyes, especially Donggong and Ximu, who were smiling meaningfully.

The other people each took a seat in the hall while Xing Tian carried his battle axe and walked around, curiously poking his finger into the wall and the pillars in the hall. Soon, over a hundred holes were left on the walls and pillars. Man Man followed behind Xing Tian with curiosity, and from time to time, she came to before him to see his weird ‘large face’.

No small talk was made at all. After sitting down, Fuxi began speaking, “We left Pan Gu world and traveled in the Chaos for countless years. Our journeys have been quite fruitful.”

Taking a deep breath, Fuxi continued blandly, “At the very least, we found Pan Yu world…That world is…”

All the others immediately concentrated their attention on Fuxi. “Emperor, may I ask what exactly is happening in Pan Yu world?” Said Ji Hao in a deep voice.

Fuxi remained silent for a short while with a frown, then slowly nodded and said, “Extreme greed, endless consumption… They have not only been consuming the resources that they looted from other worlds, they were also consuming the original power of the world itself…Pan Yu world is even consuming Yu Clan people, Jia Clan people, and Xiu Clan people!”

Fuxi waved a hand, smiled at Zhu Rong, and said, “I have a detailed record about Pan Yu world. You can all read it later…I need to congratulate Emperor Zhu Rong, because the one who found Pan Yu world and entered there to figure out the truth about it with three-thousand years of severe efforts was your ancestor from twenty-nine generations ago.”

The expression on Zhu Rong’s face changed dramatically. He immediately stood up and seemed to say something, but could not.

Fuxi smiled and continued with a gentle voice, “Now, seriously, the true disaster of Pan Gu world is one of those three, and it’s about to explode…We need to unite in a concerted effort, so that we can survive.”

“Emperor, who are they? What powers do they have?” Asked Ji Hao.

Fuxi raised his head and looked at him, then responded gently, “Do you know how the non-humankind came to Pan Gu world in the beginning? Those three controlled their minds and brought them here from the Chaos.

Smiling coldly, Fuxi continued, “The ancestors of the twelve Yu Dynasty families believed they luckily found Pan Gu world, but never knew that they were just some chess pieces of those three.”


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